The art of grant writing


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Follow these steps when formulating a grant proposal

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The art of grant writing

  1. 1. The Art of Grant Writing Professional Associates for Consultation and Training Michael Bloom, M.S.S.A.
  2. 2. Kahil Gibran “Its not the Chains that bind men’s bodies, it’s the chains that bind men’s minds”
  3. 3. General Tips to Enhance a Grant Proposal Read the Request for Proposal carefully Organize it according to the RFP Pay attention to the point allocation if noted Explain things – don’t declare them! Don’t make assumptions of your reviewers Avoid jargon and A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.S. Be innovative – new audiences, new techniques
  4. 4. Before You begin… Believe that someone wants to give you the money Project your organization into the future Start with the end in mind Create a plan, not just a proposal Do your homework - research prospective funders Target funding source that has interest in your organization and program
  5. 5. General Tips Continued… Be passionate Be realistic Be specific Show the funder the return on its investment Check grammar, spelling, and typos Develop a team to review and evaluate it Solicit partners when possible
  6. 6. Grant Proposal Components Proposal Summary Problem or Need Statement Goals Objectives Methodology or Activities Timeline
  7. 7. Grant Proposal Components Sustainability Evaluation Dissemination Budget Budget Justification Attachments
  8. 8. Proposal Summary Outlines the Project No longer than one page Gives the first impression Be concise, specific and compelling Build credibility for your organization Reinforce a connection between you and the funder
  9. 9. Problem or Need Statement Identify a specific problem you want to solve or an issue you want to address Use statistics to support existence of your problem or issue Make a connection between the issue and your organization Make a case for your project locally Demonstrate your knowledge of the issue or problem Set up the delivery of your goals and objectives
  10. 10. Project Goals A general statement Should convey an understanding of the thrust of your program
  11. 11. Project Objectives Must be specific with measurable outcomes Should be realistic and attainable Must solve the problem or address the issue Make reference to a number or a percentage and that it is do-able Do not confuse objectives with methods
  12. 12. Methodology, Activities, Design What activities will take place in order to achieve desired results? Make sure your methods are realistic Describe WHY you have chosen these activities Justify them over all other approaches you could have taken Show your knowledge of the bigger picture
  13. 13. Timeline Start from planning and research Make sure it runs chronologically Identify key implementation dates Identify person responsible Tie in evaluation and reporting periods
  14. 14. Sustainability or Future Funding Sources of continuing funding Other sources and amounts of funding Income generating initiatives Service fees
  15. 15. Project Evaluation What is the evaluation criteria? How does it tie in to your objectives? Identify formative and summative evaluation How exactly will success be determined Ask yourself what you expect to be different once the project is complete
  16. 16. Dissemination Who will the project results be shared with? Can the program bring in new partners? Will it attract new funding partners? Can the project attract positive recognition?
  17. 17. Project Budget Show each area of line items that are allowed by the funder Make sure each area of personnel, fringe, equipment, travel, supplies are articulated Make sure you show the source of matching funds where applicable Identify all areas of contracted or consulting services
  18. 18. Budget Justification Each item identified in the budget should have an explanation What will the item be needed for? Make sure you articulate specific equipment you want to acquire Specify the identified uses of contracted services
  19. 19. For additional information… Michael Bloom [email_address] 216-403-4019