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Showcase of the world’s best Social Media Attraction & Engagement Techniques as presented by Liz Weeks, General Manager, The Face, at the Recruitment Through Social Media Conference – 25 June 2012.

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  • Facebook – 10,968,120 Australian users/accounts (down 20,020) LinkedIn – 2,200,000 (up 100,000)Twitter – 1,800,000 (steady)Key points of interest: Pinterest growth is strong, adding over 90,000 new visitors in May and having an Australian base of over half a million visitors.Instagram increased Australian user number by approx 170,000 users from April. This is one of the largest increases we have ever seen over a month period. Both the Pinterest and Instagram growth shows a change in preferred user content – photos/pictures.MySpace continues its slow decline.79% of large businesses in Australia have a social media presence – 97% of those users are active on Facebook
  • Facebook – pretty standard across the board with slight increased popularity within 20-29 age group and slightly more popular with females. Twitter – highest in the 20-29 age group and slightly more popular with males LinkedIn – highest usage in the 40-49 age group twice as many males than females In terms of locational differences – facebook has dominance in all states whereas LinkedIn is slightly more popular in NSW and Victoria. NSW and ACT have the highest twitter usage rates.Between those that have social media platforms set up, Twitter users frequent the site most often at 23 times a week (on average), facebook users around 21 times per week and LinkedIn around 5 times per week. This should help social media managers with setting communication frequency targets. On average Australian's spend the most amount of time on Facebook, roughly 17.9 minutes per session and linkedIn and Twitter around 9.7 and 9.1 minutes respectively.
  • Strong growth in Australian’s using mobile devices to access social media sites up to 53% from 34% in 2011 – especially popular amongst Australians in their 20’s. In terms of using mobile devices for job search Seek has seen a 247% increase in visits to their site from mobile devices from last year.The Mobile Marketing Association of Asia has stated that of the 6 billion people on the planet, 4.8 billion have a mobile phone while only 4.2 own a toothbrush!!
  • When Smart Company surveyed hundreds of Australian businesses it found that one quarter use social media to recruit staff and up to two thirds believe that it should form part of organisation’s social media strategy. 60% believe that LinkedIn is important tool for recruiting, Facebook is the next most important at 35% and twitter at 24%.
  • Establish KPIs from the get-go. For example do you want to increase traffic to your careers site or do you just want to create meaningful conversations, do you want to increase your community, etc. Don’t ‘Sell’ to Your Social Network. Your followers want to engage with you and your organization; not be sold to. Provide content that is useful to your Social Network (interview tips, information on corporate social responsibility – which is particularly useful for graduate recruitment) – this will showcase you as leaders in your industry and that will eventually turn them from followers to applicants Keep up-to-date with trends. Monitor social media platforms for trending articles where debate is rife.Facebook is just a piece of the social media puzzle. An effective social recruiting program uses all the social media channels along with inbound and outbound marketing to build a social network.  Relying on just one channel is too risky and doesn’t work.  Instead, mitigate your risk and use all the social channels to first build a following and then think about advertising your jobs.
  • Insanely DrivenRB created an ‘choose your own adventure’ experience where every choice you makes says something about you. Focus of the campaign is to create awareness about the unique personalities it takes to work in one of the biggest global FMCG companies. It also gives a little insight then compares you to the attributes of the ideal RB employee and creates viral element with ‘share’ and ‘compare’ functionality – where you can compare your results with your friends on social networks. Results:Attached are the figures for the Insanely Driven experience, but there are some important things to note. Headline figures are:Total visits: 66,501Unique visits: 37,240Completing: 5,049Shares: 1,146Time spent on site: 3.5minsSo, these stats are quite good for the industry, particularly the average time spent on the site. The team have been challenged by RB Category to improve these figures - aiming to improve the completion and sharing rates, which in turn should lead to more plays.To do this, the team have now launched a 2 minute version of the test available as an option on the test home screen. We believe this will significantly improve the figures. This is currently being tested in India.
  • poweRBrandsis RB's sales and marketing game. The game has now been relaunched with increased challenges and rewards. To be a winner you need to use your innovative sales skills and marketing ideas to outperform your rivals, and work your way up to be President of the company. ..and even an interview with the CEO?!?!Great example of way to showcase who you are as an employer not just rely on the popularity of your consumer brand. Showcases RB’s work environment and core values.Results: It had 2 million app views and 80,000 game plays in the first month.
