3 ways to maintain & repair garage door in Issaquah
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  • 1. 3 Ways to Maintain & Repair Garage Door in Issaquah 1-800-478-8428
  • 2. Keeping your garage doors in top shape is quite easy. You just have to know the signs of wear and tear before it even get worse. 1-800-478-8428
  • 3. You just have to know the signs of wear and tear before it even get worse. 1-800-478-8428
  • 4. Having a professional technician to pay you a visit as often as needed will definitely keep your garage doors working for a long time. 1-800-478-8428
  • 5. In some unavoidable circumstances, garage doors damages results to high cost repairs or even garage door replacement. 1-800-478-8428
  • 6. Some technicians recommend replacement when looking at cost effectiveness in the future. 1-800-478-8428
  • 7. It’s a wiser move rather than spending money on costly repairs every now and then. 1-800-478-8428
  • 8. #1 Check your Door Balance 1-800-478-8428
  • 9. Check your garage door balance if it’s having a hard time opening or closing itself. 1-800-478-8428
  • 10. Have it checked by a trained professional at least twice a year. Let them perform a balance check to save your door’s life. 1-800-478-8428
  • 11. #2 Check your Door Rollers 1-800-478-8428
  • 12. These are the plastic, black and bearing-less device that helps your door to go up and down. 1-800-478-8428
  • 13. It only lasts for a few years. If you have your garage doors working for you for a long time, 1-800-478-8428
  • 14. replace your existing rollers using a nylon-covered steel roller with sealed bearings. It’ll definitely run quieter every time! 1-800-478-8428
  • 15. #3 Lubricate 1-800-478-8428
  • 16. One of the easy parts of maintaining your door to perform at its peak is to lubricate all hinges, springs and jambs. 1-800-478-8428
  • 17. During rainy days, water soaks into your wood framework. 1-800-478-8428
  • 18. Lubricate it with WD-40 as it keeps the moisture away or keep your jambs painted and waterproof. 1-800-478-8428
  • 19. Call Us today at 1-800-478-8428 1-800-478-8428
  • 20. Or visit us online at thedoorworks.com 1-800-478-8428