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  • 1. The relevance of religious art
    • LEARNING OBJECTIVE – To evaluate the importance and priority given to religious art.
    • How relevant is religious art?
    • How high a priority should be given to the production of religious art?
    • How high a priority should be given to the maintenance of religious art?
  • 2.
    • What priorities should a church have in terms of how they spend their money?
    • Worship?
    • Helping the community?
    • Raising money for overseas projects?
    • Buying art?
    • Maintaining art?
  • 3. Task
    • A large church raises money each year from collections and donations. After expenses they have approximately £30 000 . The church committee is meeting to decide how to spend their budget this year. Suggestions have been handed in.
    • Your task is to decide how to spend the money. Which of the project will be supported and which will not.
    • In groups, prepare a short presentation for the class.
  • 4.
    • The church organ needs major repairs. It could last for another couple of years, but it is out of tune and affecting worship. Cost £5 000 .
    • The kneelers (hassocks) in the church became damaged in a recent flood and need replacing. Members of the church are willing to make them but need the cost of materials. 500 are needed at a cost of £2 each for materials. £1 000 .
    • The church would like to run a local event for young people. This would help the young people to find out more about the church. Cost £5 000 .
    • The local war memorial which stands in the churchyard needs significant repairs and for the names of recent victims of war to be added. Cost £10 000 .
    • There are several overseas disasters that the church has been praying about, a famine, an earthquake and a war. People in the church feel strongly that the church should make a significant donation to these causes.
    • An ex member of the church is doing missionary work in South America. She is working in a village that has no school. The cost of building a school is £10 000 . She has requested that the church donate towards this cause.
    • A recent storm sent a tree crashing into the stained glass window at the front of the church. It is beyond repair. A new stained glass window will cost £15 000 .
    • The church contains an important piece of medieval art. Many people visit the church and leave donations because of this piece of art. The cost of security for the year is £5 000 .
    • The church door is old and insecure. Members of the church would like to replace it with a decorated door. A local man is willing to carve a new door, containing the story of the Seven Days of Creation. His charge for this is £ 5 000 .
  • 5. Key Questions:
    • In your view how relevant is religious art in the context of other priorities a church may have?
    • Should churches commission new works of art for future generations, or could the money be better spent?