  • Thought for food challenge was all about creating a movement that challenged students to take on the global food crisis – all through social media. Without spending any of the budget on bought media, the newly created “thought for food” brand was positioned amoungst leading European universities by setting a challenge to find a solution to the world’s food crisis – with the three winning teams attending our one young world summitt in Zurich. This challenge and the integration of socail media was perfectly positioned with Syngenta’s core business – which is an agribusiness that works to increase crop productivity, protect the environment and improve health and quality of life. The campaign recieved over 645 tweets, 1500 likes on facebook and 13,228 video views on youtube.
  • Who better than the social media game changers?Facebook careers offers a personalised approach in an often impersonal setting – puzzles allow you and Facebook asses whether you’re right for their organisation and video testimonials give a more interactive environment. A statement from Facebook IPO –  'Code wins arguments.‘ so this is a great way to recruit – the true test for ‘are you good enough’
  • Immerses people into the hotel world (similar to Farmville, Cityville – even Sally’s Salon)My Marriott Hotel gamers can create their own restaurant, where they'll buy equipment and ingredients on a budget, hire and train employees, and serve guests.Points won for happy customers…and points lost for poor service.
  • YHA Social World is an interesting approach. Creating a Ning site which creates a bespoke community. Here you’ll find an honest, warts and all look at YHA life. You can chat directly with YHA’ers, check out their photos, videos, blogs and forums and if you have any questions you can ask members directly and get to know staff at different hostels before you even start. This is a non-moderated site that allows ‘real’ communication externally and internally builds friendships between multiple sites thus improving engagement.
  • Hard Cafe Florence ItalyThe brief was to hire 120 staff of all levels over a 4 week period.This was achieved entirely within Facebook, managing and communicating the full process from attraction to hire within the channel, by combining a number of applications and plug-ins within a fan page.One of the beauties of Facebook is that you can target advertising to attract potential candidates and audience. My experience of Facebook ad's is that job ad's generally don't work. If your going to employ them as part of a campaign, you need to be promoting pages with more than just recruiting. For HardRock, 1,900 profiles who met the following criteria were targeted:1: Lived within 25km of Florence.2: Listed an interest in Rock and Roll (or were fans of specific band fanpages.)3: Had some bar work or hospitality background (or worked for a competitor.)The Hard Rock landing page gave potential fans 2 choices:1: To follow the progress of the opening and get updates.2: To look at or follow job openings.(In this case under the heading of "For those about to rock we recruit you!".They used the Work4Labs app to display jobs via a tab on the side of the page. You can label the tab as you choose. I love the work4labs app because it enables applicants to apply within Facebook without leaving the channel. In my experience, applying needs to take no more than 3 clicks, and in this case it was as simple as uploading a resume. The app also allows sharing, liking, suggests other people to share the job with and other jobs that may be of interest.The Hard Rock Florence page attracted 1,000+ fans in the first day, growing to 11,000 after the first 4 weeks. During the promotion and application process, a series of live broadcasts went out on the wall, using the livestream application. This allows you to broadcast and promote sessions via Facebook events, livestream and invites through e-mail and social channels. Fans can leave questions on the wall, and broadcasts can be saved on the wall for later download. This is a great way for encouraging engagement.During the application period, 4000+ resumes were received and reviewed by a team of recruiters and hiring managers. In week 4, 700 invites to interview were sent out via Facebook, with scheduling through event management platform Eventbrite. The successful candidates received a link which enabled them to book 1 of 20 slots per hour, over 3 days. On booking, they received a confirmation e-mail with the location and a ticket, which included a QR code so they could be scanned on arrival and have a name badge waiting.From the 600 interviews that took place, 120 hires were made, all completed from start to finish in 4 weeks. All communication was via Facebook messaging, and via the wall. The total campaign cost less than 10% of the usual budget for an opening, with the single biggest cost being success based click throughs.At the end of the hiring period, the page has continued to grow as a brand page, now standing at 31,120+ fans, with regular content posted by both the venue and the fans. Regular resumes are still coming in for future openings, and there is a well established (and engaged) local talent pool, many of whom have become customers.
  • ITV won some Recruitment Advertising Awards in January; The Best Corporate use of Online Recruitment – NATIONALOne reason I believe this is such a great example of using social media for recruitment is the great correlation to the brand – videos uploaded are made to feel like news programs, integration with video testimonials and following the trainee’s twitter pages to find out more about their day-to-day work life.
  • A Euro RSCG successful campaign!A really nice example of good advertising and good content. The number of fans on the Page have increased by 100% since we started working for them last year, through LinkedIn page, potential candidates can interact with employees and hear their stories, join discussions and learn more about the Microsoft experience. Live Chats on the Facebook page also allows insight into the organisation.
