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Storkbrokers Brief when creating the site.

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Groop Creative Brief-sb-100810-jc-v3

  1. 1. StorkBrokersGroop BriefOct 8 2010Prepared by Jose Caballer & Barrett Reiff-Morse for Sterling & Bridget Hawkins For The Creative team and Information Architecture teams.
  2. 2. TOC‣Introduction‣Who are we designing for?‣What should it look like? ‣Brand Attributes ‣SiteReferences ‣Colors ‣Illustrations ‣Fonts2 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  3. 3. IntroductionThis brief shows you what we are doing forStorkbrokers, who we are doing it for and whatit should look like.What we are doing:We are redesigning a marketplace of savvy parents, connectedby saving money in a welcoming environment. At StorkBrokers parents can buyand sell baby items that they are no longer using for their kids.Top Redesign Attributes:Helpful, Parenting, Busy, Welcoming, Connected, Saves MoneyCurrent Site:Here is what the current site looks like.3 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  4. 4. Who arewedesigning4?
  5. 5. Users / Messaging Name Susan Michelle & Tim Jesus ‣ A fast easy way to start a ‣ A convenient way to further ‣ Quickly find the parenting Core business from home your green parenting lifestyle. information and products that fitMessage(s) ‣ Quality parenting products that your budget. fit your style ‣ Concise ‣ Engaging ‣ Positive ‣ Caring ‣ Easy ‣ Uplifting ‣ Clear ‣ Caring ‣ Simple ‣ Inspiring ‣ Simple ‣ Helpful ‣ Short ‣ Simple ‣ Actionable ‣ Supportive ‣ Guiding ‣ Humble Tone ‣ Inspiring ‣ Supportive ‣ Progressive ‣ Convenient ‣ Quick ‣ Trustworthy ‣ Motivating ‣ Attainable ‣ Altruistic ‣ Helpful ‣ Supportive ‣ Credible ‣ Empowering ‣ Familial ‣ Encouraging ‣ Confident ‣ Fun ‣ Balanced (M/F) ‣ Fun ‣ Personal ‣ Empathy ‣ Proven ‣ Encouraging ‣ Cool ‣ Touts / rotating “ad” units ‣ Account managers ‣ Simple pathway (2-3 homepage ‣ Simple signup / registration ‣ Social tie-ins entry points) ‣ Video tutorial to setup a store ‣ Visualize their impact ‣ Relevant suggestions Features ‣ Case studies / testimonials ‣ Ways to contribute ‣ Ability to ask questions / get ‣ Sellers forum ‣ Facts and information touts feedback ‣ Relevant filters ‣ Worldly / current perspective ‣ Tips ‣ Find matches relevant to the issues they are ‣ Editors / Voices interested in ‣ News / alerts / warnings ‣ Brand / designer filter ‣ Alert to look for new things ‣ Standard search defaults (can ‣ Price filter ‣ Alert to sell old things have advanced drop down for ‣ Location filter ‣ Location filter power users) ‣ Seller ratings ‣ Sharing tools for FB / Twitter ‣ Informational forum / lists ‣ Seller filter ‣ Savings graphs / widgets / ‣ Guides and FAQsFunctions ‣ Share / post tools for listings - status elements ‣ Ability to create profile for a FB / Twitter etc. ‣ Badges child - base suggestions on a ‣ Post requests for goods ‣ MIni blog child rather than parent basis ‣ Find requests that match her ‣ Product / seller reviews ‣ Blogs / Profile / ways for Voices goods ‣ RSS feed / tie in to contribute ‣ Take a picture on mobile and ‣ Did you know information ‣ Rating verification / certification upload it to the store ‣ Feeds in from other sources - for sellers ‣ Guided / stepped process news listings ‣ Warnings for recall lists 5 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  6. 6. User 1 - Susan Johnson - (Hot) Soccer Mom Story: Demographic: ‣ Super mom / ball of energy ‣ Lives in Alperetta, Georgia ‣ Really excited about Storkbrokers and ‣ 38 years old - Caucasian female getting to clear space in her home ‣ Stay at home mom ‣ Found out about Storkbrokers from ‣ Married to Charlie Johnson, CPA Facebook group Georgia Peach Moms ‣ $100,000 household income ‣ Saw another mom and her kids using it via video ‣ 3 kids ‣ She is into making money to offset the ‣ PTA member cost of buying new things for her 6 y/o ‣ Former brand manager at Coca-Cola ‣ Keen on sharing her findings with other ‣ Super social and active in the community moms at playgroup meetings ‣ Likes play groups and scrap booking ‣ Looking to organize other moms around her business Goals (objectives): Needs: ‣ Finding deals ‣ Filter by designer / brand ‣ Cleaning house (getting rid of clutter) ‣ Compare by price ‣ Connect to other parents ‣ Be aware of deals ‣ Build a home income source ‣ Create wish / interest list ‣ Use existing tool sets ‣ Easy ‣ Wants to lead a “greener” household ‣ Fast because her kid brought home Green My Parents ‣ Accessible via mobile ‣ To feel assured of quality ‣ Wants a consistent style for her kids ‣ Authentic style ‣ Personally style conscious ‣ Needs human connections ‣ Provide quality for her family ‣ Tools to make a business out of it ‣ Needs simple education / tutorials6 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  7. 