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Grace adele product review

  1. 1. Grace Adele Product ReviewGrace Adele Product ReviewGrace Adele ~ DisclaimerOkay, let’s start off with a dose of honesty here. I am clearly not Mary Poppins – I am NOT perfect inANY way BUT did take care of the whole house and my 3 kids for over 2 months while my wife was awayon a business trip – but, based on what I see her carry around with her every day you might think my abilityto stuff her bag to overflowing is pretty darn amazing.Let me show you what I mean…
  2. 2. This is a sample of what I quickly pulled out of her handbag today. I say sample, because this is probablyabout 1/3 of what was actually inside. You can’t see the band-aids, the mini sewing kit, three kiddy squirtguns, coupons, sunglasses and the jumbled up jewelry…Good heaven, it’s a miracle she don’t have some sort of shoulder balance health issues. Please tell me thatshe’s not alone?Though it’s all in there, or maybe because it’s all in there, it can be a little difficult to find things. She has“lost” her keys on multiple occasions, there is a very real chance that all this “stuff” is the reason she didn’tget to your call on time and no one else wants to carry around my bag, to say nothing of the idea ofrummaging through it for something.I am thinking that fear of the unknown may be a universal feeling for most men. How willing is yourhusband to dive into your bag for something?Grace Adele Handbags and AccessoriesEnter the answer to my handbag chaos…Grace Adele – a newly launched Scentsy company.You may remember that Scentsy was the presenting sponsor at SNAP! They were a dream to work with,and I was excited when they offered to share some “top secret” information with me a few weeks ago (Itotally geek out over stuff that).Well, I have been holding the knowledge of this new company, Grace Adele in for about a week and it’sbeen killing me.
  3. 3. (Seriously when just the packaging is this pretty, you know what’s inside has got to be even better.)What Makes Grace Adele UniqueI am not a fashionista, or even particularly trendy, but I can tell you that a woman’s handbag reveals muchabout her life – organized, chaotic, fashionable or low-key. Grace Adele makes pulling your look together(whatever it is) EASY.Grace Adele: Step by Step1. Pick a color. There are seven colors offered - Red, Zebra, Teal, Black, Leopard, Natural, and Purple.2. Select a style bag. Once you’ve decided on a color, select one of seven bag designs. The company hasmade it easy to keep track of the style by providing each with a name.
  4. 4. Look at the Mary bag in red. Isn’t it the perfect color?! To use in the fall and winter months?3. Choose a clutch. Once again, there are seven clutch bags, each with a woman’s name.
  5. 5. Lou clutch in natural looks great. Its got sort of an ostrich leather look to it.
  6. 6. Each clutch is envelope-style and comes with a detachable strap so that it can be used snapped to the outerpocket of the larger bag, or used as a stand-alone when you want to carry something a bit smaller (whichhonestly, for my wife seems to be NEVER).4. Add on some handbag bling. Grace Adele has a line of fun accessories you can use to dress up your bag.Her bag has a fun little clip on tassel, but they company has everything from flowers to mirrors and ringbling.She’s probably a bit more invested in the functional accessories offered – a grouping of fun notebooks andwallets.
  7. 7. She’s been using a smaller wallet for ages (funny since I always have such a big bag) and she was reallyhappy with how much better everything fit into this clutch-style wallet.5. Perfect your look with fun jewelry. She’s in love with the great accessories in this line.
  8. 8. This bracelet is from the Unchained Collection. She loves it and I know can’t wait to get her hands on thenecklace. Though Unchained is probably her favorite in the line. She also enjoysthe Bauble and Pearlcollections too.She’s enamored by ALL of their rings, although she wishes they all came in more sizes. I think that theyare going to sell like crazy.Smart InteriorWhat really sets the Grace Adele line apart though is the bag’s smart interior.In the last month and a half, She has managed to break open a travel sized bottle of mouthwash and a smallcontainer of hand sanitizer. How do you feel about a used bag that smells like mosquito repellant? Turnsout she’s got one.If only she had this awesome little make-up bag before all the spills…
  9. 9. What’s great is that the little make-up enclosure has its own pocket inside the bag.
