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Mood Indigo 2011 Entertainment Quiz elims -Suraj

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Moo die elims upload

  2. 2.  30 questions. Most of which are workable and hints will be provided. Questions 11-25 are starred.In case we are still tied, qns 11-15 are double starred. In case we stilldon‟t resolve a tie, sudden death will be enforced All questions carry 1 point. Qns 11-15 have two parts to theanswer, 1 point each. Half points available for these. No part points onany other question. No negative marking so please feel free to guess The Mother rule applies Googling/phoning a friend etc will be met with random acts ofviolence. Please switch off your cell phones
  3. 3. Quiz setting, Question Vetting and research and blade putting :
  4. 4. What We Consider Ent movies- even ones like gunda, gunmaster g9 and kasam paida karnewali ki tv shows - not counting crap like keeping with the kardashians most books- everything from mad magazine to moby dick music-of any sort from amplifier to amadeus Comics and art for the most part
  6. 6. 1According to a literary appreciation published online, thedistinguishing features that X has in common with classical poetry areThe desperate drunk heroThe triple rhymeClassic Image ProgressionAbility to make light of the situation –a combination of misery withirreverence and a jauntiness of melody to go with the words.What am I talking about
  7. 7. 2Although this is never actually explicitly shown in thefilm, the last names of which these iconic Hindi filmcharacters are Manohar and Bhopali respectively and theyare are listed on IMDB as such.Which two characters
  8. 8. Amar Manohar and Prem Bhopali from Andaz Apna Apna
  9. 9. 3Which Indian band rather aptly shares it‟s name with arevolving restaurant located in the heart of Delhi?
  10. 10. 4On whose arm would you see this tattoo?
  11. 11. 5In 1990 Brian Skiff and Edward Bowell, two astronomers atthe Lowell observatory, decided to rename Asteroids4147,4148,4149 and 4150 as a tribute to a bunch of peoplewhom they had been fans of for more than 25 years.Who were they named after??
  12. 12. 6What is the last lineof every stanza ofthis poem.(key words will do)
  13. 13. 7With which maker of laws would you associate thesemotivational posters. ( remember this is an ent quiz)
  14. 14. 8Which band took the idea for its name from the leadsinger‟s dog who was named X and was ratherunfortunately lame in one leg ?
  15. 15. 9Still from the Dark Knight rises. Which character is TomHardy seen playing??
  16. 16. 10Song sung by a chap called Chetan Shashital who is a voiceover artiste most famous for lending his voice to variousdubbed Hindi versions of cartoons such as Duck Tales andTalespin. The song is called _______ blues. Fill in theblanks
  17. 17. 11The closing scene of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. The scene is a homage to avery famous work of literature.Who is the person holding the placard?What name has been blanked out on the placard he is holding?
  18. 18. 12The most common theory is that the word "X“ in the song isa Spanish term for "little tails" or "little bottoms", and areference to the buds of the Cannabis plant. X is actually adesert flower, also known as Antelope sage.Y have repeatedly and publicly stated that X are "headydesert flowers” and that there is no drug referencewhatsoever.X?Y?
  19. 19. On a dark deserthighway, cool wind in myhair,Warm smell of COLITASRising up through the air
  20. 20. 13The entire concept of the X arose out of the author‟sexperience with depression. For the longest time shestruggled with depression and inspite of heavy medicationand counselling, the only thing, that by her own admission,could make her feel better, when it felt like all the happinesshad been sucked out of her, was chocolate.Who was the author?What is X?
  21. 21. 14Both Shivaji Rao Gaikwad and Badruddin Kazi started life inthe same humble profession.Gaikwad is off course the world‟s most famous Marathimanoos to walk the face of this earth.Kazi who interestingly enough was a teetotaller but was stillgiven the ironic name X by a famous Indian director is alsoone of the unsung all time greats of Hindi cinema.Identify what professsionWhat is X
  22. 22. 15 Identify the voice ( the easy part)Identify the person who wrote what is being sung.
  23. 23. 16The name X was a made up term, loosely inspired bypsychological jargon and thought to represent the fourvaried personalities of the protagonistIt was also probably a nod to a newly developed system forsurround sound that was gaining in popularity even if for abrief period of time.What is X??
  24. 24. 17The Golden Kela Awards are Bollywood‟s equivalent of theRazzies.They occasionally award a special award for Worst accent (won by Abhishek Bacchan for his role in Delhi-6).Which legendary (sic) actor is this award named after??
  25. 25. 18Unless otherwise specified by special dispensation, these maybe represented by either of the following five-A classic film cameraA television recieverA phonograph recordA radio microphoneA comedy/tragedy maskWhat am I talking about ??
  26. 26. 19Obligatory Big bang theory question:Leonard: IF we do get a new friend he should be a guy youcan trust. A guy who has your back.Howard: And he should have a lot of money and live in acool place down by the beach where we could throw partiesSheldon: And he should share our love of technologyHoward: And he should know a lot of womenLeonard: Let‟s see: money, women, technology. Okay we‟reagreed. Our new friend is going to be ____ ___.Fill in the blanks with the name of a superhero.
  27. 27. 20The LA ____ and the Hollywood _____ came together to form what ?
  28. 28. 21Leaving aside the obvious „these are all bands‟ connection.What connects ??
  29. 29. 22Mimas is a satellite of Saturn thatwas discovered by William Herschelin 1789.This photograph taken by theVoyager probe in 1981 led to someremarks about the similarity inappearance with a fictional spacestation seen in an epic moviereleased a few years ago and henceMimas is also referred to as the______ ____
  30. 30. 23Opening theme for what popular show??
  31. 31. 24Identify these two gentlemen
  32. 32. 25Scene from Cats and Dogs 2. Pays homage to whichiconic movie character ?
  33. 33. 26In the film Casablanca, following the shooting of MajorStrasser Captain Renault issues an order to round up ________ _______.Fill in the blanks to also get the title of a cult film.
  34. 34. 27Lego representation of?
  35. 35. 28An unofficial trailer released for the movie version of X. What is X?
  36. 36. 29Who owns this company???
  37. 37. 30Connect 100,00,00,000