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PowerPoint for AS media students about the background to the Music Magazine production project for OCR G321 Foundation Portfolio in Media.

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Music magazine

  1. 1. MusicMagazineProduction Piece for ASMedia Studies
  2. 2. The Music Industry Whatdo we know already about the music business?
  3. 3. The Music Press What is the purpose of a music magazine?
  4. 4. (Some)Existing TitlesQ  Jazzwise NME  Music Kerrang!  The Wire Mojo  Songlines Mixmag  K Mag Metal Hammer  Classical Music Clash  Gramophone Echoes  Downbeat
  5. 5. Researching Existing Titles What genre does the magazine cater for? What are the key signifiers of the genre in terms of:  Representation of artists  Gender roles  Dress / looks  Attitude  Age  Ethnicity  Musical style / Instrumentation
  6. 6. Genre Conventions On your blog, write about two or three different music genres, explaining what the key signifiers of the genre are. Make sure you illustrate your blog post with images from relevant music magazines which back up what you are writing.
  7. 7. Content Analysis – MusicMagazines In your group, go through the magazine and analyse the proportion of the magazine devoted to:  Regular Features  Special Features  Reviews (subdivided?)  Letters/mail  Interviews  Advertising  Other? What can you tell about the target audience for the magazine from its contents?
  8. 8. Media Packs Construct a media pack based on the models provided for your own magazine
  9. 9. The Music IndustryHow does it work?
  10. 10. Aims To explore different distribution routes for music To understand the financial structure of the music industry To learn about some of the major and independent record labels
  11. 11. How do you get music?
  12. 12. How do you get music?  CD  Vinyl  Legal Downloads  iTunes, Amazon etc.  Illegal Downloads  Blogs, Limewire, p2p, torrents  Sharing  Streaming  LastFM, Spotify, Sky Songs etc.  Radio  Digital  Analogue  Podcast
  13. 13. How does the music industrywork?
  14. 14. Who gets paid?CD bought in a shop CD bought online
  15. 15. Who gets paid? Downloaded song Downloaded song from from a major label aggregator (indie/DIY)
  16. 16. Record Labels – The Majors EMI Universal Warner Music Sony BMG Themajors own many subsidiary labels, including some independents
  17. 17. Label Market Share
  18. 18. Record Labels - Independents
  19. 19. Streaming orDownloading?
  20. 20. BBC Video Inthis video, Rory Cellan-Jones outlines some of the approaches taken by online services to make internet music profitable Video Link
  21. 21. Downloads Amazon We7 iTunes Etc.
  22. 22. Streaming  Freecontent with adverts?  Subscription service? Last FM Spotify  Who gets paid in a Sky Songs (now closed) streaming service?  Not the artists and labels...  Is streaming even viable?
  23. 23. Look at this image... Picture Whatis the future for digital music? The cloud?
  24. 24. Impact on magazines Print magazines are failing and closing all the time Titles such as Melody Maker, Smash Hits and others have all closed Circulation for print magazines is declining as people can get news quicker and for free online What can magazines do about this?
  25. 25. The future for magazines1. Offer something that you can’t get online – a physical product  Quality  “Free” giveaways  Collectors/souvenir editions2. Diversify  Use the magazine brand for an online platform, a radio station, a TV channel, awards ceremonies,  These are called “brand extensions”
  26. 26. Integrating these ideas intoyour production In designing your media packs, think about how your magazine will respond to:  The 21st century music industry  Access to music via streaming, downloading and cloud services  Collectible / souvenir items or ideas  Brand extensions Some of these ideas can be integrated with your mission statements in the media pack Others will need to be a separate blog post related to planning your magazine for the 21st century music industry
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