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Killing the penny

Killing the penny






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    Killing the penny Killing the penny Presentation Transcript

    • Killing the Penny Created By: Joshua Williams
    • Killing the Penny As of May 2010 it costs 1.67¢ to produce 1 penny. The US Mint will print 1-14 billion pennies each year pending on inflation If 7.5 Billion (Average) pennies are produced this costs $12,525,000,000
    • Fun Facts in History On March 28, 2008 Barack Obama said that he would "seriously consider“ killing the penny The half penny was eliminated in 1858
    • Reasons to Kill the Penny It is a waste of money  As stated earlier for 7.5 Billion pennies to be made it would cost $12,525,000,000.  The zinc companies want to keep the penny because pennies are 97.5% zinc with a thin 2.5% copper plating
    • Reasons to Kill the Penny(cont. 1) It is a Waste of Time  The average handling of pennies in a transaction line is 2-2.5 seconds  At 2 transactions per day and taking into account 3 people waiting in line this is equalivant to 12 seconds per day which equals 1.2 hours per person per year  There are 250 million adults over 18 in America times 1.2 hours per person per year equals 300,000,000 man hours wasted every year
    • Reasons to Kill the Penny(cont. 2)  If the mean wage in the US is $17 an hour we are effectively paying $40 per year to keep pennies in circulation  Taking into account the 240,000 adults as a nation we are spending $10,000,000,000 per year to have pennies in circulation
    • Kill the Penny It costs about $12,525,000,000 to make 7.5 billion pennies which is the average made each year• Over 300,000,000 man hours are wasted yearly just because of the penny• It costs over $10,000,000,000 each year to keep the penny
    • How Does This Help The Middle and Lower Class? By lowering the deficit this allows government based programs to provide more money to those in need Lowering the deficit also helps the to stabilize the economy Lowering the deficit will create more jobs
    • Government BasedPrograms By lowering the deficit this would allow the government to allocate more money to safety net programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Welfare With a lower deficit the government would be less likely to take money out of these programs such as the one trillion taken out of S.S to date. 1 trillion would last S.S. over 100 years!
    • Stabilizing the Economy With a lower deficit our we would begin to come out of a recession Investors would be more inclined to invest By investing our economy would improve One way we got out of the Great Depression was by spending more money
    • Stabilizing the Economy (cont.) As investment goes up along with the economy so will rates at banks for accounts The current rate on a cd account is 1.5% Current rate on a money market account is 15%
    • Creating More Jobs When people invest there will be people who create their own businesses With the creation of new businesses create more jobs furthering our economy This helps those who are unemployed and cant find jobs With investors those who work in big businesses can go off and create their own businesses for higher paying jobs
    • By Killing the Penny It would help lower the national defect Get investors to invest Create new jobs Help the economy Lower unemployment rate Can be cross functional to help others in many ways
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