Drew Phillips eBay Redesign


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Redesign of eBay's My eBay portal, Home Page and Message View

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Drew Phillips eBay Redesign

  1. 1. “My eBay” Redesign Getting the message Created by Drew Phillips
  2. 2. Overview The current user satisfaction curve for navigating to eBay messages need improvement. The overall ex- perience can be improved by mak- the home page, My eBay, and mes- sage pages. The Ghosts in the Machine shows My eBay and Messages ing user interface improvements to Home Page My eBay Inbox Message Positive Experience Customer Expectations Negative Experience (An)Drew John Phillips
  3. 3. Key Elements Because eBay is one of the world’s great economic forces, creating cess to the internet to sell or find rare items, the design must be in- must communicate to the customer quickly through its layout and navi- Design Philosophy the opportunity for anyone with ac- tuitive across cultures. The design gation options. Features at a Glance Give ‘em What They Want Features should communicate with users how to click through at no more It is possible to provide information quickly and concisely without simply than a glance. Scrolling is acceptable, but layouts should encourage more stacking different data points on top of each other. If information is divided than just scrolling to find more information. They should inspire clicks. vertically as well as horizontally, users can find their info faster. Give it to ‘em Fast Read Their Minds It is possible to give users the navigation and enrollment features quickly Know what users want before they do. Designers have the luxury of know- without overwhelming them with widgets. eBay needs to be accessible to ing what information is available to users before users themselves do. everyone, not just people who are good at navigating websites. Take advantage of this knowledge to surprise and delight. (An)Drew John Phillips
  4. 4. Home Page eBay’s home page provides a good jumping off point for new and expe- eBay can enhance the experience of both user types by increasing product highlights, and enabling faster sign-ups for new users. Good, not great rienced eBay users alike. However, visibility of crucial links, expanding My eBay Add a “My eBay” link to the navigation bar to increase visibility. “My eBay” is a staple to any regular “eBayer.” Register from Home Page Why not let users begin the registration process on the home page? Registration is a simple proc- Features ess that can be completed within three pages. There are three feature tables on the eBay home page. They provide an opportunity to advertise relavent product according to seasons and trends. (An)Drew John Phillips
  5. 5. My eBay The My eBay section features a series of stacked horizontal cat- egories. A nice touch is the ability to customize the order in which the categories appear. The layout fails to summarize the user’s experience at a quick glance. Horizontal stack- ing forces the user to scroll through the categories. Scrolling & searching Summary List The list view provides information organized in an intuitive format. This can create exces- sive scrolling, as the different areas can feature several items of information that push other sections below the page break. Tabbed Browsing Tabs provide another navigation option for us- ers. Current tabs are not intuitive to where users typically find different category pages. Left Navigation This is intuitive placement. However it is redun- dant to the information currently displayed on the Summary Page. Changing the horizontal listing in the body of the page allows room for niavigation to other category pages. (An)Drew John Phillips
  6. 6. Inbox eBay’s inbox provides a quick view of current messages, differentiates es, allows users to sort their mes- sages, and has most features that execution is clean and intuitive. It even allows users to sort by item; Pretty Good between read and unread messag- users expect from an inbox. The an excellent feature for eBay. (An)Drew John Phillips
  7. 7. Message While the navigation on the right hand side of the message is remi- ices, the message execution lacks the navigation options that users option to go to the next or previ- ous message and internal links fre- Facilitate Navigation niscent of other popular email serv- have come to expect. There is no quenly do not work. Message Options The message view provides some of the stand- ard options available in most email services. One important piece is missing: the ability to move to the previous or next message. Left Navigation This feature is adequate and meets expectations. This area will remain somewhat similar, with a few added features, including navigation to other sections of My eBay. Message Links Links within messages themselves do not work. This is a must fix. (An)Drew John Phillips
  8. 8. Navigation eBay is part of some people’s eve- ry day life, just as much as a car, similar navigation layout to things they interact with everyday will help move more seemlessly from one compartment of their life to another. Moving through life or the music they listen to. Using create harmony for users as they (An)Drew John Phillips
  9. 9. Home Page Amazon, Overstock.com, and Backcountry.com, inspired the re- these sites as it is eBay’s users that are the vendors. eBay doesn’t carry private lable brands. eBay needs to feature similar navigation, with po- Inspirations design. However, eBay differs from any inventory, there are no eBay tential sellers in mind. (An)Drew John Phillips
