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Pubcon 2012 Sustainable SEO presentation.

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  • Lots of people react to Google algorithm changes. This isn’t sustainable SEO. Contrarty to popular belief.
  • When one site gets penalizes, another benefits
  • When people search they’re usually trying to accomplish a task. Google wants to reward sites that can help them do that. The quicker and easier, the better. All the links in the world won’t matter if users don’t find your site useful.
  • Search for ‘pad thai’ – I’m going to click the result with the picture and the star ratings.
  • Jones ryan sustainableseo

    1. @RyanJones Manager – SEO Analytics SapientNitro www.RyanMJones.comSustainable SEOPubcon Las Vegas 2012Slides Online at 1 @RyanJones
    2. “ What Is Sustainable SEO?” 2 @RyanJones
    3. The Google Penalty Algorithm Photoshop credit: Kevin Madden• Farmer• Panda• Ads Above Fold• Link Networks• Parked Domains• Over Optimization?• Penguin• Exact Match DomainsRT @RyanJones It’s time we stop thinkingabout algorithm updates as “penalties” andask how we can benefit from them. Google makes over 350 changes to their algorithm EACH YEAR! 3 @RyanJones
    4. “ Algorithm Chasing Isn’t Sustainable SEO” Photoshop credit: Kevin Madden 4 @RyanJones
    5. Good SEOs get hit by Algorithm Changes. Great SEOs benefit from them. Algorithm ChangeRT @RyanJones Good SEOs get hit by Google algorithmchanges. Great SEOs benefit from them. 5 @RyanJones
    6. “A good hockey player plays where the puck is.A great hockey player plays where the puck isgoing to be. – Wayne Gretzky 6 @RyanJones
    7. “Good SEOs optimize for Google today. GreatSEOs optimize for Google of the future. – @RyanJones 7 @RyanJones
    8. “So What will the Google of the future actually look like?” 8 @RyanJones
    9. “The Future of Search Is Verbs” - Bill Gates Searchers want to accomplish a task. Google rewards sites that help searchers do something. Does your site help users accomplish a task?RT @RyanJones It doesn’t matter how many links youhave if your site is crap. 9 @RyanJones
    10. Don’t Ask: Do Ask: “How Can I Rank For “What does somebody ___?” searching ___ want?”You’re Doing It Wrong 10 @RyanJones
    11. Stop Chasing The Algorithm. Start Chasing Visitors!RT @RyanJones “Make decisions based on visitors and KPIs, NOT algorithm changes. 11 @RyanJones
    12. Focus On The UserGoogle’s efforts are focused on the user.So why are your efforts focused on Google? 12 @RyanJones
    13. YOU Aren’t the Typical Google UserReminder: We (Marketers) are NOT Google’s main customer.Most Google Searchers have NEVER heard of:• Link Wheels• Paid Links• Xrumer/Scrapebox• Link Directories• Content Scraping• Black Hat or Negative SEO And they don’t care about. They care about QUALITY. 13 @RyanJones
    14. This Is a Typical Google SearcherMaybe your cat stares because you keep winking at it? 14 @RyanJones
    15. “Jones, you’re full of shit. You soundlike a Google PR person. I have great content and my site doesn’t rank. - Somebody At The Breeze Bar Tonight 15 @RyanJones
    16. Make Your Site UniqueVital. Useful. Relevant. Not Relevant. Spam. Source: Leaked Google Quality Rater GuidelinesRT @RyanJones Google isn’t biasedtoward brands, customers are. 16 @RyanJones
    17. Differentiate & Add Value. Quality is Sustainable.HOW? Be that Vital resultFreshnessBetter User Experience If people don’t find yourBetter Content site when they search,Most Popular they should think search is broken.Rel=authorUnique Content 17 @RyanJones
    18. How Do You Measure Quality?• Bounce Rate• Time On Site• Conversion Metrics (KPIs, LFAs, Revenue)• Referring sites • Do people click those links you’re building? 18 @RyanJones
    19. A Quick Example and A Quick Rant 19 @RyanJones
    20. Practice Sustainable Linking PracticesInternal Link Structure: Bad: The Apple way: Links:If the link isn’t sending traffic, it’s not sustainable. 20 @RyanJones
    21. Quit Blaming Your Suck On Panda/Penguin/Google 3.1% Percent of Queries Affected By PenguinSource: survey Source: Google 21 @RyanJones
    22. @RyanJones Manager – SEO Analytics SapientNitro www.RyanMJones.comTHANK YOUPubcon Las Vegas 2012Slides Online at 22 @RyanJones