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“Your Network is our BusiNess.”
taBle of coNteNts


                                       4   execu...
executive suMMarY

    Goal                                                              Rapid Growth
      The wireless...
oBjectives aND scoPe

Align capabilities and competencies with our client’s goals.

oBjectives aND scoPe

              The green boxes below represent client interaction and direction. The blue boxes repr...


Results you can count on.

    N     ...

                Below are some examples of Novacom’s increased
              efficiency model compared to indust...

Decreased timelines for
  All zoning and construction plans are submitted by trained,
licensed pers...
Project aPProach

     Our methodology is simple: empower and authorize our staff to get
Prepared for <<Fname>> <<Lname>>
Project aPProach

     E             ach department lead is responsible for achiev-
                    ing the results...
Project aPProach

  Planning a network rollout requires universal and proac-           Novacom uses a systematic process ...
teaM MeMBers

     team members
     The Novacom team consists of members, which include trained,
     competent, certi...
teaM MeMBers

teaM MeMBers

     Novacom, was founded in October 2001 by its parent company below, CES. Novacom was incorporated on D...

                                                TEAM MEMBERS

CVC                  Creating Anything You Can Imagine.

Proven, custom turn-key site development methodology


Proof of Performance:                                             “I own commercial property on Los Ange...

in detail
     Site Acquisition                                    Architectural & Engineering

 •	 Transaction Screen Questionnaires (TSQ)s
 •	 Environmental Summary Reports
 •	 Permit Review

     Site Acquisition                                                   Utility Coordination
       Our Site ...
fiNal thoughts
                                                          FINAL THOUGHTS

Integrity, commit...
Novacom Site Development SOQ
Novacom Site Development SOQ
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Novacom Site Development SOQ


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A detailed SOQ for Novacom\'s turn-key site development services.

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Novacom Site Development SOQ

