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Twitter Dee, Twitter Dumb is an end-of-semester group tracking project where students track groups, teams, individuals of their choice in their social media use.

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  • Athletic Director and Head Coach : high school, college and NBAHe has been in movies, and written 9 books
  • where he sells tshirts, podcasts, polls, picks the teams he thinks will win, you can subscribe to a newsletter, donate to a foundation, photo, video, and more.
  • In 2011 Andrews worked with U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar to enact a new federal anti-stalking law.
  • She grew up in New JerseyAttended Penn State and has been doing sports journalism for 20 yearsShe seems to look past the on-court stories of athletes and coaches and report on them as people
  • Blair Kirk. When he was growing up you spoke on behalf of the newspaper, now you speak on behalf of yourself. She is a board member for the United States Basketball Writers Association
  • Dick: Dick is basketball and sports crazy. He is not a showboat journalist. He loves sports and fans and wants to promote his involvement with his family, students, with his foundation and the things he believes in. He is professional. He carries his values through his idolation. Erin: Celebrity, shoes etc. Her content reaches further than sports and news and content. She promotes herself rather than her journalistic abilities. She is personable and family oriented. “Have you seen this show/game” etc. Entertainment savvy– DWTS– she wants to finish out her sports career and then move on to entertainment. She leaves her sports analysis at the office. Journalism is a segue (launch pad) for her entertainment career. She exploits her celebrity. Unlike the Kardshians, Erin found a professional way to associate herself with athletes and celebrities. Khloe used her marriage to Lamar to land herself a TV show lolz. She realized her assets and knows what can make money. In Dana’s case, she certainly acknowledges that she is not a “big” media player, nor does she want to beShe wants to be known for her the content and newsworthiness of her stories, not her flashy character and egoI think Dana is a great example of a level headed journalist who keeps the focus on the story, not herselfDave: New to the game, 28-30 years old, on a good track. His professional aspirations are still developing and it is obvious based on his social media involvement. Too soon to say where these aspirations will lead him. We found something different. We sought out to compare the old to the new and found four different types of journalists. Dick Vitale kind of fell into the journalism being a coach and an AD blah blah blah Erin Andrews is Erin Andrews Dana is all business and Dave is new to the game.
  • BEA Ignite: Max Utsler

    1. 1. BEA IGNITE Max Utsler University of Kansas Twitter Dee Big Guys
    2. 2. WHO DID WE CHOOSE? WHY?Dick Vitale“Big Guy,” one of a kindErin AndrewsTHE woman in sport broadcast celebrity statusDana O‟NeilNot as recognizable, but still credibleDavid Ubben„Little guy‟ with credibility & but „celebrity‟
    3. 3. THE BREAK DOWN Fan base # of TweetsMost frequent subject of media content. Tone (conversational, traditional) Other social media & media outletsIn general,: how do the big media players compare to the little guys?
    4. 4. DICKIE V, AWESOME BABY!Fan base: College sports fans, ESPN fans, Duke# of Tweets: 31,862 (updated Tuesday)Averages 10 tweets a day most include a picMost frequent subjects: Basketball, breaking news and opinionTone: Impactful because he is educated and writes traditional media but also comments and reaches fans conversationallyOther outlets: Movies, Books, Philanthropy, t- shirts, podcasts, polls, picks winners, newsletter, foundation, photo, video, and more.2,071 Facebook friends– PersonalNo Linkedin
    5. 5. WHAT ELSE DOES HE DO? John Chaney, “You can‟t get Dick Vitale to say 15 words without Duke coming out of his mouth.” m/watch/270993 SNL skit
    7. 7. ERIN ANDREWSFan base: Highly variable, extensive with an emphasis on younger sports fans and men# of Tweets: 10, 402Most frequent subject of media content.: Sports, Product Endorsements, Fashion, Personal,Tone: Very conversational she talks about a wide variety of subjects and she is also very entrepreneurialOther outlets: Product Endorsements, Movies, Television appearances, ET, Good Morning America, Commercials, Federal Lawmaking, TrueBiotics
    10. 10. DANA O‟NEIL @ESPNDANAONEIL“wife, mom, ESPN college hoops reporter”Fan base: Incumbent college basketball fans (die-hards, deep fans)People who are interested in NCAA investigations# of Tweets: 7,010Most frequent subject of media content: College basketball, NCAA investigations& eligibilityTone: Old-School traditional, “keep out of the spotlight” type of reporterNot focused on social media and branding, more focused on telling the news
    11. 11. WHAT ELSE DOES SHE DO? No Facebook
    12. 12. DAVID UBBEN @DAVIDUBBEN @ESPN_BIG12 Fan base: Big 12 fans and college football fans # of Tweets: 19, 084 Most frequent subject of media content: Big 12 college football and opinion Tone: Heavily opinionated and focused on discussion (good or bad), engaging Other outlets: Personal Mixed Media Blog (5,000 entries), Twitter, Facebook is personal, Chat room Q&A‟s, 208 LinkedIn connections
    13. 13. WHAT ELSE DOES HE DO? Because he recently graduated (2009) he hasn‟t explored other social media. He focuses on writing rather than self- promotion.
    14. 14. BIG PICTUREWe found that each subject revealed personal and professional values and aspirations through their respective social media outlets.