The IceHouse Agribusiness


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Growth is good. It is good for you, your business and your staff; it is good for the economy.

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The IceHouse Agribusiness

  1. 1. Growth is good. It is good for you, your business and your staff; it is good for the economy. It is important to concentrate on learning the basics first. The skills needed to run an average-sized farm are different to the skills for running a corporate family business. As the Owner, you know all this, but what can you do about growing your business when you are flat out running it? This programme will give you the tools and confidence to strengthen your business and provide solutions to significant threshold issues. Anne Palmer, Lake Heron Station Ltd, Agri 4 In 2007 I attended an Agribusiness Programme with my husband, Philip. I was educated, challenged and entertained! The programme helped us enormously to work together as a team and to confidently expand our farming and tourism enterprises. We have had invaluable help through our ICEHOUSE contacts and have made lasting friendships along the way. Some of The ICEHOUSE mantras of optimism, discipline and teamwork have been great drivers in growing our business. Nick Whisker, Whisker Farming Ltd. Agri 3 The ICEHOUSE Agribusiness Programme really has given me some amazing opportunities, one of the main benefits was meeting so many other likeminded business people in the Agribusiness field from both NZ and Australia, moving my business to the next level in terms of diversification and size and taking steps in the direction of putting in place a succession plan. Trevor Hamilton, T.H. Enterprises Ltd, Agri 1 I was thankful to have taken the first Agribusiness Programme run by The ICEHOUSE. The outcomes for the Agribusiness Programme will be of great value to anyone looking to grow an agribusiness. Our business is a multiple farm dairy business that has always been in a fast growth mode. I feel there is the need to educate, otherwise the business can outgrow the founder’s ability to run a larger business. GROW YOUR AGRIBUSINESS Attend the award winning ICEHOUSE programme for Agribusiness Owners For more information please contact Maria Taylor 09 308 6200 or When you initially start off you have to become a good farmer. Then you have to become a good businessman… otherwise it can threaten the very viability of your business. Trevor Hamilton, T.H. Enterprises Ltd, Agri 1.