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Grace adele review

  1. 1. Grace Adele Review ~ ALegit Opportunity?Grace Adele Review ~ Is it a Legit Opportunity?MLM companies come and go but only those with a genuine business opportunity have been able towithstand the test of time in the industry. One of these few companies is Scentsy Inc., a party plan companythat has been enjoying growth this couple of years. Among Scentsy’s new offering is Grace Adele, a brandthat caters to the fashion market.Basically, Grace Adele offers women a complete line of handbags, jewelries and other types of fashionaccessories which are brilliantly designed to accentuate a woman’s natural beauty. What makes GraceAdele interesting is the fact that it’s one of a kind or at least, only a few network marketing systems standon the very same concept.This Scentsy offshoot was recently launched just a few weeks ago. However, Grace Adele has managed tocatch the eyes of many enterprising individuals due to its unique idea. Unlike any other mainstream fashionshop or company, online or offline, Grace Adele enables customers to choose and design exactly what theywant.Grace Adele ProductsCustomers can choose what color or style they want to incorporate on their bags or shoes. They can alsoeasily find the right fashion accessory to match their personal style or even their budget. The trademarkedterm “Grace Adele System” makes customization a lot easier. It makes use of a simple yet detailed step bystep process that lets customers get what they truly want.Pick My Bag Color – there are 7 bag colors in total; Red, Zebra, Teal, Black, Leopard, Natural, andPurple.
  2. 2. Choose My Bag – once you have your favorite color picked out, it’s just a matter of choosing 1 of 5 bagstyles to anchor your look.Add My Clutch – along with the gorgeous bag selection, you can also choose a matching (or not?) clutchthat can even fit inside the pocket of your larger bag, creating an entire new look, or of course be carried onits own.Style My Bag – Add a little flair to your bag with clip-ons (like jewelry for your bag!) and otheraccessories like wallets and wristlets.Style Me – finish off your look with jewelry and scarves.Grace Adele ~ Business OpportunityAnother thing that makes Grace Adele an interesting MLM company and a company worth investing to isthe fact that the selling and marketing system is founded on a tried and tested formula — the party hostingsystem. That’s right, despite the uniqueness of the concept, the selling and marketing system leans more tothe conservative side of things.Network marketers of Grace Adele host and set up home parties as a way to introduce the company and itsproducts to others. In a like manner, these home parties enable Grace Adele network marketers to attractprospects and customers.Joining Grace Adele is simple and does not require a heavy investment. All it takes is $199 and you can bea Grace Adele network marketer. The initial investment is not that really high considering the promise ofhigh and stable commissions.Grace Adele: The Verdict Overall, Grace Adele seems tobe a very promising opportunity. The management and executive team is capable and has a proven trackrecord. A cause of concern however is the availability of Grace Adeleproducts. As of writing, GraceAdeleproducts can only be purchased in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Guam.If you ask me why you Grace Adele should be a good sell, then here are five good reasons —the initialinvestment is inexpensive, it has a unique concept, the marketing and selling process is tested, the brand isnew and the management and executive team is tested.
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