  1. 1. NOVACOM A Wireless Communication Consultant A CES COMPANY Your Network Is Our Business™ TURN-KEY SITE DEVELOPMENT Provided by
  2. 2. “Your Network is our BusiNess.”
  3. 3. taBle of coNteNts 4 ExEcutivE Summary 4 executive summary 5 objectives and scope 7 results 10 Project approach 14 team Members 18 Qualifications 20 services in Detail 23 final thoughts 7 rESuLtS this ProPosal is coNfiDeNtial aND Pro- PrietarY aND MaY Not Be shareD with aNY thirD PartY without exPresseD writteN 18 QuaLiFicatiONS PerMissioN of NovacoM. 3
  4. 4. executive suMMarY Goal Rapid Growth The wireless industry’s “goal of providing customers with As the thirst for Southern California’s national data content the most outstanding, widespread wireless network possible” and bandwidth increases, the need for rapid, cost-effective and is an ideal match for both Novacom’s company culture and its turn-key site development and construction increases propor- turn-key site development and construction competencies. tionally. Currently, carriers and owners alike use several ven- When it comes to both your goals and Novacom’s, there are dors with multiple layers to manage A&E, utility coordina- multiple ways both companies can “stick together” to increase tors, site acquisition, planning/zoning and general contractors ARPU. to service growth, yet at a substantial cost and delay. In some markets, goals are met and in others they are not. Novacom’s Achievements commitment to its clients’ goals provides a true turn-key site development approach. As detailed in the following proposal, The industry’s list of recent achievements is impressive: Novacom uses an approved vendor team, aligned with in-house a voice and data network capable of reaching over 310 mil- resources to deliver a proprietary, custom method for acceler- lion domestic U.S. customers, continued popularity of custom ated site development and construction under one roof. roof offerings, excellent operation results, and continued network infrastructure advancements, and the recent launch of the home phone and HD service are just a few of the industry’s True Turn-Key continued stream of achievements. With Southern California Other “so called” turn-key vendors subcontract the A&E representing one of the largest cell usage population densities portion, which in turn subcontracts land surveying and other in the United States, site development and construction is a portions. You are thus left with multiple vendors and diver- critical foundation for continued and future network reliabil- gent goals. More layers erode accountability and performance. ity, coverage, and overall customer satisfaction. In short, the More layers mean more costs. Less layers mean both speed site must be designed and built correctly on time and within and profit. Novacom’s approach creates “value and growth by budget. focusing on simplicity/ease of use and efficiency,” as phrased so well in a major carriers’ corporate code of conduct statement. Since the industry as a whole and Novacom Turn-key possess a similar business philosophy and model, the case for a working relationship is com- pelling, logical, value-oriented, original and simply put: “a good fit.” When it comes to turn-key site devel- opment and construction, we at Nova- com understand that “a sense of urgency guides all actions and our personal efforts focus on complementing team success,” as noted in Novacom’s “Code of Conduct” statement. The following proposal details Nova- com’s urgency, actions, efforts and team competencies as they apply to turn-key site development and construction for the cli- ent. We welcome your feedback and seri- ous consideration. 4
  5. 5. oBjectives aND scoPe objectives and scope Align capabilities and competencies with our client’s goals. N ovacom’s primary objective is to align its capabilities and competencies with our client’s goals, thus meeting all quarterly deadlines for on-air site development. Results-Oriented Objectives: • Meet all Client Submittal Goals • Shorten Time to On-Air • Eliminate Cost Overruns • Deliver Performance Based Pricing Our approach provides client oversight through consultant reporting. This maintains client involvement through client interac- tion review, while allowing Novacom to complete scheduled tasks, on time and within budget. Consequently, project flow moves rapidly and efficiently without the need for constant supervision reinforcing our mantra “Your Network Is Our Business.” 5
  6. 6. oBjectives aND scoPe The green boxes below represent client interaction and direction. The blue boxes represent Novacom internal activities. The purple box represents external timelines in which oversight, reporting and documentation take place. Our strategy utilizes all of Novacom’s resources, resulting in an expedited site development and construction process. Delays are minimized and objectives are met. The benefits of our client oversight and consultant-reporting model: • Efficient use of client resources – saving money Second – Maintain in-office communication to eliminate duplication or unnecessary exercises. We conduct • Decreased staff requirements weekly team production meetings with our site acquisition, • Fewer redlines planning/zoning, A&E, survey, and environmental compli- • Shorter timeline to on-air sites – increasing revenue (ROI) ance mangers, and construction staff to apply corrective actions, solve issues and provide feedback. • Reduced bureaucracy • Faster submittals Third – Provide bi-weekly client updates for con- • Higher level of vendor accountability tract accountability and client direction. Client manage- • Increased cooperation and collaboration ment staff and field engineers are welcome