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Sell Products on JVZoo
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Sell Products on JVZoo


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  • 1. How to Setup & Sell Your Digital Products Using JVZoo Learn How to Create and Profit From Your Own Information Products!
  • 2. Introduction to JVZoo © Ashly Lorenzana 2012
  • 3. What is JVZoo?JVZoo is a digital marketplace where product vendors sell and internet marketers can becomeaffiliates to promote these products. Its perfect for anyone who creates information productslike... • eBooks • online courses • video tutorials • short reports, graphics • Wordpress themes • website templates • software • basically, any type of product that is a digital download!Its also a great resource for affiliate and email marketers who are looking for hot newproducts to promote and earn a commission on sales they make.JVZoo is incredibly useful and opens the door to tons of different possibilities for makingmoney with your digital products. You can setup WSOs (warrior special offers) on the WarriorForum, you can find affiliates to promote and sell your products, and if you dont have aplatform to sell your product already, you can set one up through JVZoo and start sellinginstantly. vWhy Should I Use JVZoo to Sell My Products?There are tons of reasons why it makes sense to sell on JVZoo. Here are just a few. • Its 100% free to start selling. They charge no upfront costs and only take a small percentage of each sale. Its an incredibly good deal for product creators. • If you dont have a website, you can setup a free sales page using JVZoos instant generator. Its really simple and easy to use and you can have a sales page up in only a few minutes. This is great for someone who is just starting out but wants to sell eBooks or any other digital product they have created. • JVZoo makes it easy to connect with affiliates who want to promote your product and help you make sales. Clickbank is a popular affiliate platform, but they charge a fifty dollar fee just to setup your product. JVZoo lets you start an affiliate program for free! • JVZoo makes it easy to secure your downloads so that only buyers are able to access your files. If you dont know how to create a secure download page or dont have a site to set one up on, then JVZoo is a valuable asset for your product delivery. © Ashly Lorenzana 2012
  • 4. How to Setup YourProduct on JVZoo © Ashly Lorenzana 2012
  • 5. Product Pricing StrategyBefore you can start selling your product on JVZoo (or anywhere for that matter) you mustdecide how you are going to price it first. There are trillions of different pricing strategies thatyou can look into and do additional research on later, but for now we will quickly run throughthe strategies most commonly used for online products. 1. Fixed pricing essentially means that you decide how much to charge for your product and this amount stays the same for all buyers, unless you decide to change it for your own reasons at a later date. This is the simplest pricing strategy. For example, you would choose an amount like $17 and that is what every customer pays to access your product. 2. Dime sale pricing. This is a strategy used for lots of digital products in order to create a sense of urgency and motivate buyers who are on the fence to take action and make the purchase rather than wait. You pick a price to initially offer for your product. Lets say you choose $17. Next, you would choose how many copies of your product you are willing to sell for $17. The last step is to choose the increment that your price will increase by after that number of copies has been sold. Continuing the example, we might decide that our product will start out at $17 and will increase by $.10 (hence the name dime sale) every 3 purchases. You also need to choose a maximum price that your product will reach, since you cant let it go on and on forever. Even if you have a great product, you need to keep the price realistic and dont want to lose sales because the price is too high. © Ashly Lorenzana 2012
  • 6. 3. Recurring payments as a strategy is a bit more complex and is probably best left for advanced product creators. This may be a great strategy for a business offering services like SEO, since they will likely provide an ongoing service and therefore will need to bill their customers on a monthly basis. As a product developer who is selling eBooks, this could be a useful strategy if you grow your business down the road and maybe start a PLR eBook membership site. But chances are you are not quite there yet, so come back to this idea in the future. © Ashly Lorenzana 2012
  • 7. Setting Up a Sales Page for Your ProductNow you will need to decide whether you want to make an external sales page for yourproduct (hosted outside of JVZoo) or if you will use their instant sales page generator instead.The instant sales page creator is great for anyone who doesnt have a website yet, since itpretty much means you dont need one to start selling your product. The setup process for thisis incredibly quick and simple.Just follow the prompts and add the details for your product, such as the title and some salescopy. Its also a good idea to include some sort of product image or graphic on your sales page,as it increases perceived value and looks more professional than a plain text page generatedusing JVZoo.If you want more options and control over the design of your sales page, as well as the optionof adding additional features, then you may want to either find a free template or invest in apremium solution.If you use Wordpress and are interested in finding a premium sales page solution for yourproduct, I recommend checking out this list of the top 7 Wordpress options.If you dont have the funds to invest in one of those higher priced solutions, then here are afew places you can find free sales page templates to use for your product: • WP Sales Pressor • WP Paper Theme • WP Sales LeadOr, if you are comfortable editing simple HTML code, then you might want to check out one ofthese free templates for your sales page: • Cash Revelations • Tutspress • In DezinerOkay, so lets say that you downloaded a free template but you dont have your own website tohost the file. This is pretty easy to get around by using a free Dropbox account. If you dontalready have an account, you can get one here. Once you have signed up, activate the accountvia the confirmation email and then logiin.You should see a screen with a few folder icons. One of the folders will be named “Public.”Click on this folder and it should take you to a new screen that is basically blank. Click on theupload icon near the top right hand side of the screen. See the screenshot below. © Ashly Lorenzana 2012
  • 8. This should bring up a popup window that will let you choose files from your hard drive to addto your dropbox. Please note that any files you upload to your public folder will be visible andaccessible by anyone who clicks on the link to one of your files.For this reason, its best to not upload your actual product files to the same folder. Instead,create a new folder within your public folder and give it an obscure name. Upload the productfiles in a new folder, if you choose to use Dropbox for hosting your product instead of JVZoo.This is another free option for those of you who do not have a website, though JVZoo is likelymore secure than using Dropbox for this.Okay, so find your HTML sales page on your hard drive and upload it to your public Dropboxfolder. Once you have done this, the file should appear on the screen. What you need to donext is right click on the file and choose “Copy public link” from the menu that pops up (itshould be the first menu option). © Ashly Lorenzana 2012
  • 9. This will bring up another popup window with a link and a button to copy it to your clipboard.Click it and then you can close this window.Next, go back to your product setup screen in JVZoo. You want to paste the link we just copiedfrom Dropbox into the field that asks for your sales page URL. See the screenshot below. Ifyou want to go this route, you must choose the radio button that specifies you are using anexternally hosted sales page. © Ashly Lorenzana 2012
  • 10. Product Quantity & Customer SupportThere are a couple other details that JVZoo asks for when setting up your products. You willneed to decide if you plan on selling unlimited copies of your product or if you wish to limitthe number that can be sold.While limiting the quantity may seem backwards if you want to make sales, there are somevalid reasons to use limited quantities in some cases. For example, if you are selling a softwarethen you probably dont need to specify a quantity.On the other hand, if you are selling eBooks with private label rights then you should probablylimit the number of buyers so that the content does not get too saturated on the web, sincethis would take away from the value of the product.In fact, you may attract more buyers for your private label rights products if you DO advertisethem as limited. This creates both a sense of urgency and gives buyers the impression thatthey are getting in on a sweet deal that they dont want to miss.Next, you will need to provide either an email address or a link for your customer support.This will be the method that buyers use to reach out to you when they have a question aboutyour products or need help with any products they buy from you. Just make sure it is an emailaddress which you check often and be sure that you take good care of your buyers, or they mayfile disputes in Paypal and could jeopardize your account, which will cause you some bigheadaches for sure.And unless you are selling eBooks with private label rights or something of that nature, thenyou probably wont want to limit the quantity so that you can maximize your sales and profits.In that case, just leave the quantity field blank when setting up your proudct. © Ashly Lorenzana 2012
  • 11. Product Delivery OptionsNext step of the setup process is to decide how your product files will be delivered to buyers.JVZoo gives you two options: you can host your own download page or you can upload theproduct files to their website for secure delivery after a purchase is made.Hosting your own download or thank you page is a better option for more experiencedproduct developers who are running their own sites and have set up secure download pagesfor previous projects. If you are new to this whole process, its probably better to upload yourproduct to JVZoo for delivery.However, if you decide you would prefer to use your own download page then you will need tohost it somewhere (you can use Dropbox again, but note that it is not a very secure option).You will need to enter the URL where your download page is hosted in the fields shown below. © Ashly Lorenzana 2012
  • 12. Adding JVZoo Buy Now ButtonsIn order to sell your product through JVZoos platform, you are required to place one of theirbuy now buttons on your product sales page. However, if you have chosen to create an instantsales page through JVZoo instead of hosting your own page, you dont have to mess aroundwith this step as the button will already be in place after you have entered your product detailsand setup your instant sales page.If you are using your own sales page, you will need to click on the button beneath yourproduct name that says “Buy Buttons.” This will take you to a page with a list of examples thatfeature all the different styles available for your button. Beneath each one is a short HTMLcode that you will need to insert on your sales page.When you have chosen the button design you want to use, select all of the code in the boxbelow it and copy it to your clipboard, then paste it in a new notepad file for safekeeping.Implementing the HTML code on your sales page will be slightly different depending onwhich content management system you are using or how your website and page is set up.For example, if your sales page is an HTML file then inserting the code is pretty easy to do. Ifyou already sell your product outside of JVZoo, then the best approach is to simply make aduplicate of your original sales page and replace the HTML for your buy now button with thecode from JVZoo and safe the new file.If you dont already sell your product elsewhere, then just pick the best spot in the sales pageyou have created for the button and paste the code in that place.If you are using Wordpress, which many of you probably are, then its pretty easy to add aJVZoo button to any page or post on your site. © Ashly Lorenzana 2012
