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Paragraphs and essays
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  • 1. Paragraphs and Essays
  • 2. Paragraphs Introduction Topic Sentence Major Detail 1 Minor Detail 1 Body – Major Detail 2 Supporting Details Minor Detail 2 Major Detail 3 Minor Detail 3 Conclusion Concluding Sentenceparagraphs and essays 2tvvillaflores
  • 3. Essays Introduction Introductory Paragraph Paragraph 2 Body – Developmenta Paragraph 3 l Paragraphs Paragraph 4 Concluding Conclusion Paragraphparagraphs and essays 3tvvillaflores
  • 4. Paragraph» a group of related sentences that develops and explains the main idea of a paragraph.paragraphs and essaystvvillaflores 4
  • 5. Essay» a group of related paragraphs that develops and explains the thesis.paragraphs and essaystvvillaflores 5
  • 6. Introduction» the section at the beginning of a paragraph or essay that summarizes what it is about.» the place where the writer often places the thesis.paragraphs and essaystvvillaflores 6
  • 7. Body» the development of the thesis over a group of related sentences or paragraphs in a composition.paragraphs and essaystvvillaflores 7
  • 8. Conclusion» the sentences or paragraph that completes the composition.» may restate the main idea of the composition or sum up the important points made in the composition.paragraphs and essaystvvillaflores 8
  • 9. Main Idea» the general concept or broad opinion on which the composition is based.» topic – main idea of a paragraph» thesis – main idea of an essayparagraphs and essaystvvillaflores 9
  • 10. Topic Sentence» the sentence/s in which the main idea of a paragraph is stated.» topic + controlling ideaparagraphs and essaystvvillaflores 10
  • 11. Thesis Statement» the sentence/s in which the main idea of an essay is stated.paragraphs and essaystvvillaflores 11
  • 12. Controlling Idea» a key word or phrase that announces the writer’s viewpoint» an idea or attitude about the topic» It controls what the sentences in the paragraph will discussparagraphs and essaystvvillaflores 12
  • 13. Details» specific pieces of information that explain and support the general ideas in a composition.» sentences that back-up the main points with specific.paragraphs and essaystvvillaflores 13
  • 14. Information» stories, descriptions, examples, definitions, causes, effects, statistics, facts, processesparagraphs and essaystvvillaflores 14
  • 15. Regular exercise isbeneficial to one’s health. Aregular exercise canstrengthen the heart muscle.It can also improve a person’sblood circulation. In addition,regular exercise can increasethe intake of oxygen in one’sbody which is both good forthe heart and the brain. Truly,regular exercise has manyhealthful benefits.paragraphs and essaystvvillaflores 15