to attend these meetings. In addition, live video concerning via WebX or Four key Novacom resources expedite the site development are available for virtual meetings. Time process, thereby driving simplicity and travel reductions create costs savings. and efficiency: First – Utilize cross-trained Fourth – Novacom management work diligently Our strategy utilizes all staff to increase efficiency. We conduct “fun runs” with site acqui- with clients and workforce to align goals. This eliminates conflicting goals customary in other non-turn-key site of Novacom’s resources, sition, engineering, environmental, development models. By having site acquisition, planning/ resulting in an expedited surveying, construction and RF staff to quickly evaluate go/no-go zoning, A&E, survey, construction and the environmental site development and sites. processes in-house, built-in accountability resides with No- vacom. Client’s cultural focus on urgency and team success construction process. is therefore reinforced. 6
  7. 7. results RESULTS results Results you can count on. N N ovacom offers a unique, custom solution: our site acquisition, A&E services, land surveying, environmental compliance and construction management is performed in-house, under one-roof. The one-roof one-roof Novacom personnel required for full site development planners, zoning specialists, engineers, surveyors, environmental spe- cialists and construction are within close proximity of management. This allows man- agement to align goals with the client, thus focusing on a single direction for delivery. In short, Novacom is your “one-stop shop.” 77
  8. 8. results Below are some examples of Novacom’s increased efficiency model compared to industry standard site Increased cohesiveness of development practices: reports and work product: Novacom gathers information from one source. This is Elimination of title errors: foundational to our turn-key site development and construc- Title is ordered directly by our survey department, decreas- tion model. By using one source of information, the margin ing address, assessor’s parcel number errors and other delays. for errors is reduced. These reports and work products are Titles are immediately reviewed by trained personnel for com- then reviewed and presented by trained personnel. Critical pleteness and accuracy, avoiding delay and reducing unneces- work products such as title reports, FEMA and survey maps, sary costs for incorrect title orders. SCIPs, zoning and planning information, 1As, ZDs and CDs are thus more accurate and complete. Shorten ring review and candidate selection: During fun runs, Novacom staff, trained in engineering, land surveying and environmental compliance as well as site acquisition (zoning/planning) and construction quickly ascer- tain go/no-go site status. By looking at all site attributes, selec- tion is more plausible and accurate, thus reducing evaluation walk time. Site selection is qualified and filtered from the start. The site is right. The process is simple. Money and time are saved. Novacom’s turn-key, synergistic interaction of cross- trained personnel and departments streamlines communication. For example, why wait for a call or an email when a Novacom staff member simply walks a few feet to speak with his colleague? Resolution wait time is nearly eliminated. Map corrections, site acquisition questions, related jurisdictional interaction are all solved under one roof. Novacom staff “sticks together” because they are together. One roof means one solution—fast. 8
  9. 9. results Decreased timelines for submittals: All zoning and construction plans are submitted by trained, licensed personnel. Curriers are used only on an “as needed” basis. CDs are submitted by an on-site engineer. Rooftop sites are walked with a structural engineer to ascertain feasibility of construction, rather than best guess. Reviews and design changes are conducted immediately. Permits are pulled by Novacom personnel, holding a Class A General Engineering contractors licenses, thus significantly reducing permitting time. End of the Blame Game: All personnel for site development and construction man- agement work are under one roof, therefore there is no other team member to blame. Site Aquisition cannot blame the A&E for lack of drawings or the A&E blame the surveyor for lack of a map etc. One company, one team, one result, one solution. 9
  10. 10. Project aPProach project approach Our methodology is simple: empower and authorize our staff to get the job done. Furthermore, make them accountable for results. 10
  11. 11. Prepared for <<Fname>> <<Lname>> 11
  12. 12. Project aPProach E ach department lead is responsible for achiev- ing the results associated with their department. All department leads report directly to the President of Novacom, Esteban J. Garcia. Es- The client focus on simplicity and efficiency is missing. Novacom understands how important a functional sched- ule is to site development and construction and to the client’s ROI. Our calendar-based schedule system allows us to keep all teban sets the direction, interaction and overall culture of the relevant team members informed 24/7. company. It is his responsibility to align all personnel with Our project calendar system, as displayed below, is installed the client’s goals, objectives, action-items and preferences. network-wide and available via web client, PDA or smart Mr. Garcia has more than 20-years of experience in engineer- phone. This calendar appears on: all personnel desktops, ing, land surveying and environmental compliance within the addresses, scheduled site walks, lease exhibit due dates, ZD telecommunications industry. He has owned and managed