  • 13. To do this, simply switch from the visual editor to the HTML editor by selecting the correcttab when you have created a new post or page. See the screenshot below.Once you have selected the HTML tab, you can paste your JVZoo button code anywherewithin your post (or page). After you have done this, you can just switch back to the visualeditor to finish setting up the content on your sales page. © Ashly Lorenzana 2012
  • 14. Setting Up an Affiliate Program for Your ProductJVZoo is probably the single easiest way to start an affiliate program for your digital product.While popular alternatives such as Clickbank may seem more appealing, you shouldremember that they come at a much higher price. Not only do they have very specificrequirements for all vendors, but your product must be manually approved before you can sellit in their marketplace and you must also pay a fee of $50 to get your product listed withthem.One of the greatest advantages of selling through JVZoo is that you dont pay anything out ofpocket. They do take a small percentage of your sales, but its very reasonable.While adding an affiliate program for your product is optional, there is really no reason to skipover this important step. I recommend you include one and set the commission to at least%50. Anything less (unless your product is priced relatively high) will fail to attract muchattention from affiliates. You should give them good incentives to promote your products andhelp you make sales.Remember that you have full control over the commission rates you want to offer for youraffiliates. There is no right or wrong number for this. You also want to be sure that you selectthe checkbox to list your product in JVZoos marketplace, so that affilaites and buyers canboth find it. © Ashly Lorenzana 2012
  • 15. Best Practices for Affiliate MarketingIts important that you understand the process of approving affiliate requests before you diveinto all this. As JVZoo will warn you, approving affiliates who you do not know or trust is verystrongly discouraged. The reason for this is that many affiliates engage in blackhat practicesand will spam people, lie to them and do all sorts of shady stuff just to make a sale and thenrun with their commissions. In order to avoid this, you must manually approve each and every affiliate request. I know this can be a bit of an annoyance, but you will thank yourself down the road. Blackhat affiliates can cause you all sorts of trouble with your Paypal account, your JVZoo account and more! You also have a space when setting up your product to specify any requirements you have for acceptance into your affiliate program. Its a good idea to include some basic rules in this field to save yourself and others some time.You should cover things like: • What methods of promotion do you allow for this product? • What websites will the affiliate be promoting your products on?Its also helpful to require that all affiliates contact you first through JVZoos message system.Some of them will do this to begin with and wont have to be asked. They have the option ofincluding notes in their request, and many will. Take the time to read what they say and makeinformed decisions when approving affiliates you dont know.In most cases, you will want to choose the option that says “Delayed” when approving newaffiliates that you arent acquainted with. This means that their commission will be held for aperiod of time before it is realeased to them for any sales of your product. This ensures thatthe money is still available to process any refunds that might be requested within the timeframe specified in your guarantee.Which we havent covered yet. So lets talk about that for a moment. You will need to decidewhat your refund policy is going to be. There are several options here, so well run over a fewof the most popular models. 1. Full 30, 60 or even 90 money back guarantee. This means that you will refund any purchases within one of these time frames, with no questions asked. People love this type of guarantee and it is likely to increase your sales. However, you should also take note that this type of guarantee will also attract serial refunders and you will not get to keep as much of your profit, obviously. 2. Same as above, but requires buyers to give the product a fair test run before requesting a refund. One common approach that uses this type of guarantee is when a product © Ashly Lorenzana 2012
  • 16. creator offers to refund purchases on a case-by-case basis on the condition that the buyer reaches out and emails them to explain why they werent satisfied with the product.3. No public mention of a refund policy, but falls back on #2 when it comes up. The main advantage of this type of policy is that you are not held to any guarantee since you did not come out and make it known what your position was on the topic. This allows you to take refund requests on an individual basis, which certainly has some appeal.4. Last but not least, there is always the option of offering no requests at all, period. While you get to keep most of the money you make from selling your product, but dont expect to get good responses from buyers. They may file disputes in Paypal, jeopardizing your account and may even take it a step further and file chargebacks on their credit cards. These are things you want to try and avoid. © Ashly Lorenzana 2012