  10. 10. Home Page A more centralized feature, high- lighting specific categories, gives ferent shopping options available. It keeps the browser’s eyes focused design moves the eye from upper right to lower left, away from other Quicker Browsing the browser a quick view of the dif- on a central location. The current key navigation widgets. Changes (1) Category Features: A centralized 2 location gives users a quick glimpse of what is available. 5 (2) Sell Your Item(s): Just as there is a text field available to search for items quickly, a text field to start selling quick- 1 3 er will allow users who are less familiar with the eBay selling process to get in on the action. (3) Sign Up Today: Adding the first step of the sign-up process to the home page eases the process for users who want to start selling or buying. (4) Deal of the Day: Moving the Deal of the Day and Classifieds is an effec- tive use of space, as both categories are targeted to browsers. This will make navigating easy for first time users and provide effective graphic space for indi- viduals browsing. A featured store link will allow eBay to sell advertising space to eBay stores. This is a win for stores looking to boost bidders and for eBay as another revenue stream. (5) My eBay: Placing the My eBay link on the top navigation bar puts a greater emphasis on My eBay as a primary por- 4 tal for all eBay users. (An)Drew John Phillips
  11. 11. Home page Features are inspired by the objects that users interact with on a daily viewed and easy to understand. It also features a variety of categories can also be customized according to entrance paths or signed in user Features basis. The arrangement is quickly to appeal to a wider audience, it information. Deal of the Day, Classifieds, and Fea- tured stores are located directly be- low the featured categories as users primarily visit eBay to browse catego- ries, but the forementioned are added benefits to their visit. (An)Drew John Phillips
  12. 12. Home page Navigation across major online re- tailers is fairly standard. Category (or both) and search at the top of the page. Doesn’t make sense to especially if it is a good solution. It provides a quick view of options Navigation navigation along the top, or left side change what users are used to, and the ability to search. (An)Drew John Phillips
  13. 13. My eBay My eBay should be easy to navi- gate at a glance. By listing a Buy activity in a central location, the us- er’s eye will find what they are look- If necessary, the user can click on the item links to connect with the Every eBayers Portal and Sell summary with the user’s ing for quicker and in fewer steps. desired page. Changes (1) Buy and Sell Summary: Users can see their buying and selling activity at a glance and click on links to indi- vidual auction pages for more details. (2) Account Navigation: Links to the different account pages will always be available for the user. This allows 1 quick access from any point if the eBayer has to pay an 2 invoice, change address, or provide any other account information. (3) Recently Viewed: This section allows users to come back on a later visit and check in on items that they may have been interested in, but did not add to their watch list. (4) eBay Seller Specials: eBay frequently has specials run- ning for sellers. This section provides eBay an area to keep sellers up to date, and provides users a central location to view any incentives that apply to them. (5) Standard Links: Placing links to buying, selling, ac- count, and other importnat pages lower on the page al- 3 4 5 lows users constant access to information they are looking for without scrolling all the way back up the page. (6) Message Center: This is not a replacement for the in- box. The message center will give users a quick view of any recent messages from other buyers or from eBay. This gives eBay and other users a place to alert the user of any- 6 thing urgent. (An)Drew John Phillips
  14. 14. Message Let’s start with the basic expecta- tions. Users don’t want to go back gate between messages. As for ex- ceeding expectations, let’s provide is all about. Adding a link to the item that users are exchanging messag- Next Please to the inbox every time they navi- the option to see what the message es about can ease any transaction. Changes (1) Previous | Next: The ability to navigate between messages without returning to the inbox is not a “surprise and delight” fea- ture. It is expected. Placement in the upper and lower right corners is intuitive, as the eye naturally tracks left to right. The text in the message will naturally lead the user to those locations once they complete reading the message. 1 (2) Related Messages: While other email services provide conver- 2 sation tracking, eBay users will find related messages, beyond the current conversation, useful. If a seller is comparing messages from different buyers, or if a buyer is comparing messages from sellers that are selling similar products, they will find the related messag- es to the right without having to place the messages into folders, which is still an option. (3) Related Items: Navigating to the item related to the message will be easier, as there are not always links to the item page within the text. It is also useful to see a summary of information related to the sale of the item without having to go to the item page itself. 3 (An)Drew John Phillips
  15. 15. Summary A layout that can be taken in at a glance, provides information that pates user’s needs and wants will increase the number of new sign- products for sale, and increase user engagement through the My How it all turns out users want quickly, and antici- ups, the number of browsers for eBay portal. (An)Drew John Phillips