Growing your appeal, Debbie West at the IoF National Convention 2012


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Save the Children has grown its annual restricted capital appeal into a phenomenally successful integrated campaign - No Child Born to Die. The team behind this landmark campaign will share how they were able to break even on cold DM, integrate legacy asks and double high-value income as well as add new channels. Take away useful tips on how you can make tactical asks strategic - optimising opportunities to leverage response and grow income.

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  • Started as a standard appeal
  • Radio £30K DRTV £105k Outdoor £30k Press £15k
  • Radio £30K DRTV £105k Outdoor £30k Press £15k
  • Radio £30K DRTV £105k Outdoor £30k Press £15k
  • Growing your appeal, Debbie West at the IoF National Convention 2012

    1. 1. How to grow your appeal The growth of the Save the Children’s annual restricted appeal
    2. 2. Covering in this session• How it all started• Growth over the last three years• What have we learnt?• Where next?• Top tips to take away
    3. 3. How it all started
    4. 4. N.B. not the traditional major donor model fora capital appeal... • Individual giving appeals calendar Individual giving appeals calendar • Adding a new new proposition Adding a proposition Feasibility study • Offering option to give to give to Goal settingOffering option to restricted finds Demonstrating tangible impact restricted funds Creating sense of ownership Donor identification by constituency • Demonstrating tangible Project and campaign calendar impact • Creating sense of ownership
    5. 5. Started in 2009 • Best performing appeal in the programme • 2010 saw opportunity for growth – started planning
    6. 6. Brand context
    7. 7. Changing Perspective• New data driven objectives – Identified key audience segments – Objectives in addition to net income – Longer term view on success – Closer working with our data analysts – Feeding into supporter journey planning
    8. 8. Growth over the last three years
    9. 9. Audience growth throughout the years2009 2010 2011 2012Warm supporters Warm supporters Warm supporters Warm supporters Prospects Prospects HV donors HV donors Cold DM Cold DM Legacy ask Legacy ask integration (ask in integration thank you) Cold other Major donors Community PR & Celebrities Digital
    10. 10. Income growth £800,000.00 £700,000.00 £600,000.00 £500,000.00 £400,000.00 £300,000.00 £200,000.00 £100,000.00 £0.00 2009 2010 2011 2012 Gross income
    11. 11. Testing our way in 2010 – Tanzania Appeal• Selected a wider range of people from the warm file to mail• Testing ask prompts• Testing high value pack (to middle donors)• Role of engagement• First online appeal• Development of the journey
    12. 12. 2010 – Tanzania Appeal
    13. 13. 2010 – Tanzania Appeal HV
    14. 14. Journey development 2010 – first development of the feedback journey Main objectives – to surprise and delight supporters, toreinforce decision and to ‘warm up’ to the next capital appeal • Online • Offline – Email Appeal – Solus updates – Email data capture (postcards) incentive through DM – Newsletter feedback appeal – Email updates from the field
    15. 15. Feedback / engagement journeyBest completed brickengagement (2012) Build update in Children Now (Winter 2011) ‘WOW’ postcard
    16. 16. Feedback / engagement journey Clinic builtand lives saved in Children Now
    17. 17. Feedback / engagement journey Build update in Children Now
    18. 18. Email feedback / engagement journey Email ThankEmail Ask You Open for business – first babies delivered
    19. 19. 2010 Tanzania Appeal learning• Drove an increase in income of almost £40k through better targeting and prompting• Message engagement helps to drive those usually less responsive segments to give, those multi givers who wrote a card gave a higher average gift• Small proportion of income was from online – but it showed potential for future growth• Introduction of the ‘feedback journey’ had a good impact on email address penetration• Prioritise how to increase the performance of those less responsive segments through testing tactics.
    20. 20. 2011 South Sudan Appeal• Drive net income, but also look to improve the responsiveness of those less responsive segments• Introduction of the high value audience• Introduction of the legacy ask integration to the campaign• Test low value £5 buy a brick tactic to less responsive segments• Test in direct mail acquisition• Introduction of a reminder appeal
    21. 21. 2011 South Sudan Appeal Warm supporter appeal
    22. 22. 2011 South Sudan Appeal Low Value Low value & acquisition pack
    23. 23. 2011 South Sudan Appeal High Value HV donor pack
    24. 24. 2011 South Sudan Appeal online Donation landing pages Email Appeals
    25. 25. 2011 South Sudan Appeal Learning• Campaign raised approximately £500,000 – the best campaign performance in years• Reminder appeal had a big impact on the success• HV donors contributed £46,800 additional income to the appeal• Low value prompting did increase the responsiveness, but did have an impact on the overall income.• Direct mail acquisition was a huge success achieving a 4.26% response rate• Legacy ask in thank you outperformed any of the other legacy activity throughout the year
    26. 26. 2012 Bangladesh Appeal Marketing Campaigning Trust, partnerships Major & HVCorporate PR & CelebritiesIndividual Giving Community & Legacy (Save the Digital Hub Children Week)
    27. 27. Individual Giving Acquiring Supporters Existing Supporters Radio SMS ask across a range of stations DRTV Testing across existing Mail appeal and stations reminder Email segments OutdoorTesting trains and buses SMS Digital Banners Press ads and Supporter journeys Inserts (low for respondersCold Mail volume testing) online and offline Including Baby Nirob, 10 weeks old suffering from campaigning and severe diarrhoea and wheezing with every breath legacy asks Shopping centres Thank you to cold Roll out of £5 buysFace to face ask, £5 SMS respondents a brickto buy a brick Campaigning ask engagement
    28. 28. Virtual Clinic2) Quick Donate3) Browse and shop for items4) Items over £250 - option to set up a Just Giving page
    29. 29. Crowdfunding
    30. 30. virtual clinic wall of fame  Can be anonymous tooCorporate donations Photos link to face book
    31. 31. community giving  pilots – new audiences Existing Supporters Curry Life Magazine targeting restaurant trade Branch Activitya) Run a curry night b) Put £1 on Tea Parties, Coffee Mornings,the bill c) donate tips for a week Frog Races! Collections and House to House Nursery Challenge Sponsorship for nursery children to dress up as what they want to be Baking – Cakes! Retail AMYA Challenge Raffles, Collections, Asian youth group bucket collections Tombola
    32. 32. Corporate partners  6 Collections e.g. Communication to Birmingham Bull Ring supporters, banners on their website, in match programme 5th MayGifts in kind to the clinics e.g. condoms, cleaning productsMatch funding for bloggingFunding for 1 clinic build! Collections in 3 Stores
    33. 33. Trusts, Major & High value  Trusts High Value Major Donors
    34. 34. 2012 summary results to dateObjective Status StatusRaise minimum £500,000 £760,000 pledged(stretch target £1 million) (at 26th June)Recruit new financial donors – both cash and Circa 9000 donations to date (text, mail,committed online)Thank you legacy cross sell measured by response Beaten target response rate. With a mix ofrates ‘have included’ & ‘are considering’ a gift in their willEngage business partners in fundraising Corporate partners actively engagedRecruit new campaigners Ask is within the supporter journeyRecruit new collectors Hit low target, although not high valueEngage new Trusts and new high level major 1 Major Donor given / Trusts TBCdonorsMobilise 1 major marketing/media Partner In process of securing for 2013Reinforce health worker or nutrition messaging Messaging fully integrated
    35. 35. Campaign highlights Volunteer Supporter trip PR engagement Blogger Conference I made a donation, I lived in the next village to where Nirob lives, so this I just made a appeal really donation after seeing touched my heart. the excellent report from Myleene Klass on the ITV news. Supporter Celebrity PR FeedbackI want to be Outdoor Est. reach 10,500,000 results Venue House to house collections income was up 50% [owing to] higher I saw the profile and having a picture of Nirob specific theme with on the a pamphlet to give Radio envelope, I fell out. Legacy Face to face results in love with Pledges him.
    36. 36. Room for improvement Campaigning integration AMYA Challenge Press ads DRTV
    37. 37. What have we learnt?
    38. 38. What have we learn?• We can drive an integrated organisational fundraising appeal!• It really can be used to engage different audiences• Planning needs to commence earlier – 7 months is not enough for e.g. corporate to get on board• Gathering content can be expensive• Although a staggered launch the campaign felt integrated across all types of story and engagement• Digital needs a BIG one day burst to have stand out
    39. 39. What have we learnt?• Country and perceived need can influence engagement• Visual and target and deadline are important• An enemy• Need led images• Strong project management is required – to help build integration cross team. One person/team owning the project from within the lead fundraising team
    40. 40. Where next?
    41. 41. Where next?• Full review of the campaign: – What worked what didn’t – Stop – Room for improvement – Ingredients for success – roll out• Start planning for next year (already underway) – Project selection – Content gathering – Concept development
    42. 42. Top tips to take away
    43. 43. What to consider for an integrated capitalappeal• Objectives and KPIs agreed at outset• Structure and process/project management• Resources• Budgeting & objective setting – what does success look like?• Content gathering - before, during and after• Contingency planning• The right partners - internal and external• Test your way in• Start early - rolling planning
    44. 44. How to assess whether it’s right for you?• Can you restrict funds to a particular project?• Opportunity cost? Restricted versus unrestricted• Do you have the ability to emotionally engage someone with your cause?• Can you create a supporter experience?• Do you have the organisation behind your ambitions?• Can you demonstrate the impact of the appeal to your decision makers?
    45. 45. Thank youAny questions?