  • Listen – to what your employees, applicants or overall target market are saying about your brand as an employer or overall industry for recruitment, find out what platforms are currently being used for forums on recruitment – this is where you want to be. Set KPIs – what do you want to achieve? Increase in followers, applications, conversations etc – be reasonable – social media often requires more time to build relationships and trust. Ensure that key stakeholders are on board and it strategy aligns with overall organisational goals and set up a social media policy.Be clear around infrastructure requirements – if you create a way for people to communicate with you, be prepared that they’re going to ask questions – you need to make sure that you have the capability internally to cope with that.Identify brand champions – as these people can become the biggest advocates and recruiters for your business as they show the ‘real life’ element to your employment offering and will help to build internal engagement and buy–in. Just be sure to set parameters around the type of content you’d like them to share. Engage with your social media followers – learn from the best campaignsEngaging users is just as important as collecting followers and these award winners demonstrate how to do that. Keep it clean, but engage them as often as possible and you'll keep them coming back. Keep content topical – not just push notifications about job openings. What about your organisation’s CSR program or something that’s going on in your industry that’s getting a lot of press – ask for people’s viewpoints and opinions it helps to keep things interesting!! Measure success, best way to keep stakeholders happy and off your back!! Look at things like: Reach: How many more ‘followers’, ‘fans’ or ‘likes’ did you achieve? Get people in your network to pass on to their networks – create a culture of referrals Frequency: How often are people commenting, re-tweeting and replying to your posts – this is a great sign of engagement Yield: Are you meeting your financial KPIs? Reduction in cost per hire, etc?
  • Social Mention - also gives you list of key bloggers to follow, most popular hashtags and most popular platforms based on your search termTwilert – great way to search for people to follow Facebook search – where you can actually search all public posts that have mentioned your company
  • Recruitment Through Social Media

    2. 2. Social media and recruitment: the numbers
    3. 3. SOCIAL MEDIA AND RECRUITMENT:THE NUMBERS “79% of large businesses in Australia have a social media presence” Source: David Cowling May 31, 2012
    4. 4. SOCIAL MEDIA AND RECRUITMENT: THE NUMBERSSource: One quarter of Australian businesses use social media to recruit new staff, survey reveals” Patrick Stafford, Shortlist 6 March 2012“Yellow Social Media Report”, Sensis report in association with AIMIA, June 2012
    5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA AND RECRUITMENT: THE NUMBERS • Strong growth in use of mobile devices to access social media platforms • Highest usage from 20-29 yr olds • 247% increase in Seek visits from mobile devicesSource: Mobile Marketing Association of Asia, Intelligence, December 2011
    6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA AND RECRUITMENT: THE NUMBERS“Two-thirds of Australianbusinesses say SocialMedia should be a part ofa company’s recruitmentstrategy”Smart Company March 2012 Source: : One quarter of Australian businesses use social media to recruit new staff, survey reveals” Patrick Stafford, Shortlist 6 March 2012
    7. 7. A showcase of the worlds best social media attraction & engagement techniques
    8. 8. FIRSTLY, WHAT CONSTITUTES ASUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGN ?• Establish KPIs from the get-go• Don’t ‘Sell’ to Your Social Network• Keep up-to-date with trends• Facebook is Just a Piece of the Social Media Recruiting Puzzle
    9. 9. RECKITT
    12. 12. FACEBOOK• Who me?• Well if you say it like!/careers/
    14. 14. YHA
    15. 15. HARD ROCK
    16. 16. ITV •!/pages/ITV-News-Traineeship/117734984952571
    17. 17. WOMEN AT MICROSOFT •!/WomenAtMicrosoft
    18. 18. Tips and tricks for making it work
    19. 19. WHAT NEXT?• Listen• Set KPIs• Be clear around infrastructure requirements• Identify brand champions• Engage with your social media followers – learn from the best campaigns• Measure success – Reach – Frequency – Yield
    20. 20. THESE MIGHT HELP... • Tweetdeck – monitor and manage several accounts • Social Mention – real time social media analysis • Addict-o-matic - instantly create a custom page with the latest buzz on a given topic • Alltop - Identify the top blogs in your sector • Twilert – receive updates of tweets containing specific words or phrases • Facebook search – monitoring tool that allows viewing of people who are talking about your brand or cause
    21. 21. Thank you, that’s all!! Find me on: Twitter: