Video games and mobile apps for health and


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Video games and mobile apps for health and

  1. 1. Video Games& Mobile Appsfor Health andHealthcareAaron Gray, M.D.Depts of Family Medicine &OrthopaedicsUniversity of Missouri
  2. 2. Overview Why Games for Health? Benefits of Video Games Gamification Mobile Apps/Games Microsoft Kinect
  3. 3. Yearly conference that brings together those in videogame industry with those in medicine and academics
  4. 4. RWJF Support Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Pioneer portfolio has given $9 million for Games for Health exploration “Pioneersaw games as a promising but unconventional area for exploration, with the potential to lower costs of patient care and drive significant improvements in people’s health and health care.”
  5. 5.  Excellent database that looks at effectiveness of interactive games for health Also provides grant funding for projects
  6. 6. How Games can be used forHealth (from Change player’s health behavior  Getting a child to eat more fruits and vegetables Change player’s health attitude about a health topic  Being physically activity isn’t as hard as it seems Increase player’s knowledge about a health topic  Nutrition
  7. 7. How Games can be used forHealth (from Helpplayer make a difficult health decision  Choosing a cancer treatment option Engage player to make an otherwise boring topic fun
  8. 8. Wait, I thought video gamesonly made kids fat?
  9. 9. Benefits of Video Games Increasedcreativity in kids with regards to drawing pictures and writing stories than those who didn’t play video games. Jackson et al. Computers in Human Behavior, 2011. Improved treatment adherence and indicators of self-efficacy in adolescents undergoing cancer therapy using a video game intervention Kato, et al. Pediatrics, 2008.
  10. 10. Parents should play too! Girls who played video games with their parents had decreased levels of internalizing and aggressive behaviors and heightened prosocial behavior
  11. 11. Video Games for Health Many different types of games for many different populations
  12. 12. “It made it a lot more fun,” said GladysMoore, 89, while cyber-racing throughthe streets of “Palm Beach”
  13. 13. Re-Mission (by HopeLab)
  14. 14. Re-Mission (by HopeLab)
  15. 15. Gamification “is the integration of game mechanics or game dynamics in order to drive participation and engagement” Examples?
  16. 16. Games that aren’t games
  17. 17. Zamzee – What is it?A digital accelerometerconnected to a websitewith virtual awards,badges, and real rewards.Measures andencourages physicalactivity in children
  18. 18. Zamzee – Does it work? 448 middle school kids from across the country in study with half using Zamzee Intervention group - 59% increase (45 min. per week) in moderate to vigorous activity (MVPA) 102% increase in MVPA in girls
  19. 19. Rewards and Levels onZamzee
  20. 20. Mobile Apps for Health
  21. 21. Smartphones are everywhere! February 2012 only 12% of Americans reported have no cell phone 62% of 25-34 year olds own smartphones Half of mobile phones in the US are smartphones Around 100 million people have smartphones in United States
  22. 22. Smartphones = Multiplesensors disguised as a phone GPS Accelerometer Compass Gyroscope
  23. 23. Combined Mobile Apps &Websites Many successful health and fitness products combine mobile apps and more detailed websites Social networking and support groups can provide great help for patients trying to reach goals Let’s look at some apps…
  24. 24. Want to eat healthy and stayactive? There are MANY, MANY apps for that!
  25. 25. Let’s try to make running alittle more fun!
  26. 26. Zombies can get anyone to run
  27. 27. Zombies not your thing… Picasso in France in 1971. Photograph: Ralph Gatti
  28. 28.  YOU are the Pencil
  29. 29. Superbetter Web and mobile based “game” to empower users to battle anxiety, depression, insomnia, overeating, lack of exercising, etc. Developed by Jane McGonigal
  30. 30. The Origins of Superbetter
  31. 31. Microsoft Kinect -You are the controller
  32. 32. Microsoft Kinect Motion Sensor Device
  33. 33. Nike+ Kinect
  34. 34. Kinect Skeletal Tracking Demo
  35. 35. Possibilities of Kinect Home physical therapy Balance testing and training Injury prevention Endless …
  36. 36. Microsoft ApplicationDevelopment Lab at RJIPartnership with Microsoft and Univ. ofMissouri to promote app developmentFull time lead developer and lab managerGreat location for partnerships of differentschools/departments on campus todevelop innovative solutions
  37. 37. @MizzouSportsDoc