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Chapter 2.1: The College Chapter of DOOM
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Chapter 2.1: The College Chapter of DOOM



Chapter 2.1 of The Absolutely Crazy Matriarchy

Chapter 2.1 of The Absolutely Crazy Matriarchy



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Chapter 2.1: The College Chapter of DOOM Chapter 2.1: The College Chapter of DOOM Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome back to the Absolutely Crazy Matriarchy! Last time, we watched as our heir Susan left home and headed off to Academie Le Tour! "Do I have to stay in this dorm?" Until I get you a greek house, yes. "Le Tour doesn't have Greek Houses, remember?" Crud. I'll just have to shift you to Sim State then.
  • You need new clothes and a makeover first. This stuff is a tad...ew. "All right then. Ooh, I like this!" I do too.
  • Here's Susan with her makeover, a definite improvement. I've gotten her to scour the Campus directory for her future mate. "Hello? Is this Blazej Hourvitz?" What a name. View slide
  • What a face! Quite handsome, despite the crazy 'do. "Can we keep him?" If the chemistry is good, yes. View slide
  • "May I offer you a makeover?" "Why, yes. I feel that my mohawk is getting a little dated." Obsolete, you mean. "Who said that?" "Oh, that's Fire. You get used to her."
  • "What? What's wrong?" "Errr,I just need to take a bit more off the sides..." Liar. You screwed up bad. "I heard that! I want a mirror!"
  • "Ahh, that's better." "Knew I'd get it right in the end." Very nice work, Susan.
  • "So, Blazej, do you like my new look?" "I'd tap that!" Hmm, only one bolt. I suspect that Blazej has a circumstantial turn-on, like formal or something.
  • I guess I'd better explain the whole legacy thing to you, Blazej. "Oh, this is a legacy? That explains everything." You in? "Well, sure."
  • "Man, cafeteria food stinks. I want my own place." Yeah, I'm sick of dorm living too. I think I might persuade the Bank of Motherlode to give you a grant for a Greek House. "Awesome."
  • "You're, like, so hot, Blazej." Ugh, the mushiness! Get a room!
  • ...And there it is. The first kiss of the Legacy Lovebirds. "Mmmph!"
  • "Hi, dad. Look, I've met this guy..." “What does he think of legacies?” "He's fine with them..." “Go get him, sweetheart.”
  • Right. I've had it. Motherloding time. *munch munch* "Cool." That's all you have to say? "Hel-lo, eating here!"
  • And here is Annya-Nagard-Cham House. A tad excessive, perhaps. I might tone it down for the next generation. "Does it have a hot tub?" ..Yes. "Goody!"
  • "So, Susan, can I be your placeholder? Pretty please?" "Nup, I have someone in mind. Plus, you're an annoying cheerleader." I've chosen a girl called Shenene to be the eventual placeholder.
  • I love how greek housers can do this. It's so... easy. "Zzzzz..."
  • Aww, true love. "What is the llama doing here?" "Absolutely no idea."
  • "It's cold. Why am I out here?" To skill for your LTW. I want it achieved before you leave college. "Brrrr..."
  • This was one of Susan's wants, so I fulfilled it to keep her happy until I finish her LTW. Best leave them alone for a bit.
  • "The hat is stupid. It's cold. I want to go home!" The hat helps. You are wearing a jacket. You are home. You're such a whiner, Susan.
  • This guy has been here for three days straight. He han't left the bubble blower. Mascots are so annoying!
  • "How's my skilling doing?" Just charisma, logic and cleaning to go now. "Almost there."
  • "No more! No more skilling!" C'mon. You know you want perma-plat. "Rrrgh!"
  • Last point, Susan! "I am up to my knees in snow. I am glowing. It is one o'clock in the morning. I am OVER this!" Come on, you can do this.
  • Awesome. All skills maxed. But why the book? You don't need them any more. "I look scholarly." Riiiight. LTW status: achieved.
  • "Hey, junior year! Getting close to graduation!" I'm surprised I've stuck with this for so long. "So am I." Oh ye of little faith.
  • "This is way better than the cafeteria slop." You're different to your mother. She hates chili. "So do I. But it's better than cafeteria slop." *headdesk*
  • Susan has reached senior year, and has asked the lovely Shenene to move in and placehold. I have plans for Shenene. "Such as?" If you have a son... "Ah."
  • Another term paper? "Yep. I want honours, I gotta put in the work." True. Back to studying.
  • "I'm getting sick of this." C'mon, you said it yourself. You want Summa Cum Laude, you work for it. *groan*
  • Susan has maxed her Science enthusiasm, incidentally. Got the shiny plaque and everything.
  • Watcha painting? "A painting. Duh. Ask a stupid question..." I might leave you alone. "You do that."
  • "Woohoo, only one semester left!" *sigh of relief*
  • Shenene! Did you break the TV? "..." "She can't hear you, Fire. Look, you make her take a shower. I'll fix the TV." I should let her zap herself.
  • "C'mon, that's not fair." Is so. She broke the other TV, two computers, the dishwasher, and a stereo. "You have plans for her, remember?" Only thing keeping her alive.
  • "Yay! Graduation!" Susan has graduated Summa Cum Laude, with a perfect GPA score. "Party time!"
  • "I can't believe my little girl has finally graduated! It seems like only yesterday she left home." And it'll be only tomorrow that she comes back! "Uh oh."
  • The party went well. Almost got a snoozer score, since Blazej kept poking the poor cheerleader. "She was askin' fer it." "Ooop, what's going on?"
  • Ick. I hate one-pieces on Sims. "Ooh, confetti!"
  • And that's it for Chapter 2.1. College is over, for now! Tune in next time for the beginning of Generation Three: will Susan be able to provide an heir? Will she top her career track? Only time will tell!