Environmental Science (EVS) : Birds (Class II)


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EVS, Environmental Science, Birds
Bird's Body Parts, Food Habits and sound they make
Class II, Class 2, CBSE

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Environmental Science (EVS) : Birds (Class II)

  1. 1. EVS: Birds theeducationdesk.com
  2. 2. theeducationdesk.com • Body Parts • Food They Eat • Birds and their Sounds Birds
  3. 3. Birds Birds are living creatures. Birds are the only animals that have feather, wings and have backbones. All birds have different kinds of beaks. Their beaks are depends on their food habit. Birds have a very sharp sense of seeing, hearing and smelling. theeducationdesk.com
  4. 4. Parts of a Bird’s Body Beak, Wings and Feathers are the main features of the bird.  Let’s see the parts of bird’s body: Beak Throat Breast Claws Belly Tail Back Crown theeducationdesk.com
  5. 5. Back: The part of body where the backbone is. Belly: The stomach Beak: The hard pointed or curved outer part of a bird’s mouth Breast: The part between the belly and the throat Claws: The hard nail-like parts at the end of each toe Crown: The top front of a bird’s head Eyes: The part of the body which help bird to see Tail: The backmost part of an animal, esp. when prolonged beyond the rest of the body Throat: The part of the body between head and chest Wings: The part of the body that enables birds to fly theeducationdesk.com Parts of a Bird’s Body
  6. 6. Bird’s Food Different Birds eat different kinds of food. Crow Sparrow Woodpecker Worms, Seeds, Grains Worms, Seeds, Grains Insects living in a tree trunk theeducationdesk.com
  7. 7. Bird’s Food Different Birds eat different kinds of food. Weaver Mynah Pigeon Seeds Fruits, Worms Grains, Seeds theeducationdesk.com
  8. 8. Bird’s Food Different Birds eat different kinds of food. Parrot DuckHummingbird Ripe fruits, Nuts Nectar from Flowers Water plants and water animals theeducationdesk.com
  9. 9. Bird’s Food Different Birds eat different kinds of food. Crane Vulture Eagle Fish Small Animals, Meat Snake , Rats, Rabbits theeducationdesk.com
  10. 10. Birds and their Sounds Here are some bird sound: Duck – Quack Quack Crow – Caw Caw Sparrow – Chirp Chirp Koel – Coohoo Coohoo Hen – Cluck Cluck Owl – Hoot Hoot theeducationdesk.com
  11. 11. Owl has large eyes and can’t move them in any direction. But they can see in the night. Kiwi is the only bird who don’t have wings. Peacock is India’s National Bird. Ostriches are the largest living birds. Their height can be up to 9 feet. They are unable to fly but are the fastest birds on two legs. theeducationdesk.com Do you know?
  12. 12. Thank You !!! - http://theeducationdesk.com/ theeducationdesk.com