  10. 10. There’s actually a pocket for EVERYTHING…Remember all the stuff I had pulled from her bag?
  11. 11. Everything but the planner and the Ikea catalog has been sufficiently tucked away in her new Grace AdeleMary-Lou bag and clutch. See? The planner fits really well, but it blocked some of the pockets I wanted toshow off in this post.
  12. 12. Pretty fantastic, no?!
  13. 13. For the record, I also tested how easily she could cart around her iPad, a notebook and even laptop inaddition to the items already carefully stowed away. The iPad fit well. The laptop (it’s a Mac) fit, butwasn’t SUPER practical.I am hoping this ingenious interior will help her to be a bit more organized, ensure she does get your calland makes fetching things more reasonable for the little dudes in my house (it’s not so dark and dangerous).The Bottom LineWell, the bottom line is that she’sreally excited to take this new bag out for a spin – it’s headed to NewYork City with her this week – but, I bet you’re wondering about the price of all this great stuff (I was).The great news is, it’s super reasonable. Bags start at about $80 and accessories can be purchased for aslittle as $10. ALL of the items I received could have been purchased for less than I have often spent on onebag. Even better? Grace Adele has a program called Stylish Savings, which bundles additional items at areduced cost.What I Really Want to Know NowSo now I am really curious. What do you keep in your bag? How do you store it?I would love to have some of you share what’s in your bag. Let me know if you’re interested!Grace Adele ~ Agent andIncome Opportunity.If you’re interested in getting free products by hosting private parties or make additional and fun income,then give me a call.The Company offers a great compensation plan and rewards for people interested in helping getting thename Grace Adele out there.Overall, Grace Adele seems to be a very promising opportunity. The management and executive team iscapable and has a proven track record. A cause of concern however is the availability of Grace Adeleproducts. As of writing, Grace Adele products can only be purchased in the United States, Canada, PuertoRico and Guam.If you ask me why you Grace Adele should be a good sell, then here are five good reasons —the initialinvestment is inexpensive, it has a unique concept, the marketing and selling process is tested, the brand isnew and the management and executive team is tested.If you want the best chance at success in your business, you need to learn Attraction Marketingprinciples. Click here for a free 7 video training series on attraction marketing.By using attraction marketing, learning a few marketing skills, and leveraging the power of the internet,you can succeed where the other 95% fail.Imagine not having to buy leads, make cold calls, or even having to try and sell to your friends and family.What if you could easily start attracting people to you who are eager to learn about your business and maybuy from you even if they don’t join your business?
  14. 14. Align yourself with someone who can help you create your marketing strategy, keep you focused andimprove your quality of life. Every minute you delay is costing you and your family precious time andmoney.Get the online system that will help you close more professionals into your business, generate moreleads, earn additional commissions and make more money on autopilot.Just imagine how amazing it will feel when you have prospects calling you instead of you chasingthem.Click Here ==> Get Your Hands On This System RIGHT NOW!Call or email me…… 845.213.4337Review of Grace AdeleShare this:• Email• Twitter• Facebook•• More•Like this:LikeBe the first to like this.By ethanthemarketingpro • Tagged can I make money with grace adele, dont join grace adele, grace adele,grace adele andthe grand band, grace adele complaint, grace adele complaints, grace adele handbags, grace adele jewelry, grace adelelawsuit, grace adele llc, grace adele products, grace adele quality, Grace Adele Review, grace adele reviews, grace adelescentsy, is grace adele a scam, is grace adele for me, is grace adele good quality, is grace adele legit, scam grace adele, shouldI join grace adele • EditPost navigationBanners Brokers Breakdown Video Presentation Grace Adele – Ground Floor Opportunity (within the Scentsy Family)