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If you are a model and you want to publish your online profile, If you are a modeling agency and want to start your own modeling portal, If you fashion designer and want to showcase your creation then InfozCasting Is the best product suitable for your requirement. The software has an exclusive Modeling and Casting Room that provides all the features like adding of your chosen models’ pictures and segregating them. You can even take a print out or forward it to others through Email, or otherwise get in touch with an agent directly. And all these can be done with a click of the mouse.

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Infoz Talents and Model Management Software

  1. 1. Modeling & Talents Modeling & Talents Management
  2. 2. Overview Comminity platform for Talents, Agencies and Production houses Allow talent to showcase their skills by photos, audios & videos Attract additional opportunities new clients via online traffic Easy, Interactive and User friendly Inteface Our Mission To provide a talented group of actors and models to fulfill the needs of the clients and to develop our relationships with both clients and talent based on integrity and truth.
  3. 3. Features 1. Online talent Portfolio & Polorid Management 2. Online talent Video & Audio Management 3. Online Photo cropping and thumbnail creation 4. Resume creation and download in printer friendly format 5. Model profile PRINTING and downloading in printer friendly format 6. Ajax Based portfolio, polorid, video and audio showcase 7. Casting Room for visitors for allowing to sort and edit the talent for your project. 8. Advance SEARCH functional 9. Internal MESSAGING between casting agencies and client for hiring models
  4. 4. Features Cont... 10. SEND EMAIL to friend 11. Online Model Booking 12. Easy navigation and flexible website content management 13. Advance security monitoring 14. Simple, Easy and optimize coding & Highly Optimize Database Design 15. Admin privileges management
  5. 5. Advantages  Publish talent profile on Infozshop's talent module.  Direct contact between client and admin to hire model/talent  Talent directly gets enquiry from clients  Instant reply on client's enquiry  Greater chance of exposure  No need of domain/server maintenance  No need of technical knowledge  No setup fees, no hidden cost
  6. 6. Home Page
  7. 7. Division : Men
  8. 8. Division : Natural
  9. 9. Model's Portfolio
  10. 10. Model's Portfolio
  11. 11. Model's Poloroid
  12. 12. Model's Video
  13. 13. Model's Audio
  14. 14. To Be A Model
  15. 15. Admin Screenshots
  16. 16. Login Page
  17. 17. Dashboard
  18. 18. Create New Admin
  19. 19. Manage Admin
  20. 20. Create New Admin
  21. 21. Change Account Password
  22. 22. Manage Client
  23. 23. Add New Client
  24. 24. Manage Talents
  25. 25. Add New Talent
  26. 26. Manage Talent's order
  27. 27. Manage Division
  28. 28. Add New Division
  29. 29. Manage Enquiry
  30. 30. Contact Us Infoz Software Solution 158, First Floor, Powai Plaza, Opp Hiranandani Gardens Powai, Mumbai 400076 | +91 8080080628