7. User 2 - Michelle & Tim Brown - Green UrbanitesStory: Demographic:‣ Highly involved in the Green movement ‣ Michelle is a PR manager‣ Very social and involved in their physical ‣ Tim is a tech entrepreneur and digital community ‣ $175,000 household income in a LEAD‣ They love to find alternative ways to certified community consume ‣ Drive Prius‣ They like food, local commerce and ‣ Have twins - boy & girl - 2 years old recycled products ‣ Super Tech Blogger, twitterfanatic‣ Travel abroad, spending several months a year as global nomads ‣ Michelle went to school at Northwestern where she met Tim and then moved to‣ Not having any more kids - they had 2, Chicago replaced themselves and are done ‣ Very DIY - they have ETSI accountsGoals (objectives): Needs:‣ Want to travel light and live lean - they are ‣ Account manager - alerts for new often getting rid of products and then clothes / items buying new stuff ‣ Visualize their contributions to the‣ LIve a green a conscious life environment / improvement of the world‣ Want to purchase locally ‣ Need super efficient market‣ Be constantly current ‣ Show cost savings - $32k to buy all new stuff for 8 years in this product category‣ Want to have a rhythm for their purchases versus $8k - $12k based on reselling. and sales‣ Evangelize (she) and contribute (he) to the ‣ Geographic based deals lifestyle ‣ Social sharing‣ Raise awareness and encourage others to ‣ Certification and badges live better for “the cause” ‣ Ratings and reviews © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  8. 8. User 3 - Jesus Lopez - Noobie Dad Story: Demographic: ‣ They are having a baby girl ‣ 24 year old - Hispanic male ‣ He is really nervous about the delivery, ‣ Works as a gulf shipping supervisor buying every book possible, attending ‣ Married to Maria, teacher classes with his wife ‣ They are expecting their first child ‣ He is very protective of his wife and soon to be child ‣ $75,000 combined household income ‣ Loves gear and tech - Xbox, new phone, ‣ They are an outdoorsy family, own boat bike gear ‣ Fitness buffs - high-school track team ‣ Like comparison shopping and specs ‣ Poker night with the guys ‣ Concerned about budgeting and ‣ Very religious - Pentacostal maintaining lifestyle - wants to provide the best for his child, but doesn’t want to ‣ Thinking of home schooling their child sacrifice completely to do this ‣ 2 bedroom house Goals (objectives): Needs: ‣ To learn about parenting from the ground ‣ Filter by activity, price and location up ‣ Wants to know what is best - products, ‣ Finding deals books, techniques from ratings, reviews, blogs ‣ Guided shopping ‣ Prepackaged solutions ‣ Wants assurance (users, Verisign etc.) ‣ Maintain his masculinity while shopping ‣ Reliable / validating partners (Salvation Army / Goodwill) ‣ Share his items with his equally clueless guy friends ‣ To see an active audience ‣ Find items that fit lifestyle activities ‣ Quick experience ‣ Functional shopping ‣ List requests / products ‣ Match while he is away and be notified ‣ Compare features and prices8 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  9. 9. Hate it /Love ItSites that the StorkBrokers team likes and dislikes and why.
  10. 10. Hate itBaby Center mom/parenting site colorsMy Kids Closet  Blue, and lack of color10 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  11. 11. Hate itKid Swap     Lack of brightness, very dull11 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  12. 12. Love itEcorazzi Nice Colors.  Bright and cheery, but not overwhelming. Earthy/Green theme.Kaboodle of the pics. Very clean looking, with splashes of color12 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  13. 13. Love itShopstyle the full screen look of this page (how site fills the full width of the screen)ShoeGuru of the pics. Very clean looking, with splashes of color13 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  14. 14. Love itChegg Like large multi-encircled search boxRelogik clean and large photo look of this page14 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  15. 15. Whatshould itlook like?What should StorkBrokers look like?
