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Published on Free My Clickbank Business Affiliate Secrets info. Have a look and give My Clickbank Business Review the once over. This free bonus comes courtesy of the my clickbank business bonus team.

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My Clickbank Business

  1. 1. Affiliate Cash Secrets
  2. 2. The Most Important Affiliate Marketing Priority……. Every affiliate is looking to create more traffic and achieve a higher sales volume. If you are new to the game, the best affiliate marketing tips are really just common sense. By researching and promoting your niche, demand will pay off. Affiliate marketing can be profitable however it requires hard work and staying focused on your plan. There are more and more people using the internet and the following tip will assist you to stay in the game. List Building List building is simply the most important need an affiliate marketer has to focus on. One must always follow up with your prospects and promote to build your list. Each visitor to your site is valuable, you must make sure you have an opt-in box for them to subscribe to in order to receive your free product to continue building your list. This is done so you can continue to keep in touch with them and offer them useful information to build relationships with them. Be sure to broadcast positive product reviews and occasionally after you have grown your list you can JV Partner with other affiliate marketers in the same niche to enhance further growth. Do not go for quick bucks or promote everything the whole world is promoting. Be selective and promote only the best! One powerful technique that I personally use is JV Partnering. JV Partnering is doing cross promotions by way of Ad Swaps and are a huge list builder. If you are successful marketer with a subscriber list of your own there are high quality marketers to promote JV Ad Swaps with and grow massive lists together. My Clickbank Business
  3. 3. The Squeeze Page…… What is a Squeeze Page and how should a Squeeze Page be built? First, if you don't know what a Squeeze Page is, it is also known as an Opt-in Page and some highly experienced online marketers call it a Shy Yes Page. The sole purpose of a Squeeze Page is to offer the visitor free products in return of them supplying a name and primary email address. There are two forms of Opt-ins that can be put in place on your squeeze page. I spoke about them in an email a little while back. They are referred to as: Double Opt-in - Double Opt-in is where the prospect has to confirm their subscription before getting the product. Single Opt-in - Single Opt-in is where the prospect does not have to confirm their subscription which I highly do not recommend. The structure of your Squeeze Page does not have to be fancy. In fact, all you have to do is keep it simple and straight to the point. You want to keep in mind that your main focus is keeping the sole attention of the visitor. What I am trying to say is that when someone visits your Squeeze Page, you don't want them to have to scroll down in order for them to view the Opt-in box to get the product, you want it as close to the top as possible. Let them know what they are going to get and the benefits they are going to receive from the product you are offering them. In some cases, I have even seen Squeeze Pages with an audio testimonial from someone who had already gotten the product. With saying that, I am one who has an audio available on one of mine. My clickbank Business
  4. 4. Just remember these three things: 1. Keep Your Squeeze Page Simple 2. Keep Your Opt-in Box As Close To The Top As Possible 3. Give Your Visitor The Key Points And Benefits Of What Your Offering The Auto Responder…… An auto responder is required to hold your list of subscribers that opt in to your squeeze page. Within your auto responder you can set up automatic timed emails, newsletters and broadcasts. It is important to set up regular broadcasts to lead your subscribers to your affiliate links. I use the AWeber system and you can visit it by clicking on the following link . Social Networking…… "How can I utilize my social network accounts as a marketing tool?" It is a great question because Social Networks are excellent sites to market your niche! Let's look at My Space for instance. Say you have an account and within that account you have 200 friends and believe me, I have seen many people with a lot more than that! You have a product and you want to drive traffic to your landing page. All you need to do in your My Space account is the following:
  5. 5. 1 - Send a message to your entire list of 200 and invite them to visit your landing page. 2 - Within the same invitation message, list your URL in full form. For example: 3 - At the end of your message of invitation, tell them that if they think this information will benefit their friends, then to please send it to their list. Here's the math! Say you have 200 friends and you send your invitation to visit your URL to all 200 and out of that 200 friends, 100 decide to send it on to their friends list of 200 and out of that 200 friends, 100 decide to send it to their list of 200 friends and so on, and so on. Are you starting to get the picture? Social Networks can give you very good and very quick exposure! Put that into action for your landing page and see what happens. Using Twitter and Facebook….. Today, Twitter and Facebook are the hottest social media tools. They certainly are the largest. (although blogging is even bigger). In any case, many folks have a Facebook account, but not everyone has a Twitter account. Twitter is a micro blogging platform that lets you create a 'post' of up to 140 characters. That's about 2 sentences. It's a lot of fun to do, and you can do it from your cell phone.
  6. 6. If you are one of those folks who think Twitter is a waste of time, thinnk again. Twitter has roughly 55 million visitors a month. That's a lot of traffic. You can use Twitter to drive traffic to your websites and/or blogs. So if you are not on Twitter yet, then at least go open an account and grab your name. You wouldn't want someone else to own your name now would you? You can follow me on Twitter at Advertising Using Audio and Video…….. As your affiliate marketing career continues to grow you must consider other alternatives for marketing your products and domains. Audio and video are very effective ways of marketing your products and generating traffic to specific URL’s and sites. Some buy very elaborate audio and video equipment however for someone that has limited resources there are alternatives available to you. There are multiple submission service providers that will submit to many video, podcast, RSS feed sites all at the same time. These providers charge a monthly fee to have access to their tools and they provide very effective and easy to use tools. Traffic Geyser for example is one of these services, you can go there now and have a look at their site located at Traffic Geyser offers video training on how to use their tools and provide high quality audio and video equipment online so you can make, edit and s submit your project all in one easy process. My Clickbank Business uses Traffic Geyser to promote most of their my clickbank business review and my clickbank business bonus landing pages to great success.
  7. 7. Directing Your Traffic… Now that you have a subscriber list it is time to direct traffic to yourr affiliated links. One of the most popular links is Clickbank. Clickbank is a community of marketers that have products for sale that an affiliate marketer directs traffic to in order to earn commissions. You should go to and sign up as an affiliate and start directing traffic to your chosen products. Make sure that you choose quality products that pay a considerable commission and your off to the bank with your cheque. Thank You Pages…… You "DO NOT" have to recreate a whole new webpage. I never create new pages from scratch! I always repurpose my existing web pages and use them as templates. I just go in and change the words. So when you have your first thank you webpage done without the goodie links, save it to a folder, called for example, thank you page without goodies. Now continue working on the same web page again and change the words in reflection to the prospect now getting the goodies and then save it to a different directory, called for example, thank you page with goodies. When you upload these files to your web hosting server, you place them in separate directories as well and then setup your initial Opt-in to redirect to the thank you HTML file without the goodies and then setup your confirmation Opt-in to redirect to the thank you HTML file with the goodies. If you are using style.css files with your web pages, you must also upload that file along with your thank you HTML file. You always accompany your HTML page files with your style.css file unless you enter a centralized location link on each webpage that looks for the style.css file somewhere else. I just think it is easier to accompany the style.css file with the HTML file and then I know all is going to be good and I like simplicity!
  8. 8. Also, when you upload your thank you pages to the directories, be sure to rename them, if not already to index.html. The server always looks for this file, or if using PHP files, it looks for the index.php. If you name the file thankyou.html and the prospect go's to that page manually, they will not see a web page, they will see a white page with a file called thankyou.html that they can download to their computer. Here’s to your success, My Clickbank Businesss Team