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  1. 1. || GAYATRI PRASANNA || DEED OF TRANSFER THIS DEED OF TRANSFER is made and executed at Pune, on 1st Day of February2013 BETWEEN MRS. BINA ASHOK SAMANT Age. 58 Years, Occ: Housewife PAN No. AMNPS7861G R/at- G-1, Goldfields Park, South Koregaon Park Road, Pune-411001 Hereinafter reffered to as “ THE VENDOR/TRANSFEROR ” ( Which expression shall unless repugnant to the context or meaning thereof shallmean and include his legal heirs, executors, administrators, assingns from time to time).................PARTY OF THE FIRST PART. AND MR. SURAJ KRISHNA L.K. Age: --- Years, Occ: PAN No. ABYPL0153G R/at- B/102, Disha Horizon, Vimannagar, Pune-411014. Hereinafter reffered to as“THE PURCHASER/ TRANSFEREE” ( Which expression shall unless repugnant to the context or meaning thereof shallmean and include his legal heirs, executors, administrators, assingns from time to time )..............PARTY OF THE SECOND PART... WHEREAS, all that piece and parcel of land bearing S.No. 213/1, area adm. about 01H.57R. situated Village Lohagaon, Taluka-Haveli, Dist-Pune and more particularly described in the
  2. 2. schedule “I” hereunder written ( hereinafter referred to as “ The Said Land”) was owned byGautam Gangadhar Co-Op. Gsg. Society Ltd. The said society has got the layout sanctionedfrom PMC and formed totally 20 plots in the said entire land. Out of which Plot No. 11 to 20were alloted to Mr. Hanumant Balkrishna Dumbre and others respective plot holder by the saidsociety. And the said plots owners have assigned their development rights collectively in favourof M/s Goldfield Constructions company, through its person Mr. Ashok Tarachand Samant. And whereas, the owner filed an application to the Addl. Collector, Pune for obtainingthe N.A. permission and after going through all the related documents Hon’ble Addl. Collector,Pune in exercise of the power vested in him under section 44 of Maharashtra Land RevenueCode 1966 pass an order granting N.A. permission for construction of residential buildingbearing its Order No. PRH/NA/SR/ 388III/96 dated 13/09/1996. And the former owner alsoapplied to PMC for abtaining Commencement Certificate for the Plot No. 11 to 20 andaccordingly Assistant Engineer Construction Department of PMC issued CommencementCertificate bearing its despatch No. CC/1138/04 dated 22/6/2004. Which was thereby revisedunder commencement certificate No. CC/0725/05 dated 25/5/2005. AND the said owner has entered into Joint Venture agreement with M/s GoldfieidConstructions Camelot as a promoter of the said project and planned out a scheme of ownershipflats as per the plans approved by the Pune Municipal Corporation. AND thereafter the promoter transferred Flat No. 601, on Sixth floor, Bldg No. “A-6”admeasuring area about 1255 Sq.ft. i.e. 116.63 Sq.mtrs. (builtup) with Terrece & carparking situated in the building known as “CAMELOT TOWNSHIP” in favour of presentvendor by virtue of agreement dated 07/02/2012 which has been registered in the office of the
  3. 3. Sub- registar Haveli No. 11 vide its serial No. 1192/2012, And accordingly the Mrs. Bina AshokSamant is became the legal possessor and owner of the said flat having actual and physicalposession over the same. AND WHEREAS, as per the agreement executed between vendor and promoter thepresent vendor had paid the entire consideration amount in respect of the said flat to the saidPromoter and hence the said Promoter had handed over the peaceful possession of the said flat tothe vendor herein and since then till today the vendor is in actual possession and in occupation ofthe said Flat. And present vendor has full right to dispose off the said flat to any intendedPurchaser as he think fit and proper.AND WHEREAS, the vendor is desirous of disposing off the said flat and the Purchaser hereinknowing the intention of the vendor, approached the vendor and offered to purchase the said Flatfor the total consideration of Rs. 57,50,000/- ( Rupees Fifty Seven Lakhs Fifty Thousand only) and the vendor have agreed to sell, transfer and assign all his rights title and interest in respectof the said Flat in favour of the Purchaser herein for the abovesaid consideration.NOW THIS INDENTURE WITNESSETH AS FOLLOWS:1) The vendor has sold, transferred and assigned the Purchaser herein have agreed to purchasedand acquired the said flat ( More particularly described in the schedule II hereunder written) forthe total consideration of Rs. 57,50,000/- ( Rupees Fifty Seven Lakhs Fifty Thousand only )which the Purchaser has paid to the Vendor in following mannerRs. --,00,000=00 Paid by cheque/D.D.No.----------, dated ---------- drawn on -------------------------
  4. 4. Rs. 00,00,000=00 Paid by cheque/D.D.No.----------, dated ---------- drawn on -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Rs. 57,50,000/- ( Rupees Fifty Seven Lakhs Fifty Thousand only )---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The payment and receipt of Rs. 57,50,000/- only, doth hereby admit and acknowledge bythe Assignor and therefore no separate payment receipt is necessary.2. The Vendor do hereby assure unto the Purchaser that the Vendors are the sole and absoluteowners of the said Flat and that no other person except the Vendor, have gotany right, title, claim or interest of whatsoever nature in the said Flat. The Vendor further assuredunto the Purchaser that the Vendor have not on or before the date of this agreement sold,transferred,assigned or in any other way encumbered or alienated their right, title, claim andinterest in respect of the said Flat in favour of any person whatsoever, nor the vendor havemortgaged, leased out or charge with the said Flat and that the said Flat is free from orencumbrances, charge, loans, liabilities, mortgage, lease, lien etc. and the title of the vendor tothe said Flat is good, clear and marketable.3. The Vendor having received full and final consideration as aforesaid in the payment ofschedule has handed over the vacant, peaceful and physical possession of the said Flat to thepurchaser and the Purchaser has received the same in presence of the witness and therefore noseparate possession receipt is necessary. The Vendor undertaks to deliver all the originaldocuments pertaining to the title and the ownership of the Flat to the Purchaser. Vendor herebydeclares that the neither he nor their legal heirs or family members or persons claiming throughhim shall be entitled to have any claim or interest in the said flat.