  16. 16. Define Your Brand AttributesIn each of the categories below write as many adjectivesthat describe your business. General: We are: Our users Our We make We tangibly (our culture) are: Personality you feel: help you: is: (Emotional, (Time,Money,Q (brand voice) Qualitative) uant) Entrepreneurial Parenting Parents Fun Great Saves money Fun Nurturing Busy Easy Successful Saves space Pretty Friendly Stressed Pretty Accomplished Saves time Family Caring Tired Warm Satisfaction Saves planet Simple Education Time Welcoming Achievement Make money Informative Quality of life constrained Authentic Progress Increase Efficient Growth Budget Genuine Peace of mind connections Colorful Innovation constrained Playful Green Make Positive Environmental Concerned Irreverent Efficient community Fast Entrepreneurial Seeking Popular Altruistic Provides Helpful Supportive Protective Prankster Warm knowledge Easy Togetherness Caring Joking Loved Simplifies life Elegant Unifying Involved Fun loving Secure Reduces clutter Playful Collaborative Dedicated Thinker Cared for Clear Diverse Present Smart Heard Direct Honest Involved Sharp Stylish Innovative Trusting Tech Savvy Disciplined Positive Genuine Frugal Educated Frugal Connected Live Responsible Stylist Caring Current Genuine Honest Aspirational Seeking Responsible Authentic Diverse Creative Cuddly Active International Loving Good parent Green Affectionate Responsible Environmentally Stylish Doing the right concious Shopper thing Down to earth Deal seeker Giving Focused Love deals Making a Empowered Radiant difference Concerned Positive Impactful Self aware American Empowered Simplicity Included Lifestyle design Bigger than Savvy Peace of mind CertaintyStorkBrokers is an online marketplace of savvy parents, connectedby saving money in a welcoming, helpful environment.16 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  17. 17. “Reporter Interview”Imagine this exercise in the context of a reporter asking you about your onlineproduct. How would you answer using the adjectives that we defined together.Read these and ask yourself, does this sound like us?Feel free to adjust, move adjectives around and write and re-write as needed. 1. What is Storkbrokers? StorkBrokers is an online marketplace of savvy parents, connected by saving money in a welcoming, helpful environment. 2. Who is it for? StorkBrokers is for educated and savvy parents, who are busy with family, work and life in general. They are very environmentally conscious. They are also budget minded and want to figure out a way to be green, save green and make green. 3. So tell me a little bit more about it? StorkBrokers is a fun and welcoming community. It is not stiff or techie, more creative and irreverent. At the end we want it to be a genuine expression of our passion for environmentally conscious entrepreneurship and frugality. Its the “new normal”. 4. How are the parents that come to your site going to feel once they use it? First and foremost connected to other liked like minded parents and to a cause bigger than themselves. They have the piece of mind and security that comes from both saving money and making a positive impact. Thank you Sterling and Bridget for taking the time to talk to me today. I look forward to following your progress and having you back on CNBC. 17 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  18. 18. Visual References fun creative welcoming18 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  19. 19. Visual References environmentally conscious irreverent entrepreneurship19 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  20. 20. Visual References Warm Disciplined Stylish Simple20 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  21. 21. Visual References Warm Disciplined Stylish Simple21 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  22. 22. Visual References / Headers / Hand Done
  23. 23. Visual References / Headers / Paper Cut
  24. 24. Visual References / Headers24 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  25. 25. Colors Warm Stylish Simple Fun loving25 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  26. 26. Illustration / Carrie WendelWarmStylishSimpleFun loving26 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  27. 27. Illustrations / Varied Warm Stylish Simple Fun loving27 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010
  28. 28. FontsPrimary Display FontsNotepad Use hand-done roman and script fonts. Example: NotepadBraggadocioBit Line 15 Use novelty display fonts that alude to “home” and “kids”. Example Bit Line15SECURE Use strong, bold serif and slab serif fonts. Example: Aachen BoldCentury Schoolbook sSecondary Text FontsLucida Grandeabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123456789 &^%$#@!ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZZ123456789 &^%$#@!28 © GroopLab LLC, 2009 - 2010