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Ryan jones Pubcon 2013 sustainableSEO
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Ryan jones Pubcon 2013 sustainableSEO


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Sustainable SEO slides from pubcon 2013 by Ryan Jones.

Sustainable SEO slides from pubcon 2013 by Ryan Jones.

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Design
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  • 1. Sustainable SEO Manager, SEO & Analytics – SapientNitro
  • 2. How can we keep up with the ever-changing SEO algorithms? “We make over 500 changes to our algorithms [each] year” - Matt Cutts 2 @RyanJones
  • 3. A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be. - Wayne Gretzky 3 @RyanJones
  • 4. Good SEOs get hit by algorithm updates @RyanJones 4
  • 5. Great SEOs benefit from algorithm changes @RyanJones 5
  • 6. So How Can We Avoid Search Engine Penalties? @RyanJones
  • 7. First Question: Is It Really A Penalty? “…I do not think it means what you think it means.” - Inigo Montoya @RyanJones 7
  • 8. We need to change how we think about SEO tactics Note: for tips on thinking like a Googler and understanding the algorithm, come to my algoproofing session at 2:30. This room 8 @RyanJones
  • 9. Let’s Talk About Hummingbird Hummingbird Changes The Algorithm Focus OLD: Show most popular results that actually contain “keyword” NEW: Show the most useful and popular results for “what the user means” @RyanJones 9 Source:
  • 10. Focus on why, forget about what “… but WHY is the rum gone?” - Jack Sparrow @RyanJones 10
  • 11. Some Tactics We Ruined: Focusing on the tactic instead of the reason is NOT sustainable
  • 12. Tactic: Directories What Search Engines Said: Get Links From Relevant Directories Sustainable Approach: Get links from places that actually send visitors. Note: Go Tigers! Sorry Oakland @RyanJones 12
  • 13. Tactic: Press Releases What Search Engines Said: Press releases can be a good source of links. Sustainable Approach: Do something newsworthy. Reporters will come to you. Write releases to help reporters @RyanJones 13
  • 14. Tactic: Link Exchanges What Search Engines Said: Links are like citations. Sites with the most must be the best. Sustainable Approach: Partner with the other websites your customers actually visit. @RyanJones 14
  • 15. Some Tactics We’re About To Ruin: Things that may soon be de-valued:
  • 16. Tactic: Infographics Infographics Started out as: Relevant, Highly engaging, interesting content. But Then… We got crazy. Off topic links, irrelevant topics, “embed code” abuse. Sustainable Approach: Relevant, Useful, & On-Topic won’t be penalized – regardless of what format you use. E.G. the fact that it’s an infographic is irrelevant. @RyanJones Source: 16
  • 17. Tactic: Guest Posts “Free” isn’t always good. What’s In It For Me? Offer value to the website. Why should their readers want to hear from YOU? Is it a quality publication with editorial standards? If so, you’ll be fine. @RyanJones 17
  • 18. Tactic: Widgets Not Shady: A twitter widget with links back to twitter to do more actions. Shady: A Hit counter that contains a “get a payday loan while playing poker online” link Ask: Will users of this widget get any value out of this link? Is the site owner vouching for this link? Are they aware? @RyanJones 18
  • 19. Tactic: PageRank Black Holes Stop Doing This Hording pagerank/visitors isn’t natural. It’s ok to link out to useful sites. They may even link back. Tips: If you’re writing about a news story or another site, LINK TO THAT SITE. If you’re not, then link to my sites. @RyanJones 19
  • 20. How Do We Measure Sustainable (without keywords)? Sustainable Link Building Metrics • Don’t measure number of links. • Measure unique referring domains. Sustainable Content Metrics • Compare search impressions to new content. Measure At the Page & Topic level • Conversion • Bounce / Engagement @RyanJones 20
  • 21. Tips For Surviving Algorithm Changes • Don’t chase algorithms, chase the reasons for the algorithms. • Understand why the algorithm changes were made • Focus less on ranking factors and more on why they are factors. • Be a Brand. Do what brands do. Build Quality, Trust, Authority. Goal: If your site isn’t ranking, customers should think that Google is broken. • Don’t Ask: “how do I rank for ___” Ask: “What do people searching ___ want to see?” @RyanJones 21
  • 22. @RyanJones Manager, SEO & Analytics SapientNitro © 2013 SAPIENT CORPORATION | CONFIDENTIAL