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The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
The Evolution of the Kula
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The Evolution of the Kula


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Spiritual
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  • 1. The Evolution of the Kula
    • 2012 C.E. vs 2012 B.C.E
    • The q uestion is…
    Is there really a difference? (And what difference does that difference make? -- D. Brooks)
  • 3. We live in a world gone mad
    • Profits vs. People
    • Resources vs. Ecosystems/Communities
    • Epidemics of obesity, mental health disorders
    • Loneliness, separation
    • Violence
  • 4. Time of Massive Opportunity
    • Occupy Wall Street
      • People are demanding change
    • Technology and social media
      • Unprecedented sharing of information and resources
    • Evolution of Business, Non-Profits, Government
    • Blessed Unrest
      • Prophecy of the Shambhala Warrior (Joanna Macy)
    • Marriage of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science
    • An evolution of consciousness?
  • 5. How Does This Relate to Yoga?
    • Healing the split between mind and body, soul and intellect, reason and intuition
    • Integrating ALL of our experience and potential in every aspect of our lives
    • Creating a healthy vibrant economy that nourishes all beings
  • 6. The Kula: An Ancient Idea
    • Traditionally translated as ‘family-clan’
    • Can also be ‘intentional community’, or ‘community of the heart’
    • We (humans) have always been kula-oriented
    • Kula as a heart-centered tribe
  • 7. Napoleon Hill: Think and Grow Rich
    • Whah? Yoga and Riches?
    • The Napoleon Hill story -- and the ‘invention’ of the mastermind
    • You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with
    • Power of belief and clarity of intention
      • Burn your ships (!?)
    • The mastermind as kula
    • Spirit of “Perfect Harmony” between two or more people
  • 8. Intention and Transformation
    • Seat of the teacher
      • Calling forth potential of students
    • Transformation in the Kula
      • Calling forth each other’s potential
    • Diversity and Alignment
      • Similar but different paths
    • Collaboration & mutual support vs. unhealthy competition
      • We can engage in healthy playful competition
    • If you truly desire it, it IS possible
    • Quantum Leap vs. Incremental Change
  • 9. The Myths of Change
    • Why is it so difficult to change sometimes?
      • Self-help books, trainings, workshops don’t often work
    • You have to do it yourself, but you can’t do it alone
      • Prayer, belief, intention, blessing, ritual, community
    • 1-on-1 vs. Group work
      • Web of wisdom and support, diversity of expression
    • Natural Developers vs. Deliberate Developers (from David Gruder)
    • How are you seen by those closest to you?
      • In your highest potential or…?
  • 10. What’s new is old
    • How did the ancient yogis evolve?
      • Community of practice and intention
    • We need to integrate EVERYTHING
      • Yoga is not separate from what’s happening in the world
    • Yoga as balm, yoga as model of a new world
  • 11. How You Can Do This
    • Start your own ‘kula’
    • Get 4-10 fellow teachers that aspire to greatness
    • Meet regularly
    • Hold each other accountable
    • You don’t need to know how you’re going to get there
    • Stay in action
      • Consistent action is the key to success
  • 12. Mindset Shifts
    • From scarcity and lack to abundance
    • Give more than you get
    • Trust in what’s moving through you
    • Maintenance friends vs. growth friends
    • Healthy challenge
      • 30-day challenges (personal, social, global)
  • 13. What to Expect
    • Signs that ‘it’s not meant to be’
      • Challenges, mishaps
      • Reframe: from ‘failure’ to ‘results you didn’t want’
      • What can you learn?
      • Shifting your interpretation
    • Hopelessness
      • This is a good thing. Really.
    • Friends, Family energetically holding you back
    • Discomfort and desire for safety
  • 14. Creating a Quantum Leap in 2012
    • Open to new possibilities
      • What you’ve been doing has been perfect…but it won’t get you where you want to go
    • Deepen into your desires
      • Universe gave you these desires for a reason. Honor them.
    • Create a network of unwavering support and healthy challenge
      • You need to share what you truly want
    • Manifest a mentor
      • Someone you truly believe can get you there
      • Someone who truly believes in you - that you can get what you want
    • Do the work -- inner and outer
      • Be ruthless in your commitment to yourself and others
      • Playing small limits your joy and the impact you can have on others
  • 15. The evolution of the Kula
    • Introducing…SUPAKULA
    • A 12-month transformational journey for a select group of yoga teachers and EELs
    • What are EELs?
