Power point for breck :]


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power point i made for breck expressing my love for him. haha.. i'm just being cheesy ;]

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Power point for breck :]

  1. 1. BRECK AND MELLIEA power point on how breck and I met, and how muchhe means to me..i’m so bored so yep :] enjoy!
  2. 2. WHEN WE FIRST MET Breck and I first met two years ago sometimearound February of 2011..he was ‘talking’ toAubrianna at the time and I was dating Brandon This is the fucked up part…I cheated on Brandonwith Breck..not like physically, but I did ‘talk’ toBreck a lot and whenever I would see him at theskatepark, I got butterflies like a little kid again.. I HAD A HUGE CRUSH….gay I know….
  3. 3. MY STUPID CRUSH FEELINGS Naturally when you like someone, you get feelingsfor them. I really did feel something for Breck, but itwas like an on and off feeling. He dated like six girlswhile ever being in contact with me, whicheventually turned me off, but it wasn’t like I didn’tlose the feeling of butterflies when I saw him or howexcited I would get when I knew he would be at theskatepark…
  4. 4. WHEN I STARTED DATING SHADROC.. Well Brandon and I broke up, and I started seeingShadroc (HUGE MISTAKE) Shadroc and I didn’t really date, we just kind oftalked the whole time…which led me to continuetalking to Breck I continued to see Breck through the summer andon July 14, 2012 almost a year later of meetingBreck, that was the first time I actually kissed him AWHHHIEE ;] <3 I’m good at remembering
  5. 5. THE MARKEE SITUATION I remember getting a text from Markee how shewas upset about how Breck and her werefighting, they got into an argument at her house andshe left Apparently that argument was about Shad and Iand Breck was upset that I started seeing Shadagain (I felt bad for Markee..but on the other hand I washella happy :])
  8. 8. ANYWAY… Breck and I started talking again some time inOctober, we weren’t like dating, but I knew we werelike starting to have feelings for each other.. Stop I know it’s cheesy just bare with me okay?
  10. 10. WE STARTED TALKING..AGAIN We started talking again sometime in Novemberand the rest is history…we’ve been dating/talkingfor like eight months now and I’ve known him fortwo years as of June 5th 2011
  11. 11. MY FEELINGS FOR HIM.. My feelings for Breck are serious and they are very legit, I love this kid more than I lovemyself in all honesty. I cheated on Brandon, yeah. I talked to other people while talking toShad, yeah. But while I’ve been with Breck, I haven’t cheated on him and I’ve actuallybeen loyal. It’s a huge step for me. It shows that I’ve matured and instead of beingconcerned about other options, I’ve settled. I’ve settled with someone I’m happy with andsomeone I care about. Someone who’s perfect to me in every way. You know you lovesomeone when you can look at them and smile for no reason. When you can hold themfor hours and cry because you’re happy. He’s understanding, he knows how I feel, hetakes care of me and focuses on giving me all the attention I need. He’s my favoriteboyfriend ever. He treats me good and he isn’t concerned about controlling me. He’s mybaby. I’m very protective because he means the world to me. He is my world. Withouthim, I’m seriously nothing. As cheesy as it sounds, he’s part of my soul. He’s my soulmate seriously
  12. 12. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT HIM I like everything about Breck, but here’s a list of things that stand out -his attitude, -his personality, -his smile, -his baby blue eyes, -his cute girlynails, -his tiny little hands, -his abs ;], -his cute little back dimples, -when hesays ‘mr chow or sexy lady’ in that really goofy ass tone of voice, -how hespends all day with me, -when he holds me, -when he grabs me by the waistand kisses me, -when he plays with my hair, -when he rubs my back, -whenhe kisses my forehead, -how tall he is, -how incredibly cute he looks when hesleeps, -his flippy hair, -his voice, -his taste in music, -when he cooks mefood….. And plenty more
  13. 13. I LOVE BRECK MOORE When it comes down to it, I really do love Breck. We may fightsometimes but we always know how to make each other feel better.Regardless, he’s the most amazing person I’ve ever met in my lifeand I know it’s really gay and cheesy, but I actually feel like I couldmarry him and that he’ll be in my future. I think he’ll make a great dad on judging how he takes care of me Yup, I’m only seventeen…but I do think about that shit
  14. 14. WEIRD SCARY FACT When I got my debit card about ten monthsago, the last four digits in the card number is7507, the last four digits in Brecks cell phonenumber Fucking weird right?! Crah crah… We were meant to be
  16. 16. THE END :] I love you Collin Moore, text me when you see thisgoof ass… June 5th, 2011-forever and ever… And ever…and ever
  17. 17. OUR SONG Click the link :] or type it in.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZNCrLV8W_M