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This is real..

  1. 1. AUG 262012This is real…First of all……if you don’t have your tickets to San Diego yet – login, and get them here for you and your spouse (orlover, or whatever):, you need to reserve your rooms now, if you want our discounted room blocks. The discount on theroom blocks ends on the 28th.The information on the hotels and event schedule is here: should be able to download any purchased tickets on the ‘my programs’ tab – this is four weeks awayguys, it’s time to take massive action, and create a story before this event.LAST, as a quick update, this weeks commission payouts should go out on Saturday (probably whenyou’re reading this).Ok…
  2. 2. …now for the profound realization:I just realized something fairly AMAZING while watching the replays from our last event.It took Tracey Walker 7 months (until June 8th) to make $98,000 in Empower Network.Then, in July (one month later) she made $39,611 – in one month.THAT is the power of compounding and leverage – one month after taking 7 months to make $98,000,earning $39,611 in a month.Get your tickets here: the same 7 months, Tony Rush made $125,932 – then, in July (one month after our event) Tony made$50,899.It took Chuck Marshall 7 months (same time frame) to earn $119,372. Then, one month later (July) hemade $52,717 – just under 50% of the total income that he earned in the last 7 months.
  3. 3. (You can go to for a full earningsdisclosure – please reference this disclosure any time you use any kind of income example – thank you.)What does that demonstrate?1. The power of events. Just doing an event, and having a team there caused a multiplication effect in theirincomes, that took about 45 days to double their incomes.2. The power of a consistent message.Tracey, Tony, and Chuck aren’t the biggest one time producers, but they teach the same thing, every day,over and over again.Consistency creates compounding over time through a large group of people.Step one: Get 2 signups a day.Step two: Get your team to San Diego.Step three: Teach the same thing over, and over, and over again.
  4. 4. Keep it simple.Follow the 8 core steps.Who’s going to making the MOST money in Empower Network 60 days from now?Simple.Whoever has the biggest team in San Diego.Get there.Get your team there.Buy your tickets here: could go on and on with the stories all night, but what’s the lesson?Get to our event in San Diego. It can change your life.
  5. 5. What we did in Atlanta will be multiplied by 1000%You’ll see why.-David Wood“The Guru Slayer”P.S. Have you posted on your blog today yet?