due dates, CD due dates, 1A and Prelim survey due dates as several businesses and currently owns and manages CES and well as redlines and other items. Site acquisition milestones are Novacom since their inception in 2001. also plotted, to keep the whole team aware of where each site is, This methodology is repeatable, sustainable and prov- from a “Big Picture” perspective. The survey department sees en because responsibility, authority, and accountability are exactly when the site was walked and when a prelim survey is ingrained in Novacom’s company culture and business model. expected. The A&E department knows exactly when LE, ZDs This approach shaped Novacom’s past and current site devel- and other related work products are due and when to schedule opment projects. Novacom’s model works, as proven in over resources like structural analysis, soils testing, and even send- 350 successful site development projects since 2006. ing someone to pick up as-builts from the local jurisdiction if These attributes are often missing in the typical telecommu- not available from the owner. All work is scheduled according nications vendor/subcontractor relationship. One company to workflow and project deliverable deadlines. hires another. Each president decides how to run and operate Work is assigned on a “first in, first out” (FIFO) basis, with their own business: either profit driven, customer service driv- sharp focus on the timing and sequencing of major activities, en or divergent driven. There is little time for personnel align- deliverables, and milestones. This schedule information is also ment meetings. There is no comprehensive plan for delivery, available to our client for open review, should any comments only compartmentalized completion of several tasks, with each or questions arise. team providing a small piece of the puzzle. However, no real understanding of the overall goal exists. Complexity reigns. SITE WALKS ZONING DRAWINGS SURVEY CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS LEASE EXHIBIT REDLINES 12
  13. 13. Project aPProach Planning a network rollout requires universal and proac- Novacom uses a systematic process for task order comple- tive preparations. This is especially true where site acquisi- tion with all clients. This process, developed over several years, tion is concerned. Since the task is complex and uncertain, site allows for multiple task order completion while maintaining acquisition in the network build concept entails identifying, a high level of accuracy and completion, requiring minimal evaluating, and procuring the best network sites. The pre- client oversight. This process is outlined in the following flow ceding calendar system is one of many key elements in Nova- chart: com’s Renaissance approach to custom site development and construction. 13
  14. 14. teaM MeMBers team members The Novacom team consists of members, which include trained, competent, certified and experienced site development professionals for the various disciplines required. 14
  15. 15. teaM MeMBers 15
  16. 16. teaM MeMBers Novacom, was founded in October 2001 by its parent company below, CES. Novacom was incorporated on December 2006, with all work performed under CES dba Novacom TIN. Novacom is a full-service wireless consulting company providing telecommunication infrastructure design services to leading communication carriers and owners. Novacom is centrally located in Corona, CA serving San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Inland Empire, Simi Valley and Ventura Markets, as well as Markets in Nevada, Arizona and others. Novacom has assembled a Vendor Qualified Team along with its internal resources that meet or exceed our client’s Goals for site development and construction. Our architectural design & engineering services are what put Novacom on the map. Our experienced staff of engineers, project managers, planners and CAD designers, has abundant resources to help our client design projects quickly and cost effectively. Novacom’s services include: • Site Acquisition, Zoning, Planning • Land Surveying • Architectural & Engineering • Utility Coordination • Geotechnical Engineering • Environmental Compliance • Construction Management • Site Construction Calvada Environmental Services, Inc. (CES) dba Novacom, is a full-service engineering company specializing in telecommu- nications site development and is the parent company of Novacom. CES staff has more than 120-years worth of experience in the telecommunication industry and has designed hundreds of sites throughout Southern California. CES provides full services environmental compliance and engineering: everything from phase Is, to site remediation, mold, lead and asbestos testing. We are a full service shop. Our land surveying department specializes in topographic mapping, boundary surveys and construction staking and our civil engineering department handles all aspects of A&E from site design to grading plans, specialized engineering requirements if needed and full service construction management under our General Engineering Class A Contractors License. In summary, our services include: • Civil Engineering • Land Surveying • Environmental Compliance • Construction Management • Geotechnical Engineering 16
  17. 17. 
 TEAM MEMBERS CVC Creating Anything You Can Imagine. ™ 
 CVC, Inc. provides utility coordination and has served the Southern California market for more than 10-years as Storyland
 30+ years: a company with sta experience in telecommunications for over Eight years Southern California market experience Concealment
 Designed utility coordination for well over 2,500+ sites Concealment
 1,000 sites in the last 2-years, alone and

