User Manual - Photo Contest - EN


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User Manual - Photo Contest - EN

  1. 1. User Manual ·Photo Contest
  2. 2. When creating a new promotion, select the “Photo Contest” option andthe fan page where it would be installed TIP: Be very careful when completing this step because once these fields have been selected and saved they won´t be able to be edited again afterwards.
  3. 3. Set the general preferences of your promotion TIP: Inside the “Description” field detail: •Dynamic of the promotion •Participation process •Prizes •Amount of winners •Winner selection process TIP: Customize your Fan Blocker image to raise expectations about the prizes.
  4. 4. Set the register form TIP: Shorter forms have better results TIP: Customize your form to find out likes and interests of your participants
  5. 5. Set the participation mode TIP: Introduce a participants limit just for surprise and reduced actions TIP: To increase the virality of your promotion select the options: “Show active users” “Make entries public” “Enhable facebook comments”
  6. 6. Optional Step – Complement your promotion giving away coupons TIP: Encourage participations or on/offline purchases.
  7. 7. Upload the images of your promotion TIP: Include a call to action TIP: Use this image to announce the winners of your promotion or to start raising expectations about your next campaign. TIP: Encourage participants to viralize your promotion TIP: Remember to set it afterwards between the visible tabs on your fan page TIP: Make co-branding actions. Activate a new “like box” that will enhable users to give a like to a second fan page.
  8. 8. Customize the messages of your promotion TIP: Edit the texts so that they have the style and language of your brand. TIP: Edit the image of the “Publish & Promote” message to show an attractive image of the prize to win and encourage a greater virality.
  9. 9. Customize your app TIP: Upload your own CSS to customize the look & feel of your app so that it matches with the style of your brand.
  10. 10. Install your app TIP: If you install your promotion and it has setted “Now” as its start date, the promotion will start running automatically on your fan page and you woun´t be able to modify the start date again.
  11. 11. All done!