End of cold_war


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End of cold_war

  1. 1. Study the images.1. What is going on?2. What does this suggestabout the control of the SovietUnion?3. Why might this havehappened?
  2. 2. Gorbachev’s Attitude to Eastern Europe • Dec 1988 – He announced that Russia’s communist ideology should play a smaller role in foreign affairs e.g. The USSR would no longer trade with Capitalist states over Communist States. • He wanted Eastern European states to embrace glasnost and perestroika. • He withdrew Soviet troops from Eastern Europe to cut costs. • He did not intend to weaken communist control there, he simply wanted to strengthen it through reform – however once reform had begun he could not contain it…
  3. 3. The Fall of the Eastern Bloc 1989-90 2. Hungary 1. Poland Although in May 1989 1988 sees strikes throughout Hungary opens its the country & by June 1988 borders with Austria, the communist government the Communist government is defeated in free elections. is not defeated until early 1990. 5. Romania (the most brutal government in Eastern What are the implications Europe) Following huge Demonstrations from3. East Germany of this for the USSR? December 1989 & a very violent response In September 1989 from the secret police, thousands of East democratic elections are Germans escape eventually held in 1990. through Hungaryto West Germany & 4. Czechoslovakia by November the Following huge Berlin Wall comes Demonstrations from 6. Bulgaria against communism, Early 1990 down. In 1991 the government resigns democraticGermany is reunited. in November & a elections are held non-communist & the renamed becomes President Communist in December. Party wins.
  4. 4. End of Warsaw Pact- The pact had united the communist states of Eastern Europe against the capitalist states in the West.- As the states rejected communism, the pact became null and void.- Military co-operation between Eastern European states ended early 1990- Formal dissolving of Warsaw Pact July 91
  5. 5. The Fall of the Soviet Union• Using pages 132-33, create a flowchart explaining the fall of the Soviet Union. Gorbachev was away from Gorbachev was widely Leading members of the the capital at the time respected in the West communist party believed and was prevented from for his willingness Gorbachev had severely returning. The new gvt to reform and the fact weakened communism. declared a state of that his policies had led They organised a coup on emergency and aimed to to the break-up of 19 August 1991 which restore the power of the Eastern Europe. removed him from power. Soviet Union. Gorbachev’s final attempt to save 21 Aug Gorbachev The new gvt As a result, the Soviet Union was returned and resumed lasted 3 days. Gorbachev officially a new constitution his position as Boris Yeltsin, announced the which gave Soviet republics greater Soviet leader, and played a crucial dissolution of the announced it was role in defeating independence. Soviet Union and However the leaders his goal to save the coup. he his resignation as of these countries did communism. But the called upon the President on 25 not accept as they coup had damaged people to resist December 1991. wanted full his authority. the new regime. independence.
  6. 6. End of the Cold War• The dissolution of the USSR ended the superpower conflict.• The Cold War was over.• America was left as the world’s only superpower.
  7. 7. Exam Practise• Create a plan for the following question:“Explain why relations between the Soviet Union and the USA changed in the years 1979-91”(12 marks)
  8. 8. Exam Plan1. Afghanistan War- Link back to question - how did this change relations?- Briefly explain- End of détente5. New Leaders- Link back to question – how did this change relations?- Reagan and his attitude towards the USSR (evil empire, SDI)- Gorbachev and his attitude towards the US (reforms and better links with West)3. Break up of Eastern Europe and End of Cold War- Link back to question – how did this change relations?- Breakaway states and end of Warsaw Pact- Fall of Soviet Union left America as only superpower