 Designed utilities for: Our
 Multicarrier towers, design
 Right-of-Way utility pole sites manufacturing
 Rooftop under

 Raw land applications. Storyland
 make-readies for engineering Provided hundreds of JPAs, audited ROW poles and created Prefab
 Extensive knowledge and implementation of the G.O. 95 regulations facility
 • Antenna
 Spearheaded Wireless Tariff Flat Rate Power for Sprint PCS and coordinated this with Southern California EdisonConcealment
 • for ~50 sites. • Radomes
 • Structural
 • Photo
 RPM • Engineering
 RPM Builders, Inc. and sta have been in the telecommunications industry for over 25-years. Together with its clients’ RPM • Permitting
 has completed some of the most di cult sites, under the most severe conditions, with highly accelerated schedules in a an • Towers
 industry that is used to delays and cost overages. RPM prides itself in the fact that it is diverse enough in its skill sets, that it • Faux
 does not have to rely on subcontractors. RPM is completely versed in all aspects of site construction including raw land, co- location, roo op, and tenant improvement and can provide: • Architectural
 Site Design • Tower
 Site Development • Installation
 Site Construction • FRP
 Site Maintenance • FRP
 Site Modifications • Site
 • Height
 • Antenna
  18. 18. QualificatioNs qualifications Proven, custom turn-key site development methodology All our engineers have a minimum of ten years indus- N try experience, having worked for all of the leading carriers stretching from Southern California to New York. We are ovacom differentiators licensed in several States. Novacom holds all California state • Proven, custom turn-key site development licenses in-house under one roof, including: methodology • General engineering contractors Class A license with the • One roof, one-stop-shop business model state of California • Unmatched, extensive and professional staff expertise • Professional engineer • 350 completed sites in 2 years • Professional land surveyor • Rapid-response site completion benchmark (20 to 30% faster) • Certified engineering geologists • Calender-driven project flow model • Registered environmental assessor • Comprehensive license, certification and registration arsenal • Certified mold, lead and asbestos consultant • Extensive track-record of functional site development installations • Real Estate Broker • Over 160-years of combined professional experience • Landscape architect Leadership Novacom is registered and certified as a: • Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Success • Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Results • California State Certified Micro Business “Your Network Is Our Business.” • Veteran Owned Business Enterprise (VOBE) 18
  19. 19. QualificatioNs Proof of Performance: “I own commercial property on Los Angeles that sat on three underground gasoline tanks which the city required me to client testimonials remove…I feel compelled to tell others of Mr. Lane’s honesty “Bechtel Environmental, Inc. (BEI) takes this opportunity to and dependability and above all of his integrity…from the acknowledge Calvada’s continued support of the Navy Com- beginning to the end of the project there were no surprises… prehensive Long-term Environmental Action, Navy (CLEAN) I was extremely pleased with the work done at my site and Program…Calvada has provided land survey services to BEI with the outcome.” on this program for almost three years…The work has always Irving Gendis, 8/2002 been high quality and delivered in a timely manner…Cal- vada consistently has provided accurate and reliable reports of high quality, and has demonstrated its flexibility and will- ingness to accommodate any project’s special requests. Your “In simple words, I would like to thank the entire team at CES technical expertise and advice has been invaluable in contrib- for their outstanding service and professional staff. CES has uting to our ability to produce quality reports. Your willing- completed more than 30-site surveys and a handful of envi- ness to ‘go the extra mile’ has resulted in cost savings gener- ronmental compliance packages on behalf of Connect2Ser- ated throughout our mutual association on this program.” vices, Inc in relation to our contract with T-Mobile USA, Inc. Dean M. Mason, over the last 30-days. Each survey was complete and accurate Project Procurement Manager, and done to a standard exceeding expectation as well as each Bechtel National Inc., 1/2004 individual environmental report provided within expected timelines or better. I look forward to working with CES for many years to come.” “This letter is to show appreciation for the work coordinated Lucas Turner, President by Mr. Esteban J. Garcia. Survey coordinates were gathered Connect2Services, Inc., 5/2005 and delivered before deadline for 52 gas station facilities in the southern California area…It was a pleasure working with your company as well as a refreshing change from working with other survey organizations in the past.” Michael C. Kusler, Project Manager, Senior Staff Scientist, Gradient Engineers, 3/2002 “I found Calvada Environmental Services to be one of the easiest companies I have ever dealt with concerning a recent commercial property transaction. There were several issues with the site including an underground tank which they (Cal- vada) took care of and dealt with all the regulatory headaches. I had my property deal go through without a glitch and after hearing all the headaches from my co-workers I was in fear for this deal. I would highly recommend Calvada and Timo- thy Lane to do any work and have now kept them as one of my team members.” Yahoo Local Business overview, 05/2008 19
