Environmental Science (EVS) : Plants and Trees (Class I)


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EVS, Environmental Science
Plants, Parts of Plants, Stem, Root, Flowers, Fruits & Seeds, Uses of Flowers.
Class I, Class 1, CBSE, Standard 1

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Environmental Science (EVS) : Plants and Trees (Class I)

  1. 1. Plants and Trees EVS – Class I theeducationdesk.com
  2. 2. Plants and Trees TreesPlants Parts of Plant Stem and Roots Fruits and seedsFlowers Uses of flowers theeducationdesk.com
  3. 3. Plant Parts of Plant Leaves, flowers, buds, fruits, stem and roots are main parts of a plant. Flower Stem Roots Bud Leaves Fruit theeducationdesk.com
  4. 4. Parts of Plants- Leaf Leaf – The green flat part of the plant. Leaves as food. Different types and color of leaves. theeducationdesk.com
  5. 5. Parts of Plants- Roots Roots are found under ground. We eat some roots. Types of roots. theeducationdesk.com
  6. 6. Parts of Plants- Stem Stem may be green or brown. Stems may be thick or thin. Stem we eat. Different types of stems. theeducationdesk.com
  7. 7. Plants Plants are small in size and have weak stems. Some common plants are: Banana Plant Rose Plant theeducationdesk.com
  8. 8. Plants Plants can be found in different shapes, sizes and colors. Some common plants are: Grass Jasmine Plant theeducationdesk.com
  9. 9. Trees Plants which are tall and strong are called Trees. Some common trees are: Mango Tree Coconut Tree theeducationdesk.com
  10. 10. Trees Tree’s stem is thick and is called as trunk. Some more common trees are: Neem Tree Papaya Tree theeducationdesk.com
  11. 11. Rose Lotus Marigold Flowers Flowers can be of different size, shape, color and smell. Common flowers are: theeducationdesk.com
  12. 12. Jasmine Sunflower Hibiscus Flowers Some more common fl0wers are: theeducationdesk.com
  13. 13. Uses of flowers- Food Food Cauliflower Broccoli theeducationdesk.com
  14. 14. Uses of Flowers- Perfumes Perfumes Sweet smelling flower petals are used. Sweet smelling flower petals are used. theeducationdesk.com
  15. 15. Uses of flowers - Cosmetics Soaps are made using flowers. Lavender Champa or Plumeria theeducationdesk.com
  16. 16. Uses of flowers - Cloth Clothes we wear are made from cotton flower. Cotton plant Cotton flower theeducationdesk.com
  17. 17. Door garlands Flower arrangement Uses of flowers - Decoration Garlands Bouquet theeducationdesk.com
  18. 18. Watermelon Mango Fruits and Seeds The hard part inside the fruit is called its seed. Seeds inside some fruits that we don’t eat are: Orange Papaya theeducationdesk.com
  19. 19. Chikoo or Sapodilla Apricot Fruits and seeds Some more fruits whose seeds we don’t eat. Apple Musk Melon theeducationdesk.com
  20. 20. Banana Strawberry Fruits and Seeds Strawberry has their seeds outside. Some fruits whose seeds we eat are: Pomegranate Fig theeducationdesk.com
  21. 21. Raspberry Grapes Fruits and Seeds Some more fruits with seeds which we eat. Kiwi Guava theeducationdesk.com
  22. 22. Rice Wheat Dal Fruits and Seeds There are many other seeds that we use as food. theeducationdesk.com
  23. 23. Almond Pea Peanut Fruits and Seeds Seeds we eat: theeducationdesk.com
  24. 24. Thank You !!! - http://theeducationdesk.com theeducationdesk.com