Neal Rauhauser #OpTinFoil #OpHuntRauhauser
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Neal Rauhauser #OpTinFoil #OpHuntRauhauser



Open message to Neal Rauhauser , self proclaimed internet boogey-man and douchebag extraordinaire

Open message to Neal Rauhauser , self proclaimed internet boogey-man and douchebag extraordinaire



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    Neal Rauhauser #OpTinFoil #OpHuntRauhauser Neal Rauhauser #OpTinFoil #OpHuntRauhauser Presentation Transcript

    • pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF APIP A S T E B I N | #1 paste tool since 2002P A STEB I N search...create new paste trending pastesDont like ads? PRO users dont see any ads ;-)Neal Rauhauser #OpTinFoil #OpHuntRauhauserBY: A GUEST ON JUN 17TH, 2013 | SYNTAX: NONE | SIZE: 10.41 KB | HITS: 258 | EXPIRES: NEVERDOWNLOAD | RAW | EMBED | REPORT ABUSE | PRINT032Public PastesUntitled1 sec agoUntitled5 sec agoUntitled6 sec agoUntitled7 sec agoUntitled7 sec agogg28 sec agoUntitledBrainFuck | 27 sec agonhaw45 sec agocreate new paste tools api archive faqLike 34ksign up login my alerts my settings my profile1. #OpTinFoil #OpHuntRauhauser2.3. N,,,,,,,,=NMMMMMMNDDD88DNNNNDNNNNDDDDDOZ777II7$ZO8NNNMNNNNMMNDDDNNNNDDNNNNNNNNNN4. N,,,,,,,,~MMMMMNDDDD8DODNNNNDDDDDD8OZ7I?+======+?I7Z8DND8NNNNDDDDDDDNDDDNDDDDNDD5. N,,,,,,,:~MMMMNDNDDDDOD8DNODD8O$ZO$$+===~~~~~~~~==+?IIZ8DDNNNNNDDDNDNDO7III?????6. N,,,,,,,,~MMNDDDNNNDDD88D888ZZO$$I+=~~~~~~~::::::~~==+?I78NNMNNNDDDDNI.I7ZZZOOOO7. N,,,,,,,~OMNDDNN8OO8NND8O8O8$I+===~~~~~:::::::::::::~~==?I$OMNNNNNDNN~:DNNNNNNNN8. N,,,,,,,$8N8NNNDNDNNNNNDDDOII+===~~~:::::,,,,,,,,,,::::~~=+?$DNDNNDDD+,DNNNNNNNN9. N,,,,,,?88DNNNDDDNNNND8OZ$I?+===~~::::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:::~==+78NNDDDD+,DNNNNNNNN10. N,,,,,:ZD88DDNDNNNNDOZ$7I?+===~~::::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:::::=+IONNNDD?,DNNNNNNNN11. N,,,,,+888DNDNNNNND8$7I?+==~~~::::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:::~~~=+IZNNND?.DDNNNNNNN12. N,,,,,788DDD8DNNDDO$7??===~~~::::,,,,,,:::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:::~~==+?$NN8:,+$$$$$ZZZ13. N,,,,=DD8ND8DDDD8O$I++===~~~~:::,,:::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,::::::~~+??I7DD~,,.,,,,,,,14. N,,,~8N8DDD8DDDD8Z7?++===~~~:::,::::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:~=+??78?,.,.......15. N,,,INDDDD88D8D8OZ7I++==~~~::::::::,,,,,,.,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,::~=+?ZD:,,,,,,,,,16. N,,:8N88DZ88OD88O$7I?+=~~~::::::::,,,,,,,..,....,,..,,,,,,,,,,,::~=+I8$~::::::::17. N,,~DD8DOODD8DDOZ$7I?+=~~:::::::::,,,...,,.........,..,,,,,,,,,::~~=?$8~,,,,,,,,18. N,,INNO88888DD8ZZ$$7I?+~~:::::::::,,,.,,,:::,:,,,....,,,,:::~=+??I????O=,,,,,,,,19. N,,ODOO8O88D8DOOZ$$$??=~:~::~~::::::~===++?+==:,,,.,,,,,:::~=II??7$77I$I,,,,,,,:20. N,=DD888DNOD88O8ZZ77I+=~:~:~~~~~+==+=~====~~::,,,...,,,,:~~~~:::,:,~=I$$,,,,::~~21. N,7D88888DNNO88OZ$$7I+~~~~~~~~=~~:...,....,.,,,,.,,.,,,:~=:~:~::::,,:~?Z~,,::~??22. N,7DD8DDDDD8O88OZZ77?=~~:~~===~:,,,,,,..,,::::,,,:,,::::~=++=~~~~=??:~=77??++IZO23. N,$D8O88DD88OO8OO$77+=~~:~==~:,,,,,,:=~::====~::~~=~:::::=++7OZZI:Z7?=~=7NMMNMNN
    • pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API24. N:7NO88DNDDOZ8OOOZ7?+=~:~==~~,,,,:~+?7$ZZI,=+~~~~+=~::::,:+++=+++++++?=:+DMMMMMM25. N,IDDO88D88O8ZOZO$7I+=~::+~:::,:~+I7+$ZZ7I~++=~~==::::::,::~=::::~~~~=~==7MMMMMM26. N,+8D8OODD888ZZ8OZ7I+~~:=~:::~~=~~~:::,::::,::~::,::~=~::,,::~~:~~~:~~~:=~8MMMMM27. N,,ON8888D88OZZ8OZ$I=~~~~~:::~::~::::::::::::,,,,:,~+~:,,,,,,,~~,,::::::~=+NMMNN28. N,,=8D88DDDD8OZZZZ$I=~~:::~:,:::::~:~~:::,,,,,.,,,:=~:,,.,,,,,,:,,,,,,,,:~=$MMMN29. N,,~8N888DNODO$OOZI?=~::=~:,:,,,,:::,,,,,,,,,,.:==~~~:,,....,,,:~,...,,,,:~+MMOZ30. N,,:OND8I+?OOOOOZI??=~~~:~,:,,,::::,,,,,,,,,,,:~::,::,,,,,.,,,,:~,,,...,,::=8$ZZ31. N,,7NN$~~~++?$O$7II?=~~:~,,,.,,,::,,,,,,,,,,,,~::,,~=~::,:,,::~==:,,...,,,:=OO8$32. N,=DN8~::~~~=+++77I?==~=:,,,.,,,,,,,....,,,,.,::~::::,,:::::~~===~:,,,.,,,:~Z78833. N,7NN7,,:~=::===?$I?+=~=:,,,,:,,,,,.....,,..,,,:::::,,,,,,,:::~===~::,,,,,,~Z$OD34. N,DDN=,,:==::+=++77I?===::,.,,,,,,,...,,,,,.,::::::::,.,,,:,,::~===~:,,,..,~Z8DO35. N:DNN~,,:=++::=++I77?+==~:,,:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:::::,,,...,,,,,,,::~~~:,,,,.,:ID8D36. N~NND~:,:=+:,::+=I77?+==~~,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:::,,,,,,.....,,:~~=====~:,,,,,,:=OO$37. N~DND+~::=~,,::~~I7I?+==~~:,:,.:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,::::,:,:::~~=~=+?I=:,,,,,,~~$DZ38. N,ZNNZ~~:==,,,~::I7I?+==~~:::,,:,.,,,,,,,,,,,:~~:::::,.,,,,,,,,,:+=+::,,,,,~~??739. N,:ONN$~~~+,,::=:I7I?+==~~:::,.:,.,,,,,,,,,,~=::,,.:,....,=.,~~=+I+~~::,,,:=:+=740. N,,=8ND$~~=:~~~+~I7I?+=~~~:::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:=~:,,:,I:,::~~=====++==~~::,,,:~~?II41. N:::?DDNI~===,~~=I$I?+==~~:::,,,:,,,,,,,,,:::~===++===~~~==~~=~~:~~~~:::::~~~?I?42. N,:::$NND+~~=~==:+$I?+===:::::,.,:,,,,:,,,,::::,::::::,,.,,.,,,::::~::~~~:=~~?7I43. N::::=8NNO++=+=:,+7I7?===~::::,,,:,,,,,,,,::::,,,,,,,,,,,,::::::::::::~~=~=~=?$744. N:::::~ZNNNZI==:~Z$7I?++=~::::,,,,,,,,,,,:::::,,,,,,,,,,,,,:::~~:::~~:~=+==~=I$$45. N:::::::~I$?8DO8DNZ$7I?+==:~:::,,,,,,,,,,::::::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:~~======+++~+IZZ46. N:::::::::~~ONNNNNDO7I?+==~~~~::,,,,,,,,,:::::::,,:,,,::::,::::::::~~=~=+?+=?$Z$47. N::::::::~~:ZNMNNNND$I??+==~~~~::,,,,,,,:::::::::~~~~~::,,,,,,,,,,:::~~=??==II$$48. N::::::::::~$DNNNNNNO7I?++==~~~~::,,,,::::::::::::::::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:~~=??=+?I$Z49. N:::::::::~~IDNNNNNNNZ7I++++==~~~::::,:::::::::::::,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,::~+?+=???7$50. N:::::::~~~~?8NNNNNNN8$I?+++===~=~~::,,:::::::::::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,::~=++=++??$O51.52. Open message to Neal Rauhauser , self proclaimed internet boogey-man and douchebag extraordinaire.53.54. Neal Rauhauser is a guy who goes cross-country, paying cash for laptops, lodging at Netroots conferences, and timeand energy to expend in Zuccotti Park trying to entrap Occupy Wall Streeters and Anon folks. And yet Neal doesnthave the time or energy to expend doing actual work that would reduce the over $30,000 he owes in back childsupport. His ex-wife has successfully beat two bouts of cancer, all with zero support from Neal. Neal’s ex-wifeis a single mom doing the work of two parents because Neal isnt man enough to get his act together and be presentas an emotionally fit parent or a financially responsible father.55.56. Hundreds of people have been subjected to Neal and @OccupyRebellion’s negative and defamatory attacks, onlinebullying, and threats. Now you can hit Neal where it hurts: his pride. You can all be the decent, empathetic,and caring individuals he isnt, and the way you can do that is simple: donate to the Omaha Conservatory of Music,
    • pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF APIwhere Neals daughter studies. You can contribute at and hit Neal where it hurts. Even ifyou only contribute a dollar, thats a dollar more than hes been man enough send the past few years. You candesignate your contribution for Madeline Rauhauser to offset the cost of lessons and instruments, or you can justcontribute to the Conservatory itself. The Omaha Conservatory of Music serves musically gifted children of allraces, religions, backgrounds, and socio-economic statuses, and as a non-profit.57.58. And Neal, if youre out there...theres still more to come. Every individual that has an actual job doingsomething that contributes to society has waited for a moment to make a gesture that will drive you nuts.Contributions to the Omaha Conservatory of Music are tax deductible, because the Conservatory is 501(c)(3).Anyone who contributes to this cause will get a tax deduction for kicking Neal where it hurts with acompassionate gesture instead of being reduced to his level.59.60. So what is Neal’s level exactly? Well beyond just failing to pay child support, and having orders of protectionfiled against him for physical violence against his ex wife, Neal Rauhauser believes in suppressing the FirstAmendment rights of others. Not only has he engaged in threats and attempts to silence others but in a manifestohe published, he even states specifically “We want to inspire responsible subversion, be it through computers orin real life.” Responsible subversion? Really? What the hell is that? Subversion is still subversion and itis everything that Anonymous is against. This is not about suppressing the right to Free Speech it is aboutensuring that right to all, even those we do not agree with.61.62. Neal Rauhauser has attempted to “personal army” members of Anonymous for his own personal agenda in the past andthis WILL NOT STAND.63.64. Here is just one example of a recent threat in Twitter DMs exchanged a few weeks ago with @BullyVille regarding amove to out the @OccupyRebellion account for threats and libel against others. . . . .the following was sent byNeal to @BullyVille65.66. - this is clumsy. I’m at 202-XXX-XXXX. I want no misunderstandings on this – you go after her you might get aSWAT attempt, won’t be me.67.68. - Nor is it anyone in her circle of contacts, those get done/ w an eye on framing me.69.70. Neal, those statements are complete and utter bullshit.71.72. THE REALITY Neal is that if you had any concern for @BullyVille’s personal safety or that of his family, you wouldhave contacted the authorities or confirmed with @BullyVille on who is behind the @OccupyRebellion account forquestioning. And, you would have done the same for others that were “threatened” via your supposed network ofcontacts. You didn’t. And, we know the real reason WHY you didn’t.73.74. THE REALITY is there is no reason for a SWAT to “get done” with an attempt to “frame you” because you are closely
    • pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF APIassociated to the @OccupyRebellion account .75.76. THE REALTITY Neal is you are not even RELEVANT enough that anyone would bother to try to frame you, except ofcourse in your own conspiracy laden deluded mind. You are an unemployed e-thug who no legitimate politicalcandidate wants to associate with.77.78. THE REALITY is you made those comments for one reason and one reason only – you’re a pathetic passive- aggressivelying douchebag who thinks he can intimidate people into shutting up and/or not exposing the individual behind the@OccupyRebellion and other sock accounts.79.80. THE REALITY is you threatened to yank law enforcement assets around for your own personal agenda. You’ve alludedto doing the same with federal assets. And, it’s not the first time you have done so. You’ve never been lawenforcement and you’ve never been military. You have no power to do what you claim and furthermore we all nowknow it. The FBI and law enforcement think you are a joke, and so do we.81.82. Your right to be stupid does not change the fact that you are in fact . . . stupid. More importantly your rightto be stupid does not subvert the rights of others to speak publicly or privately –whether you agree with them ornot. It’s about a little thing called Free Speech. Perhaps you have heard of it.83.84. Oh, and speaking of 501(c)(3) charities, there seems to be some question on how Neal is getting funded since he isapparently unemployed. Perhaps that money is coming from Brett Kimberlin’s 501(c)(3) charity “Justice ThroughMusic” aka “Velvet Revolution”. Well Neal, you’ve now brought a spotlight to that organization. I’m sure the IRSand others will be most interested in the discrepancies we’ve already found and the implication that unlawfulthreats are potentially being funded through this organization.85.86. Congratulations Neal, your reputation as an internet stupor spy has been secured. If you don’t think we can trackyou and put law enforcement on your ass, then you REALLY have not been paying attention.87.88. WE ARE ANONYMOUS. . . . well many of us are . . . and some of us are ex military, and some of us are just ordinarypeople who are tired of your bogus threats, bullshit, and the fact you’re a deadbeat who doesn’t pay childsupport.89.90. WE ARE LEGION . . . . . we are the masses, united on the internet under the auspices of Free Speech to expose you.91.92. WE WILL NOT FORGIVE . . . . your pansy-ass threats to people in an effort to suppress Free Speech.93.94. WE WILL NOT FORGET. . . . no matter how long this takes95.96. EXPECT US
    • pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF APIcreate a new version of this pastecreate new paste | api | trends | users | faq | tools | privacy | cookies policy | contact | stats | go proFollow us: pastebin on facebook | pastebin on twitter | pastebin in the newsPastebin v3.1 rendered in: 0.023 secondsRAW Paste Data#OpTinFoil #OpHuntRauhauserN,,,,,,,,=NMMMMMMNDDD88DNNNNDNNNNDDDDDOZ777II7$ZO8NNNMNNNNMMNDDDNNNNDDNNNNNNNNNNN,,,,,,,,~MMMMMNDDDD8DODNNNNDDDDDD8OZ7I?+======+?I7Z8DND8NNNNDDDDDDDNDDDNDDDDNDDN,,,,,,,:~MMMMNDNDDDDOD8DNODD8O$ZO$$+===~~~~~~~~==+?IIZ8DDNNNNNDDDNDNDO7III?????N,,,,,,,,~MMNDDDNNNDDD88D888ZZO$$I+=~~~~~~~::::::~~==+?I78NNMNNNDDDDNI.I7ZZZOOOON,,,,,,,~OMNDDNN8OO8NND8O8O8$I+===~~~~~:::::::::::::~~==?I$OMNNNNNDNN~:DNNNNNNNNN,,,,,,,$8N8NNNDNDNNNNNDDDOII+===~~~:::::,,,,,,,,,,::::~~=+?$DNDNNDDD+,DNNNNNNNNN,,,,,,?88DNNNDDDNNNND8OZ$I?+===~~::::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:::~==+78NNDDDD+,DNNNNNNNNN,,,,,:ZD88DDNDNNNNDOZ$7I?+===~~::::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:::::=+IONNNDD?,DNNNNNNNNN,,,,,+888DNDNNNNND8$7I?+==~~~::::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:::~~~=+IZNNND?.DDNNNNNNNN,,,,,788DDD8DNNDDO$7??===~~~::::,,,,,,:::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:::~~==+?$NN8:,+$$$$$ZZZN,,,,=DD8ND8DDDD8O$I++===~~~~:::,,:::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,::::::~~+??I7DD~,,.,,,,,,,N,,,~8N8DDD8DDDD8Z7?++===~~~:::,::::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:~=+??78?,.,.......N,,,INDDDD88D8D8OZ7I++==~~~::::::::,,,,,,.,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,::~=+?ZD:,,,,,,,,,N,,:8N88DZ88OD88O$7I?+=~~~::::::::,,,,,,,..,....,,..,,,,,,,,,,,::~=+I8$~::::::::N,,~DD8DOODD8DDOZ$7I?+=~~:::::::::,,,...,,.........,..,,,,,,,,,::~~=?$8~,,,,,,,,N,,INNO88888DD8ZZ$$7I?+~~:::::::::,,,.,,,:::,:,,,....,,,,:::~=+??I????O=,,,,,,,,N,,ODOO8O88D8DOOZ$$$??=~:~::~~::::::~===++?+==:,,,.,,,,,:::~=II??7$77I$I,,,,,,,:N,=DD888DNOD88O8ZZ77I+=~:~:~~~~~+==+=~====~~::,,,...,,,,:~~~~:::,:,~=I$$,,,,::~~N,7D88888DNNO88OZ$$7I+~~~~~~~~=~~:...,....,.,,,,.,,.,,,:~=:~:~::::,,:~?Z~,,::~??N,7DD8DDDDD8O88OZZ77?=~~:~~===~:,,,,,,..,,::::,,,:,,::::~=++=~~~~=??:~=77??++IZON,$D8O88DD88OO8OO$77+=~~:~==~:,,,,,,:=~::====~::~~=~:::::=++7OZZI:Z7?=~=7NMMNMNNN:7NO88DNDDOZ8OOOZ7?+=~:~==~~,,,,:~+?7$ZZI,=+~~~~+=~::::,:+++=+++++++?=:+DMMMMMMN,IDDO88D88O8ZOZO$7I+=~::+~:::,:~+I7+$ZZ7I~++=~~==::::::,::~=::::~~~~=~==7MMMMMMN,+8D8OODD888ZZ8OZ7I+~~:=~:::~~=~~~:::,::::,::~::,::~=~::,,::~~:~~~:~~~:=~8MMMMMN,,ON8888D88OZZ8OZ$I=~~~~~:::~::~::::::::::::,,,,:,~+~:,,,,,,,~~,,::::::~=+NMMNNN,,=8D88DDDD8OZZZZ$I=~~:::~:,:::::~:~~:::,,,,,.,,,:=~:,,.,,,,,,:,,,,,,,,:~=$MMMNN,,~8N888DNODO$OOZI?=~::=~:,:,,,,:::,,,,,,,,,,.:==~~~:,,....,,,:~,...,,,,:~+MMOZN,,:OND8I+?OOOOOZI??=~~~:~,:,,,::::,,,,,,,,,,,:~::,::,,,,,.,,,,:~,,,...,,::=8$ZZN,,7NN$~~~++?$O$7II?=~~:~,,,.,,,::,,,,,,,,,,,,~::,,~=~::,:,,::~==:,,...,,,:=OO8$N,=DN8~::~~~=+++77I?==~=:,,,.,,,,,,,....,,,,.,::~::::,,:::::~~===~:,,,.,,,:~Z788N,7NN7,,:~=::===?$I?+=~=:,,,,:,,,,,.....,,..,,,:::::,,,,,,,:::~===~::,,,,,,~Z$ODN,DDN=,,:==::+=++77I?===::,.,,,,,,,...,,,,,.,::::::::,.,,,:,,::~===~:,,,..,~Z8DON:DNN~,,:=++::=++I77?+==~:,,:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:::::,,,...,,,,,,,::~~~:,,,,.,:ID8DN~NND~:,:=+:,::+=I77?+==~~,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:::,,,,,,.....,,:~~=====~:,,,,,,:=OO$N~DND+~::=~,,::~~I7I?+==~~:,:,.:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,::::,:,:::~~=~=+?I=:,,,,,,~~$ Tools & ApplicationsiPhone/iPad Windows Firefox Chrome WebOS Android Mac Opera UNIX WinPhone