Building Your Online Corporate Mullet


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The Corporate Mullet is a metaphor for your business. While traditional marketing, websites, brochures, etc. are the face of a business up front, social media and building relationships with customers is the party in the back. In this presentation see how Mark Juleen of the J.C. Hart Company and Duncan Alney of Firebelly Marketing apply this concept to Online Apartment Marketing.

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Building Your Online Corporate Mullet

  1. Building Your Online Corporate Mullet<br />Ideas you can implement tomorrow at work<br />Mark Juleen, J.C. Hart Apartment Communities<br />Duncan Alney, Firebelly Marketing<br />Twitter: #corpmullet<br /><br />
  2. REQUIRED: Social Media Understanding<br />
  3. Do you know these guys?<br />
  4. Do you know these guys?<br />Seth Godin<br />Malcolm Gladwell<br />Tom Peters<br />
  5. How about these guys?<br />
  6. How about these guys?<br />Chris Brogan<br />Guy Kawasaki<br />Gary Vaynerchuk<br />
  7. It’s tough out there<br />Almost 10% unemployment<br />Financial institutions collapsing<br />Automakers on the brink<br />Consumer confidence down<br />
  8. TheOpportunity<br />Dare to care about your customers<br />Build relationships<br />Trust should be your goal<br />
  9. We’ll start with the Mullet<br />
  10. Famous Mullets<br />Billy Ray <br />Cyrus<br />Don <br />Johnson<br />John<br />Stamos<br />Phil<br />Collins<br />Bono<br />
  11. The Mullet<br />It’s famous<br />It’s recognizable<br />It’s evolved<br />It’s different<br />It’s brave<br />It shows belongingness<br />
  12. The Corporate Mullet<br />It’s a mindset: Dare to embrace a socialized business model online<br />Formality is shrinking: Social is the norm<br />Make business social: social is the party in the back<br />Be a part of the conversations<br />Make your brand relevant and open<br />
  13. How to build your Corporate Mullet<br />Socialize your website<br />Engage with your customers<br />Monitor your competitors<br />Identify & activate your evangelists<br />Encourage interactions<br />
  14. Non-Apartment Industry Examples<br />
  15. Examples<br />
  16. Zappos<br />CEO on Twitter<br />Funny, helpful, trustworthy personality<br />A lot of employees “tweeting<br />$1 million in Twitter-related sales<br />Also on Facebook and blogs<br /><br />
  17. Starbucks<br /><br />Consumer feedback<br />Submit, vote, review in action<br />Asking for involvement<br />Making it happen publicly<br />
  18. Blendtec<br />Will it Blend? video series<br />7 million views of iPhone<br />YouTube sensation<br />5 fold increase in sales<br />Clever, low cost<br /><br />
  19. Yats<br />Small restaurant group with 4 Indy locations<br />CEO leads and believes in social media<br />Very active Facebook profile, group and page<br />Mobile ramp up with promotions<br />Twitter presence<br />Evening out sales through the week<br />Growing sales at weak location<br /><br />
  20. Applying the Corporate Mullet to the apartment industry<br />
  21. Why does it apply?<br />200,000,000 people online<br />People business<br />People do business with people<br />Go where the people are<br />
  22. “A real estate transaction is a social transaction”<br />- Pete Flint, CEO of<br />
  23. What is the fear?<br />Conservative finance<br />Fair Housing Law<br />
  24. Social media is really no different than …<br />Outreach<br />Resident events and parties<br />Telephone or Email<br />
  25. Case Studies<br />
  26.<br />
  27. J.C. Hart objectives<br />Increase exposure and traffic to company website<br />Increase online content and improve search results<br />Community-building to help retain existing residents<br />Reduce marketing expenses<br />
  28. J.C. Hart strategies<br />Optimize online content for keywords and search<br />Replace paper community newsletters with blogs<br />Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, & Flickr accounts<br />optimized for brand and keywords<br />Establish a YouTube channel and launch a <br />resident video contest for user-generated <br />content and testimonials<br />
  29. J.C. Hart results<br />Traffic to website up nearly 75% compared to June 2008<br />Social media sites deliver traffic to main website<br />YouTube channel received over 10,000 views in 8 weeks<br />Eliminated Print/Guide Marketing Avg. Saving $35/unit<br />Physical Traffic/Showings up 4.15% YTD ‘08 vs. ’09<br />In 6 months from page 53 to page 2 on Google for “Indianapolis Apartments”<br />
  30. Video contest a hit with residents and received good publicity<br />
  31. YouTubeWinners<br />
  32.<br />
  33. Urbane Objectives<br />One recognizable brand<br />Use no traditional paid advertising<br />Break away from “Apartment Commodity”<br />
  34. Urbane Strategy<br />Engage with customers and residents<br />Company website, Blogs, and free tools likeCraigslist, Ning, Facebook, etc.<br />Socialize with the local community<br />Have marketing create income<br />
  35. Urbane results<br />12,000 website visitors a month for 360 units<br />- ½ main website, other ½ to Blog and Ningsite<br />Google page 1 for “Apartments Royal Oak”<br />Traffic growing 35% month over month<br />VIP Program generating monthly income<br />Still no traditional paid ads<br />
  36. Others using social media tools<br />Bell Partners<br />Campus Living Villages<br />UDR<br />
  37. If you’re trying to build a brand online what might that look like?<br />J.C. Hart Apartments<br />Urbane Apartments<br />UDR Apartments<br />
  38. Ideas you can implement tomorrow<br />Get your brand name on all major social media assets.<br />Set up Google Alerts for your brands and competitors brands<br />Know what people are saying about you online, and participate in the conversation.<br />
  39. Ongoing strategy<br />Hire professional help<br />Don’t write policies<br />Train people in best practices, learn from mistakes<br />Monitor and measure efforts<br />Kaizen everything<br />
  40. The Benefits<br />Conversations<br />Top of mind awareness<br />Google Juice<br />The online friend Multiplier<br />Measurable Results<br />Reduce marketing budgets<br />
  41. Summary<br />
  42. Building your Corporate Mullet is a way of doing business. It’s not about social media. It’s about socializing your brand online and offline!<br />Develop a strategy and best practices, not policies, to use online tools (just like email and telephone)<br />Reach outside your industry for inspiration<br />Remember the online “multiplier”<br />Being all “business” is not remarkable. You need to collaborate with “the party” in the back.<br />
  43. Want More?<br /><br />
  44. Mark Juleen<br />Duncan Alney<br />J.C. Hart, Marketing Director<br /><br /><br />Twitter: @mbj<br />Firebelly Marketing, President<br /><br /><br />Twitter: @firebelly<br />