Empowering our engineering colleges


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Ignite - Pune Chapter - 22nd Oct' 2013.
I got an opportunity to speak on a topic close to my heart. "How to Empower our Engineering Colleges"

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  • {"16":"The students have changed with times…they are 21st century learners…\nEQ | Informing | Educating | Providing Choices with internal counseling in colleges is the need..\nEMPATHY is a pre-requiste & not a choice……\n","5":"Admissions in engg colleges are declining….They are shutting down, well in my opinion few should….\nBut is jus the rise of alternate career paths like law, commerce, mgmt or is it something else…\nSo we ask the question WHY?\n","11":"Which brings us to our findings – \nWhat we have done is inverted the problem – Divide & Conquer and suggest measures…..\n","17":"BUT, U know these problems are being succesfully dealt with in IIT’s , REC’s and many others…..\nBut they constitute only the 2%................\nWhat about the remaining 98 &\n","6":"PLACEMENTS\nFirst question a parent | a wannabe engg asks today…..does my edu gurantee emplyment….\nIts 1 f most imp reasons colleges are loosing admissions…..coz engg used to be road to good job..\nBut, WHY?\n","12":"A simple 360 degree feedback mechanism…..\nSTUDENTS => TEACHERS\nTeachers => Students…………………what colleges get is data points for improvement to take action….\n& same time measuring achievements of colleges like placement etc closely to track progress………..\n","1":"Empowering your Engg Colleges\nOne of life’s great adventures is try to find a good problem to solve & solve it well. From past one year we are trying to understand problems and I m here with my findings..\n","18":"Its an AGE OF COMPLETE EMPOWERMENT…..as we are told….\nWith chnaging times & thru technlogy & efiicient processes we can have a winner….\nOperatioanl efficiency – leads to an Agile student community – transpareny | collaboration lead to richer 21st ventury talent pool\n","7":"Well this is attributed mainly to poor skilled students & lack of operational excellence & efficient proceeses in college…\nU wont believe they still fill those printed out excels to enter their marks & use 18th cent notice boards in the era of pinterest / isntagram…\nBut is the only reason……No\n","13":"SMS & Mobile Comm– Simple but transformational\nPrivate Groups/Messages/Disc Forums to address concerns with any fear & doubt\nMost imp One to one communication to ensure privacy……\n","2":"So, why do we care about the problem..thrs a good reason\nWell, with 3500 colleegs growing & 5L engineer engg has been one of the largest contributor to indian economy in last 50 years..\n","19":"This is a HUGE UNDERTAKING\nBut…..\n","8":"When Gen Y is moving rapdidly from sms to whatsapp……colleges are still stuck in the parallel universe of announcements & notices on blackboards…\nStudents fear to enter the chamber of a faculty when in doubt or trouble….it shld be other way round…\nWe all have been there   \n","14":"Greatest resources is not on web – its lying in the dirty basement / dingy libraries of colleges…..I say bring them ONLINE…\nLets not re-invent the wheel….\nSupport it by MOCC platforms like coursera where colleges & students create content & share…….& you have a winner\n","3":"But lately engginerring is bleeding….\nColleegs shuttin down | admissions all time low….\nThis year alone 2l + seats went vacant….So we ask whats the problem….\n","20":"I speak today on behalf of engg community\n","9":"Fifth & final reason…..\nColleges are struggling to measure their performance of students / faculty & their own evolution as world around them is forcing them to CHANGE…\nYou either CHANGE or as Darwin says “Become Extinct”\n","15":"Colleges should not loose ONLINE WAR….bring yourself ONLINE NOW I say…..\nOpportunities as imp as placements | centralised profile shortlisting powered by communication tools is the need of the hour\n","4":"With the famous 5 WHY root cause analysis we came up with these 5 reasons..\nWe have found them to be profound ones, & each one is featured here due to their own gravity & impact…\n","10":"Now, this is not a new problem….\nGoverning Agencies like NaaC & NBA who rate and suggest measures have recommended guidelines for improvement…….\n"}
  • Empowering our engineering colleges

    1. 1. Empowering our Engineering Colleges Abhi Entrepreneur & Engineer
    2. 2. Why should we care about Engineering? All-round GDP contributor in last 50 years 3500+ Colleges 5L+ Students/year 2013 – courtesy http://www.dreducation.com
    3. 3. Engineering is BLEEDING Colleges shutting down | Admission Low Engg Growth 43% to 3% 2L+ Seats vacant 2013 – courtesy http://www.dreducation.com
    4. 4. Problems that’s killing Engineering Colleges
    5. 5. 1. Admissions
    6. 6. 2. Placements
    7. 7. 3. Poor Skills & Process
    8. 8. 4. Ineffective Communication
    9. 9. 5. Measuring Performance
    10. 10. Guidelines have been laid
    11. 11. Solutions to SAVE Engineering Colleges
    12. 12. Feedback Mechanism & Actionable Metrics Student & Faculty Feedback Actionable metrics for Colleges Placement / Achievement Reports
    13. 13. New Gen Communication Tools SMS | Notifications Private Groups / Messages Discussion Forums
    14. 14. Online Study Material & MOCC Digitize College Material Leverage MOCC platforms e.g. Coursera, Udemy Create Content: Faculty + Students e.g. Moodle, Zoomstra
    15. 15. Online Placement & Opportunity Management Dynamic Student/Faculty Profiles Straight Through Process Easy short listing powered with Communication tools
    16. 16. Counseling for 21 Century Learner st Inform | Educate Provide choices Online College Branch Predictor Understand needs & empathize
    17. 17. Problem is being tackled at IIT’s, REC’s & few others > 2% of total Engineering colleges What about remaining 98% ??
    18. 18. Empowerment = Dynamicity + Technology + Process Operational Efficiency Aware & Agile Student Transparency & Collaboration Richer pool of 21st century professionals
    19. 19. Life is not a solo act. Its a huge collaboration, and we all need to assemble around us the people who care about us and support us in times of strife. Tim Gunn
    20. 20. Engineering Community needs that ExtraAEdge & its looking at all of us for HELP WHAT WILL WE DO ?