Cyborg Camp YVR 2013: Michael Smit: “Medium, Message, and Mutation.”


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“Medium, Message, and Mutation.”

Exploring (some) principles of Evolutionary Theory applied to (some) communication technology, this will be a discussion on how our capture and creation of the Human Story has in fact affected the Human Story. In other words, a fanciful tale linking interactive stories, community building, and digital behaviour through the progression from cave drawings to ink to printing press to typewriter to the smartphone and beyond.

Michael has 15 years of experience in Europe and North America as a strategist and creative leader of integrated digital marketing, interactive TV, mobile, social media, and retail campaigns for global brands such as Nike, Jordan Brand, Unilever, Microsoft, and Starbucks. His arrival accompanies Invoke Labs, a separate incubation company that focuses on developing products.

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Cyborg Camp YVR 2013: Michael Smit: “Medium, Message, and Mutation.”

  1. 1. the preamble
  2. 2. EXCITED?
  3. 3. $10,499,994
  4. 4. Also FromPortland
  5. 5. JUST DO IT.
  6. 6. StoryMessageWe can tell aof enoughinterestthat it serves asa vehicle for aofsignificant meaning
  7. 7. STORY:BO was amazing at everything.MESSAGE:Don’t be archetyped. Don’t bedefined. Just Fucking do it.
  8. 8. “in spite of everything, I stillbelieve that people are reallygood at heart.”
  9. 9. Story:Achievement.Message:Affinity and empathy.
  10. 10. Story:COol Old Guy.Message:Aspire to havea legacy.
  11. 11. “the only alternative is to understand everythingthat is going on, and counter and neutralize itas muchas possible, turn off as manybuttons as you can, I amresolutely opposed to allinnovation, all change,but i am determined tounderstand what’shappening becausei don’t choose tosit and let THEjuggernautroll over me.
  12. 12. Medium, Message,Mutation
  13. 13. sentientbeingsmeta-tool useCAUSE AND EFFECTABILITY TO OBSERVE
  14. 14. SO what actuallygoes into asuccessful story?
  15. 15. FIRST, Authoring Toolsand a Surface
  16. 16. AN Audience
  17. 17. collaboration
  18. 18. great ideas, and a way to fuel the expression of those ideas.Creative ideas
  19. 19. all joking and social faux pas aside, I’ve always considered american psycho tobe a great example of the notion of Mcluhan’s medium and message. the book
  20. 20. interactivity
  21. 21. Fumito Ueda,Shadow of the colossus Director:“My Way of Cruelty”
  22. 22. Movement
  23. 23. Movement"We are...asking every Negro to stay off the buses Monday in protest of thearrest and trial ... You can afford to stay out of school for one day. If youwork, take a cab, or walk. But please, children and grown-ups, dont ridethe bus at all on Monday. Please stay off the buses Monday."- distribution: 35,000 LeafletsDecember 5, 1955, Women’s POlitical Council,Montgomery Alabama
  24. 24. Movement
  25. 25. Movement
  26. 26. TECHNOLOGY
  27. 27. TECHnologyas medium
  28. 28. technology as message
  29. 29. And what exactlyis my story?
  30. 30. IT started here...
  31. 31. Years Beforethey Camealong
  32. 32. Years Beforethey Camealongpop. 4,702
  33. 33. Years Beforethey Camealong
  34. 34. Years Beforethey Camealong
  35. 35. And unbeknownst to the soliders, my opa had a radioin the basement of his house, to communicate withthe NBS - the dutch resistance, and the allies
  36. 36. and i always try to think about what it would havebeen like in those times, when i hear those stories.
  37. 37. wheref(AWARENESS) = (KNOWLEDGE)*(MANY)(KNOWLEDGE)*(MANY) > (KNOWLEDGE)*(FEW)technologyFacilitated By
  38. 38. ButThat’sfartoo easyto say,you say?
  39. 39. ALWAYSON?
  41. 41. LACKTIVISM
  43. 43. IS a Byproduct ofSLACKTIVISMthe medium
  44. 44. the mediumis changing
  45. 45. the mediumis changingSpeed Relevance context
  46. 46. Speed Relevance context
  47. 47. We’ve been ona march
  48. 48. IT’s like One manybig Games.
  49. 49. Too MuchFriction
  50. 50. Gaming psychology. It’s a crazy thing. (go into some of the reward/return ratio stuff in the gamasutraarticle, andthat link I posted.). Removing friction for desired outcomes... maybe talk about analongtelephones and how people always gave up on calling me... 3398!Image of old telephone to reinforce the notion of friction.Not EnoughFriction
  51. 51. Synecdochesimultaneous understanding
  52. 52. Synecdochesimultaneous understanding
  53. 53. powerfulstories
  54. 54. What’s YourStory?What’s yourmessage?