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Beyond Web 2.0
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Beyond Web 2.0



A look at the Game Layer on the Web, Mobile Applications in Health and Cloud Computing. Presented for Horizon staff by Marla Shaivitz, July 2011.

A look at the Game Layer on the Web, Mobile Applications in Health and Cloud Computing. Presented for Horizon staff by Marla Shaivitz, July 2011.



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  • When I was in San Diego, there was lots of talk about the Game Layer, and how it might influence or change behavior.Scavenger hunts
  • Easter Egg Hunt – Coffee Cup – Example of how they created a game to highlight products and increase website traffic
  • Set Priebatsch presented at South by Southwest and got a ton of buzz for this. He believes it can change the world.
  • Hot topic in government, education – how to incorporate a mobile strategy into what they do. WE need to do this, with every marketing campaign. Cannot ignore it,

Beyond Web 2.0 Beyond Web 2.0 Presentation Transcript

  • Technology on the Horizon
  • The New Look of theInternet Game Layer  What is it?  Social Layer – construction is done, over, it’s here  I don’t play games, why do I care? Mobile Development  Beyond Apps  Part of every marketing strategy Cloud Computing  Outgrowth of Mobile  Benefits
  • Game Layer: What Does thisMean?Can make any business run better, improvefailing schools, and even solve globalwarming. What???!!If you make something more like a game,more people will do it.It’s all around us, in all industries, uses techand non-tech:GPS Scavenger Hunts, McDonald’s Monopoly, American Idol voting…everywhere!
  • Game Layer vs. SocialLayer The construct for how it works has been determined Social is ONE PART of the strategy There is enough evidence to show what works and how Game layer on the web – newer, yet to be defined.
  • Game Layer on the Web Remember when people ‘watered crops’?People also give up a lot of Health Information, if you make it fun.
  • Game Layer around ChildhoodObesity:
  • Game Layer on HealthBehavior See how much this looks like Facebook?
  • Game Theory Watch: Seth Priebatsch: The game layer on top of the world http://www.ted.com/talks/seth_priebatsch_the_game_layer_on_top_of_the_world.htmlSuccessful Games Utilize the Following: Appointment Influence & Progression Communal dynamic: Doing Status Dynamic discovery - something at a eveyone works pre-described together to time solve problems Farmville Think of the The status bar Digg - try and find different types of LinkedIn, even the best articles, credit cards Groupsite, it’s a motivator Taking medicine Modern Warfare - World of Warcraft McDonalds on time or games with - most popular Monopoly - badges game, people people work Argues school is ‘level’ up together to find a badly designed boardwalk game
  • Games are Social Games drive foot traffic to local businesses:  Think of Foursquare or Gowalla ○ More on them when we discuss Social Media Xbox is my generations golf. Its how I met a comic book writer and an iOS developer." - Michael C., Designer Next up: Mobile
  • Mobile Strategy: Two e-newsletters in the matter of 15 minutes.Mobile phones deliver location-based content and offers – and, theGPS in the phone delivers your location.
  • Tactics that include Mobiledevices :  SMS/Text/QR codes ○ Text for more information ○ Customized QR images  Pushed Updates – Groupon, News Updates  Apps – Half a million of them ○ Games, Content ○ Mobile updating/blogging/photo sharing
  • Multi-Channel Approach: Mobile as part of communication strategy moving forward Mobile social media is only one part of a mobile strategy Optimize for mobile viewing Segment market by mobile usage  (e.g. not everyone can afford a laptop, but even those in the lowest economic ladder have mobile phones)
  • Still in Infancy, but someSuccesses Text for Baby New York State smoking cessation program Organization tool in in Arab countries Outreach in Africa and Appalachia
  • The Cloud Applications are provided and managed by the server and data is also stored remotely. What this means:  No physical hardware needed – like an office server  No physical software need to be downloaded to use: ○ Example, you don’t need Word to run a Google Doc
  • You Probably Already Use: Google Docs Dropbox Externally hosted email like Comcast, Gmail, even Yahoo Photo SharingWhat a cloud user needs a client device such as a laptop or desktop computer,pad computer, smart phone, or other computing resource with a web browser
  • Advantages:  Device and Location Independence  Redundancy – A computer virus doesn’t wipe out your email, a system crash doesn’t delete dataFoundation already uses applications in the public Cloud: Dropbox SlideShare Groupsite Issuu Orchid CMS YouTube Google Docs Wufoo Good Done Great
  • Look to the Cloud iPad not built for data storage  Dropbox is perfect for this How Dropbox works Multiple providers for Cloud storage  Inexpensive  Microsoft is in on the game  Important for the smaller grantees
  • Summary: Game Layer is just one of many ‘layers’ to a web strategy, which supports the larger strategic goals. It’s not a stand- alone unless the game is your organization. Mobile – Here to stay. Cloud – Goes hand in hand with mobile, look to it for easy access and redundancy