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  • 1. Paid + Organic: Better Together
  • 2. Why We Care: Big Results Source: Luxury Vehicle Brand Case Study; Google, GSD&M, July 2007
    • Big results:
      • A 5.6% increase in visitors to their site when ads were on
      • An increase in overall search traffic, a 17% increase when ads were on
      • WOW change in traffic was highest with ads (48%) and reached a low of 39% without ads
      • A higher conversion rate of 13.5% for their site goals compared to a conversion rate of just 8.6% when just running organic
    Test: Measured performance of paid ads by alternating weeks of organic search only and organic with paid ads Client: Luxury Car Company
  • 3. Big Results across Industries, Metrics Source: Omniture Article: Proof Positive: Buying Brand Names on Search Really Works , July 2007
    • Big results:
      • Though the week of organic only brought in slightly more visitors (47,078 with ads vs 48,582 without), those visitors proved to be of less value:
      • Conversions across all search engines were higher by 22.98% when the brand name keyword ads .
      • Revenue per visitor was higher by nearly 21.94% when the ads were present.
    Test: Similar test measuring performance across Google, Yahoo!, & MSN for one week of organic search only against one week of paid brand ads and organic Client: Major Online Retailer
  • 4. Outline 1 Lead the Conversation Stand out on the results page by showing first with the message and experience you decide for customers 2 Increase Coverage 3 Target and Measure Precisely
  • 5. Lead the Conversation with Customers Stand out to capture the attention of new customers Connect directly to show all you have to offer Show your new messages immediately
  • 6. Dangerous World Out There Opposition Paid
  • 7. Paid: Get Noticed Easier Than in Natural 8 th Result
  • 8. Paid Ads + Organic Search Captures New Users Source: Luxury Vehicle Brand Case Study; Google, GSD&M, July 2007 1 + 1 = 3! Branded ads supplement performance of natural search In a recent case study, adding branded ads brought in more new visitors % New Visitors to Site Example: Branded 52% 64% 12% Increase Branded Natural
  • 9. Beat the Crowd Your ad can lead the story... ... beating any negative press... your natural result catches up in the rankings
  • 10. Bring Audience to Where You Serve Best Ads provide the opportunity for upselling the customer 0 airline sites on natural search
  • 11. Outline 1 Lead the Conversation 2 Increase Coverage Show on searches throughout the purchase funnel; be there when they think of you, remind them when they don’t 3 Target and Measure Precisely
  • 12. Searchers Use Both Brand & Non-Brand Terms Source: CE Purchasing Process Study, Google & comScore, November 2007. Searchers: all products n= 925; computer n= 397; digital camera= 139; television n= 114 Computer Searchers TV Searchers 37% Digital Camera Searchers 38% 25% Non-Brand Brand Non-Brand 33% Brand 57% 10% 35% 47% 18% Non-Brand Brand
  • 13. Resulting in Brand and Non-Brand Clicks Retail Clicks E-Commerce Clicks Consumer Electronics Searches Sources: Compete Inc./Google February 2008; 360i/SearchIngite, “Giving Clicks Credit Where They’re Due,” Q12006; CE Purchasing Process Study, Google & comScore, November 2007 49% 51% 53% 47% 48% 52% Non-Brand Brand
  • 14. Non-Brand Matters Throughout the Search Process Non-brand Brand Purchaser Click Preference by Type- Retail Vertical Point of Conversion Non-Branded From Start To Finish Source: Compete Inc./Google February 2008. Percent of non-branded and branded clicks by maximum across all categories, prior to purchase
  • 15. Awareness: General Search, Paid Only Option A paid ad is often a brand’s only chance to show on such a general search. Sony is left out here while resellers may lead to competitors. Purchase Interest Awareness Consideration Search term: big screen tv
  • 16. Interest: Get Them To the Features As the search gets more specific, so do the ads. Competitor brands now appear as Sony is still left out. Purchase Interest Awareness Consideration Search term: lcd flat screen TV
  • 17. Consideration: Consumers Looking For Brand Brand level: Resellers/reviews detract from connection Sony’s ad here allows them to connect directly with the user. Purchase Interest Awareness Consideration Search term: sony lcd tv
  • 18. Purchase: Be There When They Decide Searching for a model number, this user is likely ready to buy. Sony’s presence here keeps them in the game and top of mind. Purchase Interest Awareness Consideration Search term: Sony KDL 46XBR3
  • 19. More Searches + More Ads = More Traffic The search landscape is growing and ever-changing 20~25% of searches have not been seen in the last 30 days** Past ads influence future searches and conversions 12.6% of conversions credited to natural search were preceded by ad clicks* Customers convert after multiple searches & clicks 37% of conversions happened as a result of multiple ad clicks* *Giving Clicks Credit Where They’re Due, Part Two: The Value of Assists for Natural and Paid Search Conversions. 360i/SearchIgnite August 2006 **Estimate Paid ads help you stay present on new long-tail searches Ads on long-tail searches keep your brand in mind for future ones Place targeted ads that drive interest and generate searches for your brand
  • 20. Outline 1 Lead the Conversation 2 Increase Coverage 3 Target and Measure Precisely Accurately target customers with control features and monitor advertising effectiveness with robust reporting tools for increased ROI
  • 21. Ensure An Optimal Customer Experience
    • Clean, official ad related to search
    • Good call to action and incentive to buy
    • Landing page looks relevant
    • Unrelated title
    • Content does not seem actionable
    • Landing page is unattractive and not helpful
  • 22. Ads Allow You to Measure ROI & Other Metrics How often do you show on the results page? What is the ROI for your marketing campaigns? Which listings are most appealing to customers? Tracking impressions gives you insight into how much exposure your brand is getting with Google. By looking your CTR, you can determine how attractive your listing is to customers and then adjust. Closely and easily monitor your ROI with data directly from your AdWords account.
