Risk Adverse


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The story of fear, trust, and innovation.

This presentation documents a common problem: allowing fear of failure, or disspointing others, to prevent you from reaching the level of success you have the potential to reach.

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Risk Adverse

  1. 1. RISK ADVERSE The Story of Fear, Trust, and InnovationBy @thejordanrules
  2. 2. One particularly gloomy Monday morning, Jimmy awoketo find a BAT sitting at the foot of his bed.
  3. 3. Being a child of 8, Jimmy was understandably scared…
  4. 4. … and began to cry.
  5. 5. Although his parents immediately came into the room, andgot rid of the bat, this incident was the SCARIEST event ofJimmys early life.
  6. 6. Jimmy grew. He grew and Grew, and GREW. He grew untilhe was a man…
  7. 7. Ahh!  … and was exposed to more and MORE scary situations.
  8. 8. Ahh!  Burglars
  9. 9. Ahh!  Angry Parents
  10. 10. Ahh!  Heights
  11. 11. Ahh!  The Dark
  12. 12. Ahh!  … even vegetables
  13. 13. Eventually, Jimmy graduated college, and got a job at thelocal widget factory.
  14. 14. But Jimmy still remembered all the things he was scaredof.
  15. 15. I  don’t  want   to  be  afraid!  Jimmy needed to figure out a way to STOP being scared ofeverything.
  17. 17. Ha!  Jimmy got a security system to protect himself fromburglars
  18. 18. I  Love   You!   We  Love   You!  Jimmy had a long conversation with his parents andfound theyre not so scary
  19. 19. Ha!  Jimmy went base jumping and realized heights arenothing to be afraid of
  20. 20. Zzzzzzzzz  Jimmy unplugged his nightlight and realized he can sleepsoundly in the dark
  21. 21. Ugh.  He even tried vegetables, and found he really didnt likethem but… They werent scary.
  22. 22. I’m  pre?y   much   fearless  After quashing every fear he could think of, Jimmyrealized there was something else that scared him...
  23. 23. SOMETHING BIG… so BIG he was scared he couldnt faceit alone.
  25. 25. Work   Friends   Family   City   Customers  Jimmy belongs to several different communities
  26. 26. In each community, Jimmy has worked hard to earnrespect from his cohorts.
  27. 27. Jimmy realizes that everyday is lived in fear ofdisappointing certain members of his community.
  28. 28. Why  does   everyone  have   to  approve?  The more he thinks about how engrained this fear is, hestarts to think about how its affected his life.
  29. 29. Hes stopped taking risks in order to stay safe.
  30. 30. Avoiding Dangerous Risks  Revenue   Time  and then progressed to avoiding unnecessary risks
  31. 31. Avoiding Unnecessary Risk   Avoiding Dangerous Risks  Revenue   Time  and then progressed to avoiding unnecessary risks
  32. 32. Always Playing It Safe   Avoiding Unnecessary Risk   Avoiding Dangerous Risks  Revenue   Time  Until Jimmy was always playing it safe
  33. 33. Risk   Option 1   Option 2   Option 3  Jimmy realized that while focusing on the risk …
  34. 34. Risk   Reward   Option 1   Option 2   Option 3  He failed to consider the potential reward.
  35. 35. Jimmy began to understand that his competition wasn’t having better ideas…
  36. 36. … They were just calculating their risk tolerance differently.
  37. 37. +   =   Risk   +   =   Risk  He realized that his aversion to risk has infected morethan just his business, but his personal life as well.
  38. 38. This realization initiated a cathartic change in Jimmy.
  39. 39. Jimmy started to approach things differently. He started toapproach situations as though he didnt have anyone todisappoint.
  40. 40. This allowed Jimmy to explorepossibilities the old Jimmy would never have explored.
  41. 41. Family  He picked up Indian food for his family … They loved it.
  42. 42. Work  He suggested a 6-prong widget at work - He waspromoted.
  43. 43. Questions   Answers   Customers  He started answering customer inquiries though Twitter -It was a huge success.
  44. 44. Friends  He held his first dinner party. - His friends had a blast.
  45. 45. City  He started a petition to reduce public transit fare, thoughfederal subsidies. - His city was thrilled.
  46. 46. Of all the fearsJimmy faced…
  47. 47. …the fear ofdisappointing peoplemight have been the hardest to face…
  48. 48. …and the mostrewarding when conquered.
  49. 49. Take a page fromJimmys book &…
  50. 50. dont let the fear ofdisappointing people prevent you from achieving unimaginable success.
  51. 51. You can start today by:•  Consider all ideas, risky or not•  Experiment and test ideas•  Assume you don’t know everything•  Assume everyone has something they can teach you•  Try something new every day•  Talk to someone you wouldn’t normally talk to.
  52. 52. For more ideas…Read my blog:http://thejordanrules.posterous.comOr Follow me on Twitter:http://twitter.com/thejordanrules