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From SBMU in September ’08. One hour presentation on the basic theory of viral marketing and putting together a successful campaign.

From SBMU in September ’08. One hour presentation on the basic theory of viral marketing and putting together a successful campaign.

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  • 1. Igniting Viral Campaigns How to Create Ideas That Spread
  • 2. What is Viral Marketing?
  • 3. The Problem with Advertising More and more and MORE money…
  • 4. The Beauty of Viral Marketing Riding the wave on a few bucks…
  • 5. The Customer Reaction Benefit Kim said it was the best movie she’s seen all year…
  • 6. Before You Even Think About It…
  • 7. Ask Yourself… Ideas spread because they matter to the spreader…
  • 8. If You Only Learn One Thing… Keep your eyes peeled….
  • 9. The Trouble with Communication
  • 10. Embrace Simplicty… What’s the selling point?
  • 11. Deliver the Unexpected… 17% sales increase… Safe happens.
  • 12. Be Concrete… Colorful… Journey
  • 13. Carry Credibility…
  • 14. Tap into Emotions… $1.14 $2.38 or
  • 15. Tell a Story… “… just because everyone knows life can change in an instant, it doesn't mean they want to talk about it.”
  • 16. A Word of Warning on Scalability
    • Be prepared for rapid growth…
  • 17. Campaign Types: Humor
    • How it works: Create something funny
  • 18. Humor Example
  • 19. Campaign Types: Attack
    • How it works: Throw a punch
  • 20. Attack Example
    • I’m a Mac / I’m a PC
    • Carefully walks the line
      • Cool, hip Mac user
      • Middle aged PC durfwad
      • Why Mac is better…
    • Fourth Quarter 2006
      • Shipped 1.6 million Macs
      • $4.84 billion in revenue
  • 21. Campaign Types: Fear
    • How it Works: Fear is a motivator
  • 22. Fear Example
    • Blair Witch Project
      • Marketing budget < $50K
      • Web site $15K
    • Took it to the web:
      • Started buzz in college forums
      • Interactive web site
      • Sci-Fi documentary
    • Results:
      • 75 million visits
      • Opened in 27 theatres
      • $284 million
  • 23. Planting the Seeds
  • 24. Identifying Influencers
  • 25. Finding Influencers… 8-12 immediate influences Dozens, hundreds of secondary Topical Blogs Forums Email lists Social networks Who reaches people? Who do people trust?
  • 26. Pitching Checklist
  • 27. Brainstorming the Idea…
  • 28. Brainstorming the Idea… Going with a video… More likely to be watched than a PR Easily spreadable via YouTube Video & music show personality But what type of video?
  • 29. Brainstorming the Idea… Figuring out the details… Taken in a single streaming shot Gets across all selling points No need for editing or directing Buy audio (
  • 30. Brainstorming the Idea…
  • 31. Brainstorming the Idea… Figuring out the cost… Slides: $110 Music: $38 Total Cost: $148 Total Time: 18 hours
  • 32. Building the Pitch List…
  • 33. Brainstorming the Idea… The results… Coverage on tons of blogs: >400K RSS Great example of what we can teach 30% of attendees influenced by video Payoff? Most definitely!
  • 34. Putting it into Action… Your Next Steps… Pass out your brainstorming sheets Gather thoughts independently Meet as a group, check off possibilities Create your idea Build your pitch list Start the ball rolling