  • 23. Key Takeaways
    • Lead the conversation with your consumers
      • You want to be the ones to talk to consumers about your brand first. Search is not always the top
      • Bring in your consumers to tell them about what is new and what else you have to offer
    • Increase coverage targeted to connect with your users all along the funnel
      • Show on general keywords to get in front of users at the right times 
      • New searches are being run all the time. Increase the amount you show on relevant ones
    • Target precisely and measure the impact
      • More control over likelihood of showing and what shows
      • Track your ROI and learn about your audience
  • 24. Next Steps
    • Are you leading the conversation with interested customers?
      • Search for your brand. Who are you sharing search real estate with? Make sure you are in good position on relevant searches.
      • Trying to rebrand? New product launch? Are your organic results enough?
    • Are you covering all the searches you should?
      • Go beyond branded terms, and look at the generic terms that you are interested in, how do you rank? Remember the importance of staying in your customers’ mind.
      • Think outside the box of how a customer could start their purchase process. Sometimes they start with a question that you could answer
    • Do you target your messages to best appeal to your audience?
      • Double check your most common search words. Are organic results compelling & sending users to the ideal page?
      • Compare the metrics outlined in this deck to what you are getting from your site? Do you get the same level of insight?
  • 25. Thank You
  • 26. Appendix A Benefits of Paid + Organic
  • 27. Effect of Paid + Natural Is Still Even Deeper: Honda Case Study- Brand Association Honda Other None “ When you think of fuel-efficient cars, which come to mind?” 42% point gap between Honda and another brand 16% Control Side Sponsored Top Sponsored Listing Top Sponsored & Top Organic Top Organic Listing 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Source: Enquiro Search Solutions, Inc., July 2007; Note: There is a significant (7% point) increase from Control to Side Sponsored, as well. Query: Unbranded (i.e., “fuel efficient cars”) Increase in Brand Association
  • 28. In Addition, Increase In Purchase Intent +8% Honda Other 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% “ From the list below, indicate which of these brands you would consider if you were looking to purchase a fuel-efficient or environmentally friendly car.” Source: Enquiro Search Solutions, Inc., July 2007. Query: Unbranded (i.e., “fuel efficient cars”) Control Top Organic Listing Top Sponsored Listing Top Sponsored & Top Organic Side Sponsored
  • 29. Increase in Brand Impact in More Verticals… Across all categories, there is a consistent “ lift ” across several brand measures. . . Blue square denotes stat. sig. difference against the Control at a 95% confidence level Light Blue square denotes stat. sig. difference against the Control at a 80% confidence level + 3 pts - - - - - Cosmetics + 5 pts - + 6 pts + 5 pts - Household Cleaning - - - + 6 pts - Food/Snack - + 6 pts + 6 pts + 5 pts + 6 pts Beverage           Purchase Intent - + 7 pts - - - Cosmetics - + 4 pts - - - Household Cleaning + 9 pts + 7 pts - + 11 pts + 7 pts Food/Snack - - + 3 pts - - Beverage         Purchase Consideration - + 4 pts + 5 pts + 4 pts - Cosmetics - - - Household Cleaning + 3 pts - - - Food/Snack + 2 pts - - - Beverage           Aided Awareness + 45 pts + 47 pts + 17 pts + 28 pts + 39 pts Cosmetics + 9 pts - Household Cleaning + 30 pts + 31 pts + 14 pts + 32 pts Food/Snack - + 10 pts - Beverage           Unaided Awareness Organic + Side Spnd. Organic + Top Spnd. Side Spnd. Top Spnd. Organic Brand Measures + 6 pts + 11 pts + 10 pts + 5 pts + 6 pts + 9 pts + 10 pts