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Windows 7 is the latest version of microsoft windows line of operating systems produced by microsoft corporation






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Windows 7 is the latest version of microsoft windows line of operating systems produced by microsoft corporation Document Transcript

  • 1. Windows 7 is the latest version of Microsoft Windows line of operating systems produced by Microsoft Corporation. This version is designed for use in PCs, including desktops in homes and offices, laptops, tablet PCs, netbooks and media center computers. The development of Windows 7 was completed on July 22, 2009, being then confirmed official sale date for the October 22, 2009 along with its equivalent for Windows Server 2008 R2.Unlike the big leap and architectural features which suffered its predecessor Windows Vista over Windows XP, Windows 7 was designed as an incremental update and focused on Vista and NT 6.0 kernel, allowing to maintain a certain degree of compatibility with applications and hardware on which it was already compatible. However, among the development goals for Windows 7 was given importance to improve the interface to make it more accessible to the user and include new features that make tasks easier way and Quick, while efforts would be made to achieve a more lightweight, stable and fast.Various presentations by the company in 2008 focused on demonstrating multi-touch capabilities, a redesigned interface along with a new taskbar and a system of home networking simple and easy to use so-called Group Home, in addition to significant improvements in overall performance of the operating system.<br />Caracteristics:Windows 7 includes numerous updates, among them are advances in voice recognition, touch and writing, support for virtual disks, better performance in multi-core processors, better starting and improvements in the core. <br /> Libraries     * The " Library" are virtual folders that aggregate content from multiple folders and display them on a single. For example, the folders added in the library 'Videos' by default are: " Personal Video" (before " My Videos" ) and " Public Videos" , but more can be added manually. To classify the different types of files (Documents, Music, Video, Photos). Task Bar     * The toolbar was redesigned making it wider and the buttons do not bring the windows and text, but only the application icon. These changes are made to improve performance touch screen systems. The icons have been integrated with the quick start, and now the open windows are shown grouped in that one icon with a border, indicating that they are open. Shortcuts unopened not have a border.     * Aero Peek: The previews included since Windows Vista has been improved by becoming more interactive and useful. When the mouse rests on an open application it displays a preview window, which displays the name, the preview and the option to close it as well, if you put the mouse over the preview, you get a full screen view and remove returns to the previous point. You can incorporate this same feature to Windows Flip.     * Jump List: Right-clicking on any application from the taskbar is a Jump List (List 'hops'), where you can make simple tasks according to the application. For example, Open Office recent documents, recent tabs open Internet Explorer, select playlists in Media Player, change the status of Windows Live Messenger, etc.     * Show Desktop Bar: This new bar comes with a small rectangle on the right corner that replaces the quick launch icon in previous versions. This new " rectangle" allows to put the pointer over it then the windows are made 100% transparent, it is useful to see the desktop quickly, see gadgets or other things, or you can simply click and minimize all windows. Multimedia Windows 7 includes get Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player 12. Interface     * The development team of the Ribbon interface of Microsoft Office 2007 took an active part in the redesign of some programs and Windows 7 features, including tools that interface in Paint and Wordpad.     * Windows Sidebar, or better known as Windows Sidebar, and now has been eliminated, as happened in Vista, the gadgets can be placed freely anywhere on the desktop, either on the right, left, up or down, but without the Sidebar.     * Aero Shake: When you have multiple windows open, selecting one and shake, the other open windows are minimized. By repeating this action, the windows return to their previous location. Multi touch On May 27, 2008, Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates, at the conference " D6: All Things Digital" , unveiled the new multi-touch interface, calling it " only a small fraction" of what will come with Windows 7. Later, Julie Larson Green, corporate vice president, showed possible applications, such as drawing pictures in Paint, enlarge or reduce photos and a map go online, drag and open items, simply touch the screen. <br />Mode XP See also: Windows Virtual PC Windows 7 can integrate with the new Windows version of Virtual PC, which lets you run a Windows XP virtual machine transparently to the user (the application within the virtualized machine is seen as another option on the menu of Windows 7 and its implementation is straightforward without going through the start menu of XP virtualized). Although Microsoft had released MED-V in its MDOP package that does the same Hyper-V environments, this is a solution aimed at advanced users and small businesses that do not need centralized management tools. The functionality must be downloaded separately on the website of Microsoft Virtual PC, but requires a valid license for Professional editions, Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Windows 7. Also, the " XP way" at first requires processors with hardware virtualization capabilities, unlike the previous Virtual PC 2007 or Virtual PC 2008, but by an update from Windows Update can run the " XP mode" on computers without hardware virtualization. <br />Compatibility The client versions of Windows 7 will be released in versions for 32-bit architecture and 64-bit editions Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate. However, the server versions of this product will be released exclusively for 64-bit architecture. This means that 32-bit client versions will support even 16-bit Windows programs and MS-DOS. And the 64-bit versions (including all server versions) will support both programs 32 and 64 bits. <br />Other CaracteristicsMicrosoft has decided to not include Windows Mail program, Windows Movie Maker and Windows Photo Gallery in Windows 7, making it available as a download in the popular package of online services, Windows Live Essentials. This has been decided to facilitate updates to these programs, streamlining the operating system, let the user choose the applications that want to have on your computer and prevent future antitrust claims.<br />