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Inequality ppt Inequality ppt Presentation Transcript

  • America in need of jobs by Kyung Min Kim
  • Contents1. Background information on theimportance of decent jobs among workingclass (why are we in need of good jobs?)2. The issues in the job market structure3. The possible solutions to the job marketproblems
  • 1. Why are we in need of decent jobs? Reporting the dark side in economy• 36 million people are • Not enough jobs are below the poverty line available for the incomes (2003) numbers entering the• 45 million without work force health insurance • Technologies are• The economy improves replacing the but wages for millions manufacturing jobs of working class • Most of new jobs are remain the same. low paying.• Wages are the same • The bottom 40% of but price of basic population are in debts necessities increase (urgently need decent jobs to pay the debts)
  • Continue…• Millions of people making $25,000 a year still struggle paying the house or rent.• The federal minimum wage is $7.25 while the worker need at least $15.37 an hour to pay the necessities.• Even having double jobs do no ensure a basic standard of living: health care, housing, and education.
  • 2. The issues about the job market structure• Multinational corporations continue to outsource, downsize, and consolidate for better profits.• From 2001 to 2003, three million jobs were lost; two thirds of them were in high paying manufacturing jobs.
  • Continue…• Multinational corporations hire more part time jobs• The number of full time jobs are highly low proportionally to part time jobs.
  • Continue…• Problems in government policies and corporate practices• Since 1948, 53.2 million new jobs were created during the 24 years when Democrats held the power, and 38.3 million were created during the 36 years when Republican held the power (could it be the problem?)
  • Continue…• The combined pay for top 10 executives at New York City’s brokerage and financial firms was up to more than 68% in 2003• 1996, 30 companies that discharged the most workers gave their chief officers increases in compensation averaging 67%
  • Continue…• More than 28 million people, about ¼ of the work force are below the federal poverty line for a family of four. (They are making less then $18,800 a year)• The federal minimum wage today is worth less than 40 years ago.
  • Continue…• Two thirds of large companies raised the amount that workers paid toward the cost of health plans in 2003 while their salaries remained stagnant.• Middle income families are three times more likely to lack health insurance and a low income families are 12 times more likely to be without insurance.
  • 3. The possible solutions to the job market problems• Government should make policies focused on workable conditions, livable wages, and benefits for workers for them to provide at least the basic necessities for families.• The federal government must increase the minimum wage.
  • Continue…• Government and the corporation companies should limit in reducing number of American workers and hiring foreign workers Percentage of foreign born workers in industry in 2008 (2008 Current Populating Survey)
  • Continue…• Government and the corporation companies should limit in reducing number of American workers and hiring foreign workers Year of entry into the united states among foreign born Hispanic construction workers (by America Community Survey in 2007)
  • Continue…• The government • Profitable companies should regulate or need to hire more the corporation full-time employees companies should without any balance or limit in disadvantages. outsourcing, downsizing, and consolidating the workers.
  • Continue…• Government and the corporation companies must provide protection under the law for the workers’ rights including child care and health insurance (reducing the disadvantages for working people)
  • Continue…• The large profitable companies, especially, must reduce the payment gab between top executives and employees
  • Continue…• The large companies need to provide the job training for better productive work atmosphere and the opportunities for promotion for workers
  • These need to be done! (summary)• Increasing the minimum wage• Limitation in outsourcing, downsizing, and consolidating workers for the companies’ greatest profits only• Employing more American workers• Protecting the rights of workers• Creating more full-time jobs• Reducing the payment gap between top executives and the employee• Providing the job training for workers for better opportunities and productive work atmosphere• Providing better conditions including health care and child care for workers