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Schwab Family Hanau Presentation
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Schwab Family Hanau Presentation


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Holocaust, Hanau, Germany Elizabeth Schmitz, Schwab Family, Hans Ferdinand, Rudolph Erwin Alexander, Daniel Brian Ralph Schwab,

Holocaust, Hanau, Germany Elizabeth Schmitz, Schwab Family, Hans Ferdinand, Rudolph Erwin Alexander, Daniel Brian Ralph Schwab,

Published in: Spiritual
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  • As a mere teenager in South Africa, he organized two music festivals, and at age 35 Fleischmann was hired as general director by the London Symphony Orchestra. In 1969, he took over the Los Angeles Philharmonic, where he guided the orchestra's direction for 29 years. During that time, he transformed a good provincial orchestra into an orchestra with world reputation. He attracted music directors of international stature, created links to the film music industry and made the traditional Hollywood Bowl America's largest summer festival. A half-year ago (in March 1998), he passed his position at the Philharmonic on to a young Dutchman by the name Willem Wijnbergen. However, retirement is not an issue for 74-year-old Fleischmann. He just started a new company consisting of himself and one assistant. The cultural counseling company is called "Fleischmann Arts, " and it has customers in all parts of America and in Germany. He regularly visits the NDR Symphony Orchestra in Hamburg to give management advise. Georg Hirsch has a profile of this mover and shaker from Los Angeles. 
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Forgotten Letters
      Hanau, May 31st, 2010
      Schwab Family
    • 2. Schwab Family Tree
    • 3. Arrival in Hanau
    • 4. 14th Generation
    • 5. Schwab Family Homes
    • 6. Ancestors Schwab
    • 7. Certificate for Bravery
    • 8. Hausmann Shop in Worms
    • 9. Schwab Brothers
    • 10. Stamp Collection
    • 11. Happy Family Photo at Table
    • 12. Farewell Letter May 1936
    • 13. Red Cross Letters
    • 14. Red Cross Letters
    • 15. Deportation
    • 16. Schwab Family Holocaust Era
      Out of 20 family members living in Hanau between 1933 and 1939:
      11 murdered
      9 escaped
      Countries fled: China, USA, Canada, France, Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, Holland, South Africa
    • 17. Murdered
      Max Schwab
      Martha Schwab
      Hans Ferdinand Schwab
      Helen Schwab
      Erna Schwab
      Johanna Hausmann
      Jettchen Fleischmann
      Adolf Fleischmann
      Alice Frank
      Oskar Frank
      Lottee Frank
    • 18. Survivors
      Rudolf Erwin Alexander Schwab
      Rosa Schwab
      Kaufmann Alexander Schwab
      Armand Demuth, Montreal Quebec
      Alfons (son of Helene and Jonas) Demuth
      Ella, sister of Martha Schwab/Hausman
      Irene Hoexter
      Gustav Fleischmann
      Toni Koch
    • 19. Destroyed House
    • 20. Famous Jews from Hanau
      Moritz Daniel Oppenheim
      Ernest Fleischmann – (cousin of Rudolph Schwab)
      One of the most successful orchestra managers in the world, had left Frankfurt at age 12 when his parents fled from Adolf Hitler to settle in Cape Town.
      General director by the London Symphony Orchestra and Los Angeles Philharmonic
    • 21. Elizabeth Schmitz
      In 1935, Elizabeth Schmitz authored an anonymous call to Christian conscience about the church’s responsibility to the Jews.
      Schmitz insisted: “We must, as Christians,” she declared, “act for all the Jews as much as is our possibility.”
    • 22. Website and Contact Details
      +972 544-800 146
      +27 72 3344308