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BEA Ignite: Cynara Medina
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BEA Ignite: Cynara Medina


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  • 1. 20 X 20 ProjectUsing Pecha Kuchas to Teach Graphic Design.Cynara M. Medina, Ph.DTrinity University
  • 2. Why design? Photo by: digitaldemocracy
  • 3. Gooddesigncommunicatesideas Photo by: Julian Santacruz
  • 4. Photo by: digitaldemocracy
  • 5. Bad design killsyour brain cells.
  • 6. Design Principles1 Contrast / Affinity2 Repetition3 Proximity4 Alignment5 Rule of thirds
  • 7. The Assignment Photo by: Ed Yourdon
  • 8. Create a pecha kuchapresentation for a client 20 slides X 20 seconds per slide
  • 9. Learning objectives1 Apply graphic design principles to a real world task.2 Refine image search strategies.3 Familiarize students with public domain repositories and creative commons licenses4 Use visual tropes (metonymy, synechdoche, etc.) to convey ideas5 Familiarize students with audience and market research databases.
  • 10. You are part of a creative team that has beencontracted by a client to develop a 30-secondcommercial. As a first step, you have beenasked to deliver a pitch, in Pecha Kuchaformat.You have two goals: 1 Present your idea using audio and video. 2 Persuade the client that your approach is the best one, considering their objectives, requirements, and target audience.
  • 11. Deliverables1 One presentation per group.2 One project memorandum per individual.
  • 12. Instructions (Pecha Kucha)1 Pick a project from the list.2 Apply design principles covered in class.3 Use each image only once.4 You can only use images that (a) you created, (b) are in the public domain, (c) have a creative commons license, (d) were provided to you by the instructor.5 Combine audio and images to tell a story.
  • 13. Instructions (Memorandum)1 Describe client (market position, industry, competitor analysis, etc.).2 Describe target audience.3 Identify two media outlets that will be used to reach this audience.4 Explain your design decisions.5 Identify and discuss key visual tropes.
  • 14. Examples
  • 15. PSA: American Cancer Society One in eight women will develop breast cancer (collage)
  • 16. State Fair Corn Dogs Contrast / affinity used for emphasis
  • 17. American Cancer SocietyOfficial sponsor of birthdays Hereditary traits Repetition
  • 18. Challenges1 Software issues.2 Font availability when transfering computers.3 Audio recording and/or embedding.
  • 19. Thank you For assignment details, contact Cynara M. Medina