  5. 5. 4. The Vendor further agree and undertake to sign all papers necessary for the transfer of the saidflat, shares, membership, electricity meter, municipal tax receipt etc., in the name of thePurchaser as and when it is required by the Purchaser. The present Vendor has paid all dues oftaxes and necessry outgoing till today and hereafter it is required by the Purchaser. The presentVendor has paid all dues of taxes and necessary outgoings till today and hereafter it is theliability of the Vendor to pay the same and the present Vendor will not held responsible for thesame.5. The present Vendor has obtained the permission for the tranfer of the said flat in the name ofthe Purchaser from the builder & promoter which has been fully described in the originalagreement of the Vendor and therefore no specific premission from the builder to these present isrequired.6. The Vendor further assure that he has paid all the muncipal taxes,building maintence charges,water charges, electricity bills and other outgoings in respect of the said Flat upto-date and thePurchaser shall be liable to pay for same from the date of possession and shall not withhold thesame for any reason whatsoever and shall indemnify and continue to be indemnified the vendorin this respect.7. The Purchaser further agree to observe and perform the terms and conditions mentioned in theagreement executed by the Vendor and and the stipulations contained therein on their part.8.The flat purchaser shall join other flat purchasers in the building informing and registering theAssociation of Apartment Owners, or Society or a limited Company to be known by such nameas the flat purchaser may decide and for that purpose also from time to time sign and execute the
  6. 6. application for registration of the association of Apartments Owners or Society or the limitedCompany and for becoming a member, including the bye-laws of the proposed society and dulyfill in sign and return to the vendor within enable vendor to register the organisation of the flatpurchaser under the section 10 of the said act within the time limit priscribed by rule 8 of theMaharastra Ownership flat (Regulation of the promotion of construction sale. management andtransfer) Rules 1964. No objection shall be taken by the purchaser if any changes or modificationare made in the draft bye-laws or the memorandum and or articles of association as may berequired to registered the cooperative society as the case may be any of the competent authaurity.9. That the Vendor have agreed to handover all the relevant title documents/deeds in originalonly after the said transaction is complete and agree to operate with the purchaser.10. The Purchaser shall pay to the builder & Promoter a monthly maintenance charge includingPMC taxes payable from time to time till the formation of the society.11. The vendor hereby assure to the present purchaser that there should be clear passage ofmovements leading to the said flat without any hinderance or obstructions whatsoever.12. The Purchaser hereby convenant with the Vendor as follows:a) To pay and bear local taxes, water charges and such other levy if any which are imposed bythe concerned authority. During the stay of the Purchaser in the said flat all taxes, buildingmaintenance etc. will be borne by the Purchaser and in future new puchaser also will be liable forthe same.b) The flat Purchaser shall observe and perform all the rules and regulation which the society orassociation of apartment owner, limited company or promoter may adopt at its inception and
  7. 7. additions alternation amendments that may be made from time to time for the protection andmaintenance of the said building and the flat therein and for observance and performance of thebuilding rules regulation by laws for the time being of the local concerned authority and otherpublic bodies. The flat Assignee shall observe and perform all the stipulation and conditions laiddown by the society or limited company as aforesaid regarding the occupation and use of flat inthe building.13. This deed always be subject to the provisions of Maharashtra Ownership Apartment Act1970 and/ or Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act 1963, and/or Maharashtra Co.op. societies Act1960 and the rules made thereunder from time to time.14. The expenses such as stamp duty, registration fees, advocate fees and other incidentalcharges in connection with these charges will be borne by the Purchaser only.15. The stamp duty has been paid on Rs._______/- as per the provisions of the Bombay StampAct. Sec 25D. SCHEDULE “I” OF THE PROPERTY All that piece and parcel of land baering S.No.213/1, area adm.about 01H. 57R. out of thesanctioned layout of Gautam Gangadhar Co-Op. Society Ltd. and situated at Village Lohgaon,Taluka - Haveli, Dist - Pune, within the local limits of Pune Municipal Corporation, and alsowithin the Jurisdiction of Sub- registrar Haveli, Pune and same is bounded as follows :On or towards the East : By S.No. 213/2On or towards the West : By colony roadOn or towards the South : By S.No. 228 & RoadOn or towards the North : By open space
  8. 8. SCHEDULE “II” OF THE FLAT Flat No. 601, on Sixth floor, Bldg No. “A-6” admeasuring area about 1255 Sq.ft. i.e.116.63 Sq.mtrs. (builtup) with Terrece & car parking situated in the building known as“CAMELOT TOWNSHIP” which is situated and and constructed on the land moreparticularly described the schedule “I” hereinabove written, alongwith proportionate undividedshare in the land and use of common areas, fixture, fittings, staircase, terrace and all otheramenities and facilities of the building provided thereon. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Parties herero have hereunto set and subscribed theirrespective hands thr day and date first hereinabove mentioned.MRS. BINA ASHOK SAMANT ( Vendor)MR. SURAJ KRISHNA L.K. ( Purchaser)Witness:1. Sign 2. SignName NameAddress Address