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in concept, correcties volgen. Heeft verhaal nodig. Veel inside plaatjes, waarvoor allen grote dank. …

in concept, correcties volgen. Heeft verhaal nodig. Veel inside plaatjes, waarvoor allen grote dank.
Feedback welkom.

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance

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  • 1. Values in connected culturesOplossingen voor ingewikkelde problemen door samen te werken Facebook in Bright
  • 2. Even the most briljant man is of no value when not connected What is the value of kids saving a thirsty doctor with a play- and service stations? Found on flickr
  • 3. In a connected culture it is not about monopolising means but about mobilising the right forces, enhancing talents and direct to possible solutions and their effects. 10 miljoen koste het, en er hangt een advertentie voor de app op de i phone onder.
  • 4. Everybody is connectedto everythingFrom hunter-gatherers in territoriesto citizens in nation states,to employees in organisations, tekstTo individuals in networks.With different roles,in different situations,with different values.Traceable, trackable. Accountable.But without ensured guidance. KellyTNW’07 , Friedman , Pralahad, 1994 ev.
  • 5. The crowd can be as smart as the smartest member but due to massification and democratisation now tends to the mean, the suboptimal.
  • 6. Networks of people, with different roles, and different values in different situations innovator early adopter early majority late majority laggard From democracy to profit production profit network profit long term short term long termAttending the mass is not the solution, elaboration is passion and eargerness to change We underfeed the students.
  • 7. 50.000 followers helped to search the Nevada desert. On request from the hart, with joined forces, worth a fortune in old values.
  • 8. The result of years of passionate research.Now available in seconds.Mark Lombardi, Oliver North, Lake Resources of Panama, and the Iran-Contra Operation, ca. 1984-86 (4th Version),1999
  • 9. Traceable, trackable. It’s NowHere, in the moment, the black box is open!But from what source (reputation -responsibility) in answer to what question(wisdom)?#DTV
  • 10. farming Network / Cooperation Long term Relation Intuïtion / Consensus Development Small organisations Feelings Sharing Free time From hunting.. Mobilisation Hierarchy / Control Short term Transaction Facts / Aggression Career Large organisations But also.. Mutsig! Decision skills No decision skills, Owning Money Non-assertive. Hypersensitive. Naive. Monopolisation1990 2001 2008 2012 2030
  • 11. The next era is about ensured and reputated connotations,ensuring the ‘produtcs of co-creation”creating wisdomdefining knowledgeconnecting DATA @boris with openmargin
  • 12. Justien H. MarseilleTrendananchist, open and without fear about of possible futures since Facebook. Flickr, Kevin Kelly, Gooische vrouwen, Openmarging.