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Brain foods[1]
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Brain foods[1]


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Published in: Education

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Brain Foods Caitlin, Gabby and Jadeyn
    • 2. Papaya • The papaya is a brain food.
    • 3. The Life Cycle of a Papaya • The life cycle of a papaya is it starts out as a seed, that seed grows into a plant and then that plant grows into a tree. Then the tree grows flowers those flowers become a papaya. That can be used in many different ways.
    • 4. How the Papaya is Grown • The papaya starts out as a seed then grows into a tree. That tree then grows flowers; then those flowers grow into the papaya. Microsoft clipart
    • 5. Where is the Papaya Grown? The papaya is mostly grown in the tropics. The papaya is also grown in Hawaii and other US states %3Fq%3Dhawaii%2Bpapaya%2Bmaps%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN%26biw%3D1003%26bih%3D545%26tbs %3Disch:10%2C1145&um=1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=718&vpy=242&dur=1891&hovh=194&hovw=259&tx=129&ty=127&ei=ODGNTLaYI4LEsAPauf3EBA&oei=FDGNTLm2KoK8sAPQ0ryiBA&esq=6&page=4&ndsp=17&ved=1t:429,r:4,s:40&biw=1003&bih=545
    • 6. Why the Papaya is Healthy • The papaya is healthy because the papaya is full of anti- oxidants that can prevent heart diseases. It can help keep your lungs clean and can treat burns, rashes and cuts.
    • 7. Papaya Ice Cream • Ingredients: – ¾ cup granulated white sugar – 2 eggs beat – 1-3/4 cup heavy whip cream – 1 ripe papaya, peeled, seeded and sliced – 1 fresh lime • Whisk together sugar, eggs and cream in a heavy saucepan. Cook over low heat while stirring until thickened enough to coat the spoon. DON’T BOIL! Remove from heat and let cool to lukewarm stirring occasionally to prevent a skin. Place the papaya into the bowl of a food processor fitted with the metal blade or a heavy-duty blender. Remove the zest from the lime using a micro plane or grater, then juice the lime. Add and process into a puree. Add papaya puree to combine. Pour into ice cream machine and freeze according to manufacturer’s manual. Yield: 1 quart papaya ice cream.
    • 8. Interesting Facts About the Papaya 1. The papaya is the fruit of the ceria papaya tree 2. Papaya can treat burns, rashes and cuts 3. When Indiana Jones suffered ruptured disc on his Temple of Doom movie, he was treated with papaya injections. 4. Papaya can keep your lungs clean.
    • 9. Thank You Mrs.Thelen! Jadeyn Caitlin Gabby
    • 10. Thank You Mrs.Thelen! Jadeyn Caitlin Gabby