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Pickup masters-guide-to-online-seduction-free

  1. 1. The Pickup Master's Guide to Online Seduction How to find women online and get them ready to fuck fast! By Chuck Ventura LEGAL NOTICE: This ebook is copyright protected. This is only for your personal use. Enjoy it free but do not sell it.
  2. 2. Who am I? I've been a very active member of the PUA (pick up artists) scene for the past six years. One night while out sarging (picking up women) with two of my boys, we were chilling over some drinks and one of them said “this shit would never work online” in response to hearing about a friend of ours (not a PUA) was looking for women online. I thought, that's bullshit! So, being the smartass that I am I spent a few weeks on different dating sites and found out exactly where to find tons of sexy, horny women that are desperate to fuck and more importantly, how to get them to come to me. It turns out not all dating sites are the same. They attract very different kinds of women and the women that we're looking for seem to hang at one particular site. Okay, first things first. You need to head over to iwantu.com and sign up for a profile because that's where the horniest women are. There are shitloads of dating sites but most of them are either full of ugly bitches, chicks looking to chat and email for 3 months before they even meet you or the sites are 90% men and most of the few chicks being ugly. From my experience iwantu.com tends to have a good selection of hot women who want to fuck a lot. Finding women on dating sites is awesome because you can browse through profiles and see what they're into and what they want so you don't waste time. Find out right away who the hottest women are, whether they're DTF (Down To Fuck) and what they're into. Plus of course you can often see more than one picture of them which is cool. Let me warn you before you start looking at profiles that women love to fuck. This will shock the shit out of you when you read the dirty shit women write on their profiles, but yes, WOMEN LOVE TO FUCK. I will go so far as to say that 75% of woman are animals who love to suck cock, swallow, take cumshots to the face and (unless you have a monster sized cock) take it up the ass. Women love rough sex (but not violent), dirty talking, hair pulling and ass slapping. The problem is it takes a lot for a woman to break it to a strange man one on one that she's into all that because women are afraid of being judged. Online it's different because they figure men will be looking for women that are into crazy fucking, so they figure they're avoiding the squares altogether. Now, put all the shit that you want to do in your profile, even the weird shit like getting footjobs. I shit you not, you might even get some more hot women with weird habits like that because when women go to online dating sites it's because they're ready to try new shit. Okay, so you signed up at iwantu.com and are filling out your profile. You need to use a
  3. 3. picture to get women to even look at your profile because many won't even browse through profiles with no pictures. If you're not a stud don't worry. Women don't give a shit and will even fuck ugly men, but they do not want to be surprised. So pick a decent looking picture. If you're fat or have a big nose or whatever, be creative with the angle. A distant shot of you looking up or away with sunglasses on can improve you a lot. Remember the photo isn't to sell you to the woman, it's to keep your profile from getting skipped over because most women click “Don't show me profiles without pictures” when they browse the profiles. Okay? Now, in your profile put in all the shit you want to do but more important, put in what you can do. To the women it's not about what you want, it's about what they can get. If you know how to make women squirt, put that in there. Hell, if you don't know, just do a Google search for “how to make a girl squirt” and you will find detailed instructions. Talk about wanting to dominate women and give them more orgasms than they can handle. This appeals to two very primal desires in women. First, the desire to experience great sexual pleasure beyond their imagination and second, the desire to feel dominated. This is why most women love rough sex, even strong feminist types. Sure, they want to be respected out in the open, but in bed they love getting tossed around the bed like fuck toys by stronger men. TIP: You will find more women to fuck and they'll want to fuck you over and over if you take your bedroom game to the next level. Just do searches for sex tips and you'll learn how to make any women cum multiple times. It's not hard and you won't believe how few men really know what they're doing in bed. There is even a position that will make your dick feel 2 inches longer to women! Raise your game and the rewards will follow. Your tone is everything and the difference between coming across like a desperate chump and a pimp who knows what the fuck is up. So it's very important that you come across as strong, confident and in charge. No smiley faces. No “LOL.” No bullshit about wanting to treat her like a queen and for sure as fuck do not ever, under any circumstances write that you want to “spoil her”! There are actually “sugar daddy” dating sites where gold digging bitches go to hunt down weak men who will throw money at them. Fuck them. This is about you and getting you all the pussy you want on your terms, so do not write anything stupid that will make the women lose respect for you before you even got started. You get me?
  4. 4. Alright, now you filled out what you want from her and what you can do for her in your profile. Your tone was pitch perfect and when she reads it she'll think “Damn, this guy sounds like the shit! I totally have to fuck him!” Now you need to put in as much contact information as possible because not all women want to make first contact the same way. Some will want to call you on the phone, others want to instant message, others want to email or Skype. Put in every way possible to contact you so you'll get responses from as many women as possible. TIP: Don't to give your cell number just yet? That's cool. Sign up for a Google Voice number! Basically you sign up and Google assigns you a real phone number with your local area code and you can forward calls from that number to your home or cell or any number, retrieve voicemail and other cool shit. Really good for when you don't want to give out your actual phone number yet. Just do a Google search for “Google Voice” and sign up. Okay, you have the perfect profile and so now all you do is sit back and let them come to you. Closing the deal will be very easy because you already pre-sold her on you and you know how to be strong, confident and in charge. Remember, pussy is not unique and no woman is special. Don't act like a woman is doing you a favor by fucking you and you will never lose. Guaranteed. In summary: 1. Sign up for a free profile at iwantu.com. 2. Write a kickass profile with lots of contact choices. 3. Wait for the pussy to come to you! Good luck and go get 'em player! Chuck Ventura Los Angeles, CA