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Marketing..The Ultimate Sales Building Tool
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Marketing..The Ultimate Sales Building Tool


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Marketing tips and ideas for sales people in the financial services industry

Marketing tips and ideas for sales people in the financial services industry

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  • 1. Effective Marketing! …the Ultimate Sales Building Tool
  • 2. What is Effective Marketing?
    • Process ATTRACTING people, PROSPECTS who are most likely to want and need your services/products and can afford to pay
    • Building Mutually Beneficial RELATIONSHIPS
  • 3. Change In Mindset
    • Think of yourself as operating a small business not as “just a sales person”
    • Must DIFFERENTIATE yourself from other sales professionals in your industry
    • Why should people do business with you?
  • 4. Change in Mind Set
    • Marketing should be your #1 Priority NOT Selling
    • Effective Marketing = Easier selling
    • Reduce your cold calling
    • Less rejection and objection handling
    • Less appointment cancelations
    • Reduce daily sales stress
    • More people will return your calls
    • More sales!!!!
  • 5. Change in Mindset
    • You are not in the business of selling financial services; you are in the business of MARKETING FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS
    • Focus on Marketing SOLUTIONS to the core PROBLEMS of Your Client & Prospects
    • People will connect with you when you show you understand their core problems & issues
  • 6. Sales & Marketing Marketing Sales Traditional Thinking Change in Mindset
  • 7. Change in Mindset Sales Marketing Marketing & Sales NEW THINKING
  • 8. 8 Things You Can Do To Pump –up Your Marketing Muscles
  • 9. 1. Evaluate Your Current Marketing Activities and Materials
    • Do you have a written marketing plan?
    • Have you identified your target market/niche?
    • Do you have more than 3 ways to ATTRACT leads?
    • Does your marketing focus on the problems and solutions of your target market or is it all about you and how great you are?
  • 10. 2. Work with a Target Market or Niche
    • Well developed Niche = More Sales
    • Be a big fish in a small pond
    • You’ll get a better understanding of clients & prospects core problems
    • You’ll get a more steady flow of referrals
  • 11. 3. Position Yourself as an Expert, Trusted, Advisor
    • You don’t want to be perceived as “just another salesperson”
    • Provide informative, relative information to clients and prospects ( education based marketing )
    • Prospects will seek you out if they see you as an authority in your field
  • 12. 4. Implement a Multiple Lead Generation System
    • An organized way to ATTRACT a steady flow of prospects
    • 7-10 ways to ATTRACT and find QUALITY PROSPECTS
  • 13.
    • Referral strategy
    • Direct response advertising
    • Social media
    • Seminars
    • Networking
    • Joint venture events
    • Monthly e-mail newsletter. e-mail marketing
    • Public speaking to organizations and associations
    • Websites /Blogs
    • Birthday/ wedding anniversary of the month club
    Prospecting Activities
  • 14.  
  • 15.
    • Not the most effective or productive way generate prospects
    • Why?
    • Public resistance & skepticism towards sales people
    • Caller ID
    • Do not call list
    • Wide use of cell phones,
    • Doesn't positions you as an expert
    • Causes quick burnout
    • No fun!!!!
    • * Ari Galper – Unlock the Game
    A Word On Cold Calling
  • 16.
    • Practice RECIPROCITY – core principle of successful marketing
    • Offer something of VALUE for FREE that will give people an INCENTIVE to contact you or meet with you
    • Give first before asking prospects and clients to give and they will be more inclined to trust you and do business with you
    5. Lead Generation Magnet
  • 17.
    • Best lead generation magnet helps prospects solve a problem
    • FREE REPORT: 10 Money Problems That Could Lead Newlyweds To Divorce
    • FREE REPORT: 7 Things You Must Know About Buying Insurance If You're Going to Be A First-time Mom or Dad
    • * Check with compliance
    5. Lead Generation Magnet
  • 18. 6. Follow-up Consistently
    • 60 % of sales lost - lack of effective follow-up
    • Follow-up at least once a month
    • Invest in a CONTACT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE ACT, Goldmine, Maximizer
  • 19. Why Follow-up is so Important?
    • * 2% of sales are made on the 1st contact
    • * 3% on the 2nd contact
    • * 5% on the 3rd contact
    • * 10% on the 4th contact
    • * 80% of all sales are made on the 7th plus contact
  • 20. How Often Do Sales People Follow-up?
    • Only 10%-15% of sales people make 4 or more follow-up contacts
    • Be CREATIVE with your follow-up efforts
  • 21. 7. Collect Testimonials From Your Best Clients
    • Effective way to reduce buyer skepticism and build trust
    • Ask your most satisfied clients for testimonials (written, audio, video)
    • Get permission to use them in all your marketing materials
  • 22. 8. Develop a Written Marketing Plan
    • Research shows when you follow a written marketing plan you could increase your sales by 24%
    • Make sure your plan has a Marketing Calendar
    • Track the results of your marketing activities
  • 23. Recap
    • Emphasis on Marketing instead of selling
    • Select a Target Market/Niche
    • Position yourself as an EXPERT w/ Education-based marketing
    • Use a Lead Generation Magnet to attract prospects
    • Use a Multiple lead generation system
  • 24. Conclusion
    • Commitment – marketing does not work instantly
    • Consistent – take regular marketing action
    • Investment – invest time, money & effort
    • Effective Marketing = Easier Selling
    • THANK YOU!
  • 25. FREE Marketing Help!!
    • Ask me for two free one-on-one marketing coaching sessions