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    Grace adele review Grace adele review Document Transcript

    • Grace Adele Reviewby TheMarketingPro | on August 31, 2012 • • •Grace Adele 3rd Party ReviewGrace Adele just launched on August 1, 2012Part of the Scentsy family of brands, Grace Adele is the latest addition. Grace Adele‘s product line isa complete line of handbags, clutches (I had to look up the word “clutches” because I had no cluewhat that was jewelry, scarves, and other accessories, organized by color and designed to worktogether.One unique part of these products is that you can also request certain designs and color schemes froma menus of choices. Not only are the scarves, clutches, etc. colored and designed to look goodtogether, but the bags have pockets that makes it easy and orderly to put your accompanying items inthe bag.
    • I am certainly no expert in women’s fashion but from the pictures of Grace Adele‘s products on theInternet, they look very stylish and I hear the quality is quite good.Apparently the pricing of Grace Adele‘s bags and other products are all quite reasonable. Bags start at$80 and the other products are not over priced. You can also buy bundles or sets for a good price. Like Scentsy, there is a heavyemphasis in face to face marketing, especially hosting parties where you display the products andintroduce them to your family and friends.The cost to become a distributor for Grace Adele is $199, which is not high at all because you receivethe business opportunity, marketing material and some product.Grace Adele claims to have a very good compensation plan. Investigating compensation plans is aninvolved task that would require an entire article so I will just highlight some of the key features:You can make up to 30% commission on your personal sales You can also earn Free and Half-PricePrice Grace Adele products that you can sell for full price, earning 50%-100% profit on those items.As you begin to build your Scentsy Family team, you can earn bonuses on your own sales and on yourteam’s sales.Selling through parties is a great way to find customers for the products and you can make somedecent money that way. However , like all network marketing businesses you need business builderson your team if you want to earn a high long term residual income.Look around you, how many people do you know that you are confident will be strong builders?To build a large network marketing operation you need at least 3-5 serious builders or more. The bestway to find those business builders is via FaceBook. Most people however are completely failing onFaceBook. They are not building any business, in fact, they are going backwards and annoying people.Why is that?Most people just do not understand how to market on FaceBook properly.I know, as I was one of them. I literally wasted over a year and a lot of time and some moneymarketing on FaceBook completely wrong.
    • Fast forward to now and I am crushing it on FaceBook! FaceBook is my #1 source of leads and thequality of the leads is incredibly high!What changed?I took this course, click HERE now. Call or email me… Everyone else does… 845.213.4337 OR Log In FREE for more info I can help you get real results with my proven system…
    • Ethan The Marketing ProThis entry was posted in Empower NetworkTags: Grace Adele Opp, Grace Adele Opportunity, Grace Adele Review, Grace Adele Scam« Previous Post
    • About The Author: TheMarketingProI have designed this website to help my fellow MLM Entrepreneurs launch or boost their on-line marketing business.When I started, I had absolutely no knowledge at all of the industry. After much time spent on research and moneylearning and educating myself with on-line marketing courses, I have narrowed down on my site what I feel are the bestand easiest tools that help me automate most of my daily work. A lot of time saved. Time, that I used to spendnetworking, calling cold prospects, etc. It’s this knowledge that I’m sharing with you, free of charge. What else can oneask for… I hope you find this site helpful. These days, I’m actually often overwhelmed by emails and phone call frompeople calling me… It can take me sometimes, a bit longer to get back to people than it used to but I must admit that Ilike it this way, much better No more cold calling and only serious people calling me instead. Please look around andreach out to me with any questions or comments. Call me: 845.213.4337 Ethan The Marketing Pro