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  • 1. LEARNING OBJECTIVE – To consider the use of religious themes in a fictional novel. By the end of the lesson: All must – understand the key religious themes in their book. Most should – analyse how far the book can be described as religious. Some could – consider how far the story shows a Christian interpretation of life after death. Fiction and Religion
  • 2.
    • Answer the following questions. You will share your answers with someone else later.
    • Did you enjoy reading this novel? Why?
    • Why do you think that some people may dislike reading this book?
    • What effect do you think this book may have on people who read it?
    • Why do you think some people like books about the afterlife?
    • Would you identify this book as being specifically religious?
    • Do the ideas expressed in the book about the afterlife fit with your own ideas? Explain your answer.
  • 3.
    • Look at the reviews sheet.
    • Which of the reviews do you agree with and which do you disagree with?
    • Which have made interesting points about the book that you haven’t thought about?
    • Identify sections of the novel which give the impression that the story gives a religious view of death and others which give the impression that it gives a secular (non religious) view of death.
    • 3. Do you see the book as happy or unhappy? Are the messages in the book realistic or unrealistic? Is this how you would like Heaven to be or not?
    • 4. To your knowledge, how far does the story match a Christian understanding of life after death?
    Task one – Reviews