      • Embodied Evolutionary Leaders
    • By application only
  • 16. Un-recognize Yourself
    • What would it be like to step so fully into who you are becoming that you can hardly remember who you used to be?
    • Give bigger, receive bigger
      • Most givers have a receiving problem (Clay Collins)
      • Receiving as a spiritual act (i.e., savasana)
    • Integrate Your Successes
  • 17. You Get to Choose Your Path
    • Will your 2012 be radically different from your 2011?
    • Hero’s journey -- will you answer the call?
    • Filling out application is moving through that first threshold
      • You may get triggered, annoyed, frustrated
      • This is perfect
  • 18. Become the Hero
    • Offer the gifts you’ve harvested on your unique journey
    • No more competition or comparison
    • You are not a commodity
    • Yoga is not a commodity
    • Learn to receive as a service to others
      • Double your income? Triple your income?*
      • The yoga of creating a thriving business
      • Model the possibility for others
      • Contribute to the healing of our world
      • Money spent on your offerings is good
      • *obviously there are NO GUARANTEES
  • 19. Opportunities
    • From passionate yoga teacher to thriving business owner
      • Align with Your Purpose
      • Reach the students who have been waiting for you
      • Spread your unique message
      • Ripple effect of relationships with hundreds, thousands (or more?) all over the world through the Internet and in person
  • 20. Challenges
    • You will have to face your inner demons
    • Intention shifts a lot of things, but you’ll still have to deal with your stuff even after you create or join a group
    • Trust that there’s a gift (or many gifts) in moving through those challenges
    • You will be supported, loved, and accepted through it all
    • We’ve all been there
  • 21. Physical vs. Metaphysical
    • We’ll be dealing with both
    • In today’s world we need integration
    • No inner peace without authentic outward expression and relationship
    • No authentic outward expression without doing the inner work
  • 22. SUPAKULA Support
    • Focused intention on you having what you want - we run the movie for you so you don’t have to
    • Unwavering belief that you can have it
      • Creates the field for you to align with
    • Accountability to keep you on track
      • You must take action in alignment with your desire
    • Tools, Resources, and Relationships to best ensure your success
      • The kula has everything you need
  • 23. Supa Co-Creation
    • Because we share our vision, goals, and desires, we co-create this group
    • You must step up and participate fully
    • Everyone does this, everyone wins
    • This is the most effective and efficient path to getting what you want
  • 24. SUPAKULA Awesomeness
    • 1/2 day 1-on-1 Siddhi Exploration (via Skype or in-person)
    • Monthly targeted teleseminars/webinars/trainings
    • Monthly Q&A and/or presentations from SupaAwesome Guest Teachers
    • Strategic plan for each month
    • Support in product and program creation
    • Training in product launch and marketing
    • Cutting-edge leadership, social change, and abundance consciousness training
    • 3 in-person Group Siddhi Cultivation Intensives
    • 2 1-on-1 consultations every month
    • Private online membership e-mail list and forum for SupaKula members (12 months and beyond)
    • FREE VIP event tickets to 2012 Yoga Telesummit live events (details tbd)
    • FREE VIP experiences during live events and Siddhi Intensives -- i.e., dinner and private audience with expert internationally-renowned teachers and business leaders
    • Access to all Yoga Telesummit digital/online products and programs
  • 26. The Time is Now
    • Time of Crisis = Time of Opportunity
    • The world needs you to come alive
    • Yoga Teachers are a ‘keystone species’ in evolving our culture
    • Microcosm (you), Macrocosm (universe)
    • Answer the call to adventure.
  • 27. The Application is below…
    • I would love to consider you to be part of this group.
    • Please let me know if you have any questions or comments
    • Please send to your fellow teachers who might be a good fit
    • Check this page and your e-mail for future replay dates.
  • 28. PRANAMS
    • Thank you so much for spending your time with me today.
    • Whether or not you choose to apply for this program, I am so grateful for your being part of this growing and evolving community.
    • Together we ARE making a difference!