  20. 20. services services in detail Site Acquisition Architectural & Engineering • Ring Review & Scrub • Technical Team Site Visit • SCIP Preparation • Architectural, Civil, Structural & Electrical Design • Feasibility Walks • Landscape & Irrigation Design • RF Approval • Lease Exhibits • Lease Execution • Zoning Drawings • Zoning, Planning and Permit Expediting • Construction Drawings • Permitting Land Surveying • Photo Simulations & Architectural Renderings • Structural Analysis & Assessment, Rooftop Mapping • ALTA Design Survey & Record Boundary Survey • Tower Reinforcement Design • 1A & 2C Certifications • Stealth Design, Retaining Walls & Subsurface Vaults, • FEMA Certifications & Map Report Construction • Tenant Improvements Staking • Utility Coordination • Tower Azimuths 20
  21. 21. services Environmental • Transaction Screen Questionnaires (TSQ)s • Environmental Summary Reports • Permit Review • Phase I (Environmental Site Assessments) • Phase II (Environmental Site Assessments) • NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) Checklist or Report • Historical Evaluation • SHPO (State Historic Preservation Office) Review or Report • THPO (Tribal Historic Preservation Office) Review and Interaction • TCNS/NAHS Submission and Interaction • Environmental Site Remediation/Mitigation • Geotechnical Investigations • Soil Resistively Testing and GPR Studies • FCC620 Submittals • Biological Assessment and Review • Public Notification Additional Services • Hazardous Materials Business Emergency Plans (HMBEP) • Environmental Compliance and Permit Renewal • Site Audits • Site Modifications / Upgrades • Microwave to Landline Conversion – Design to Install • House Power to Meter Conversion – Design to Install • RET Drawings • Landscape Backflow Testing/ Certification & Repair • Tower Mapping & Caisson Mapping • Field Structural Verification and Mapping • Fiber Upgrade Service • Construction Management • Site Maintenance • Site Construction • Site Concealment Services 21
  22. 22. services Site Acquisition Utility Coordination Our Site Acquisition department is headed up by a former Utility coordination is headed up by an industry leader Carrier Development Manager, who has more than 20 years in such services, serving the Southern California market for site acquisition, zoning/planning experience with various car- more than 10 years. Karen A. Dahlman heads up these servic- riers including T-Mobile, Sprint and Nextel. Our site acquisi- es. Personally, Karen has 10-years utility coordination services tion staff is under one roof at Novacom headquarters, consist- experience within the telecommunication industry for several ing of planning managers, lease and zoning specialists as well wireless communication clients including: T-Mobile, Sprint, as seasoned real estate professionals. Nextel, Metro PCS and others. Land Surveying Our land surveying department is headed up by Edward L. Schenet, LS, with more than 45-years experience. Ed has worked in the wireless communications industry since 1996. Our on-staff survey personnel enjoy the latest in technol- ogy, operating fully equipped late model Toyota Tacoma Pre- runner trucks, outfitted with all necessary survey gear, laptop computers and T-Mobile cell phones connected to our secure VPN network via T-Mobile data services. Our survey equip- ment includes the latest Leica fully robotic, reflector less and wireless TRS 1201 and TRS 403 total stations, and Leica 1200 smart rover GPS RTK systems as well as Leica SR20 Static GPS receivers. Our party chiefs are fully versed in all forms of land survey- ing including boundary, topography, construction staking and geodesy. Environmental Compliance Our environmental department is headed by Timothy J. Lane, REA with more than 30-years experience in the environ- mental industry and telecommunication environmental com- pliance. Mr. Lane is a principal and part owner of Novacom. We maintain an inventory of environmental compliance equipment including photo ionization detectors, flame ion- ization detectors, organic vapor meters, hydrocarbon field test kits, X-ray florescence detectors, asbestos sampling and test Architectural & Engineering kits, mold sampling and test kits. Our staff is trained in all Our A&E department is headed up by James Keegan, PE, aspects of Phase I development, NEPA, SHPO review, histori- REA, MBA and has worked in numerous high-level engineer- cal review and biological and archeological assessment. ing capacities for over 18-years. Some of his positions include: licensed Navy nuclear engineer; program manager for naval, Construction oil, and environmental services; and VP for Terra VAC Corpo- Site construction is headed up by Mark Helton. Mark and ration, supervising and mentoring a team of up to fifteen engi- the construction team have over 25 years experience building neers, geologists, in design, construction, operation of numer- sites throughout California. RMP maintains it own equipment ous engineering projects. and construction yard, with quick access to tools, equipment and materials, our team is positioned for efficient and quick response to construction needs. 22
  23. 23. fiNal thoughts FINAL THOUGHTS final thoughts Integrity, commitment, dependability. G ivEN the preceding overview and analysis, the case for a Client/Novacom partnership is compelling. When all the preceding factors are weighed, the blend of the client’s goals, needs and requirements fit well with Novacom’s site development solutions. A turn-key, rapid-response model that delivers cost-effective and functional sites, matches the value-oriented ef- ficiency and simplicity the client demands. As partners, you and Novacom indeed must “stick together.” Novacom welcomes your input and we look forward to the opportunities provided by a long-term partnership. ___________________________________ Date: ______________ 2/16/10 Esteban Garcia, President Novacom, a CES Company Esteban Garcia, President 23 23