Giới thiệu Hệ thống ghi âm cuộc gọi Xtend


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Giới thiệu tổng quan về thiết bị ghi âm cuộc gọi Xtend

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Giới thiệu Hệ thống ghi âm cuộc gọi Xtend

  1. 1. Xtend Voice Logger
  2. 2. Telephone Call Interaction Assessment
  3. 3. Customer Service Recording
  4. 4. Measure Your Customer Service
  5. 5. Uses of Call Recording To check level of customer satisfaction To ensure quality control To verify policy compliance To analyse recorded interactions To resolve disputes
  6. 6. Benefits of Call Recording Customer Satisfaction Interaction Monitoring Speech Analysis Performance Appraisal Quality Assurance
  7. 7. Xtend Voice Logger Multi-channel telephone call recording from Analog, Digital and VoIP lines
  8. 8. Product Range Analog Lines Digital Trunk Digital Extension VoIP Lines Audio Lines Lawful Interception
  9. 9. Analog Lines USB 1/2/4/8/12/16/../128 ports & more Records analog trunk & extension lines Multiple connectivity to single PC
  10. 10. Connection Diagram
  11. 11. Digital Trunk Supports ISDN PRI & R2MF on E1/T1 Stereo recording of calls Uses specialised telephony voice card
  12. 12. Connection Diagram
  13. 13. Digital Extension Supports proprietary digital extensions Call status detection using D-channel
  14. 14. Connection Diagram
  15. 15. Audio Lines Records audio-out of wireless/amplifier Continuous/Voice activated modes
  16. 16. Connection Diagram
  17. 17. Lawful Interception Case-related call recording & monitoring Live call redirect & information tracking
  18. 18. Connection Diagram
  19. 19. Browser Interface User-friendly browser interface Multi-login facility Remote secure access Multiple access rights
  20. 20. Live Call Monitoring Real-time listening & snooping Monitor trunk/extension line
  21. 21. Full-fledged Call Reports Daily & monthly reports Date-wise reports Caller/Called Id, Date, Time, Duration, Status & much more Multimedia ActiveX player
  22. 22. In-depth Call Information Access to detailed call information Create call tags Export to GSM/MP3/PCM Mark comments
  23. 23. Multimedia ActiveX Player Advanced tools for call analysis Multiple region selection Automatic gain control DTMF muting
  24. 24. Simple Search Options Retrieve call information quickly Search using phone numbers, comments, duration, date etc.
  25. 25. Enhanced Search Retrieve specific call information Define multiple search criteria Advanced sort, filter & search options Track information at a faster pace
  26. 26. Administrative Features Administrative privilege Create & configure user accounts Set multiple level access rights Authenticated login
  27. 27. Call Statistics Statistical data analysis Call frequency analysis Bar graphs, pie charts & tables
  28. 28. Phonebook Live updation of phonebook Search for customer details Quick identification of callers
  29. 29. Search & Merge Search & retrieve specific calls Sorted search results Merge related audio files into one file
  30. 30. Call Groups Define groups Assign calls to group members Analysis & reporting
  31. 31. Error Reports System failure information Board failure error report
  32. 32. User Session Real-time session reports Session log analysis
  33. 33. Schedule Recording Add & configure trunks Autobackup & schedule recording
  34. 34. General Settings Selective logging Personal number restriction Backup settings E-mail alert settings
  35. 35. Advanced Features Location-wise logging Backup wave path settings Share data via e-mail
  36. 36. Remote Monitoring Solutions Administer live calls from remote PC Popup and alarm to alert ongoing calls Live contact list updation
  37. 37. Audio Data Storage Data storage to CD/DVD, folder & zip file Schedule autobackups Easily restore data Export call reports in HTML/Excel format
  38. 38. Comprehensive Reports Backup, Restore, Export, Delete & E-mail Reports
  39. 39. Multilingual Interface Support Arabic Interface for Middle East Flexible implementation Application compatibility User-friendly menus & call reports
  40. 40. Arabic Interface Screenshots User Accounts Backup Data
  41. 41. Arabic Interface Screenshots Live Calls Advanced Search
  42. 42. Optional Feature Voice Mail Facility SMDR Integration
  43. 43. Applicable Areas
  44. 44. Our Clients Federal Bank Indian Railways Geojit Muthoot Finance BSNL Cochin Shipyard Ltd. Sanghi Cements Sharekhan Getit Yellow Pages Aditya Birla Hospital JRG Securities Hedge Securities Hyundai Annamalai University Nawras (Oman) Maruti Sai Service Magus RB Teleby, Chennai Gift360, Bangalore
  45. 45. Contact Us For Phone Dial +65 6779 7972 For E-mail Visit our website for more information